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Here we have a healthy amount of hand-picked design and development resources, all selected for your delight. You're going to find PSD files for designers, icons, infographics and much more. For developers, you'll encounter jQuery plugins, CSS tools and other resources. No matter what your focus is, they're all meant to provide a hand when in the process of creating the next masterpiece.
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Here we have a healthy amount of hand-picked design and development resources, all selected for your delight. You’re going to find PSD files for designers, icons, infographics and much more. For developers, you’ll encounter jQuery plugins, CSS tools and other resources. No matter what your focus is, they’re all meant to provide a hand when in the process of creating the next masterpiece.

Vector UI Design Buttons

A small set of buttons, knobs and sliders in a fully vectorial EPS file. The styling is pretty colorful, with bright tones and a flat look, perfect for modern-looking projects.



A simple WYSIWYG editor that saves automatically as you write, letting you focus on just writing the content and ensuring you don’t lose any information in case anything happens.


Rubber Stamp PSD Mockup

With this mockup design, you can see what your logo will look like if you stamp it on a material. It is quite realistic and features smart objects to make it simple to handle.


Trendy: A Massive Set with an HTML Template, Icon Pack, Bootstrap Theme and PSD

Here we have trendy, a superb bundle including a great amount of elements to create all kinds of web projects. You will find assets for both designers and web developers alike.



This tool will allow you to change fixed headers as you scroll through the website, which opens the possibility for interesting effects. The plugin’s website itself features a nice example with the logo.


Strip: A Less Intrusive Responsive Lightbox

Strip is not just another lightbox tool. It allows you to show images on the side of the screen after clicking on an image, enabling you to keep viewing the website without getting in the way of the content.


Whirl: Pure CSS Loading Animations with Minimal Effort

Select among multiple loading animations (all created with pure CSS) and make your users wait, but with something nice to look at in front of them. The amount of different options is remarkable.


Vector Infographics Pack Plus Characters and Icons

A very useful package of infographics that lets you organize and display complex information in simple fashion. Additional to the infographics, this pack contains friendly business characters and icons to make fresh data showings.


Devicons: The Developer’s Iconic Font

A font with over 100 icons for all your developer needs featuring mostly web dev-related content: Ruby on Rails, GitHub, tags, tools, etc. They come in HTML and CSS versions.


Marka: Beautiful Transformable Icons

A useful tool that will allow you to add beautiful animated icons into your projects with pure code. This is particularly handy for mobile pages and retina displays.


Flat Multimedia Icon Pack

A huge package of icons containing media-oriented designs in both AI and PNG format. The icons are actually quite varied, featuring aliens, sports balls and others, as well as the usual media elements you’d expect.


CSS3 Tabbed Content

A good-looking tabbed navigation menu created and animated with pure CSS3. Simply click on each of the tabs to see the smooth animation effect presenting the new piece of content.


awTooltip in CSS

A smooth concept for adding animated hover tooltips on your text. It is possible to modify their position, color and the ability to add images. A simple, but very complete idea.


Active Backgrounds

A neat collection of backgrounds created with pure CSS code. You will find gradients, patterns, figures and overall, very good looking alternatives. As usual with CodePen, all of the code is available for you to see it.


SVG Animation Tool

A neat tool that will allow you to create your own loading animations and export them in SVG format. It uses a graphic interface to customize everything, so there’s no need to know code.


FWD Curated Awesome Web Design Resource

A collection of curated content for web developers and designers including fonts, UI kits, tutorials and design elements. There’s already a pretty big collection, just keep going through pages to see more.


Random Gradient Generator for Devs & Designers

This could be good for inspiration or finding something you haven’t thought of for your next project. Create randomized gradient backgrounds and get the code to apply it on your website.


Basscss: Low-level CSS Toolkit

In escence, this tool is CSS for designers, Basscss brings basic styles, layout modules, utilities and color styles aimed at providing performance and scalability without too much hassle.


Xlwings: Replace Excel VBA with Python!

Xlwings is a tool that will allow you to add Python to Excel, boosting all of its numerical analysis capabilities. It has support for both Windows and Mac.


SMTPD: A Lightweight High Performance ESMTP Email Server

A lightweight tool that allows you to process large amounts of email, pase it and store it in mongodb, in order to take the email, process it and disconnect as quickly as possible.


How to Choose the Best Hosting?

A very useful article for the early stages of your new website. How to pick the right hosting service? You will see how in terms of performance, learning how to do a speedtest and comparing two different services side by side.


WordPress -> Ghost -> Harp

This article talks about Remy Sharp’s experience when moving his blog from WordPress to Ghost. More than a tutorial, it’s more of a small guide talking about different problems he faced along the way.


Quick Study of Web Text and Typography on an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

An interesting article talking about the new iPhone 6 devices and how the web will handle the now multi-size device. It focuses particularly on typeface readability, and how this is impacted by the screens’ different DPI values.


Juan Pablo Sarmiento

Juan Sarmiento is the founder of shock family, as a group of talented designers and developers, the Shock Family is constantly looking forward to creating lots of quality resources having keeping track of the latest web standards and design trends. We are the team behind web tools and resources like Themeshock (wp themes), Designshock (design resources), iconshock (stock icons) and the WPThemegenerator (wo theme builder).

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