Giveaway: Edit WooCommerce Products and Posts in Spreadsheet with WP Sheet Editor and Win a Pro License

Have you ever tried to create several posts at once? Have you tried editing several WooCommerce products? Are you tired of opening a lot of pages and wasting time to edit your posts?

WP Sheet Editor allows you to view and edit posts, pages, attachments, WooCommerce products, and any custom post type in a spreadsheet.

It is a custom spreadsheet specially built for WordPress.

Today we are giving away 2 PRO LICENSES, valid for one website each. Two lucky winners will be able to use the plugin with all the features below.

WP Sheet Editor

Why You will love this plugin

1- Update hundreds of posts at once using formulas.

  1. a) Increase prices in all products by 10%
  2. b) Update any numeric field with a math formula.
  3. c) Add featured images to hundreds of posts at once.
  4. d) Search and replace in all posts using wildcards
  5. e) Copy information between posts.
  6. f) Set the same categories to all the posts in a group
  7. g) Create advanced categories or tags by merging other fields.
  8. h) Copy regular price to sale price in all posts or vice versa
  9. i) Copy the value of one field to another
  10. j) Convert global product attributes to categories or vice versa
  11. k) Copy featured images to a custom field or vice versa
  12. l) Change URLs in post content
  13. m) Combine the values of 2 fields in a 3rd field.
  14. n) Add the date, author, category, etc. to all post titles. i.e. Post by [AUTHOR].

You can do anything that you can imagine.

It´s like excel for WordPress.

2- Edit all Custom Post Types.

It works with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Types, Media attachments, Posts, Pages, and any custom post type.

It works perfectly with WooCommerce. You can edit all product types, product Attributes, Variations, downloadable files, Categories, Prices, Gallery, and ALL the fields.

3- Edit custom fields.

  1. a) Edit YOAST SEO title and description
  2. b) Edit page settings added by your theme
  3. c) Edit post settings added by other plugins
  4. d) Create custom fields
  5. e) It works automatically with Advanced Custom Fields.

4- It works with Visual Composer.

5- Customize the spreadsheet

You can sort by any column, hide columns, change the order of columns, etc.

6- Copy and paste from Excel, Google Sheets , and other spreadsheets.

Do you want to copy the posts to other website? Just copy and paste in the spreadsheet.

7- Advanced search

  • Find all the WooCommerce products without featured images;
  • Find all the products without gallery;
  • Find all the products with prices lower than 10;
  • Find posts by keyword;
  • Find posts by date;
  • Find posts by author;
  • Create advanced searches in ANY post field.

You can download the Free plugin on the plugins directory.

How to Win?

As always we are asking you to enter the giveaway by using the Rafflecopter widget below. We wish you the best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. Only for the 4th of July WP Sheet Editor offers 30% discount on the plugin! Use this promo code: “4JULYPROMO”.

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3 Responses

  1. Hashim Warren
    Hashim Warren July 3, 2017 at 17:25 | | Reply

    Promo code not working. Does it only work on the 4th?

    1. Jose Vega
      Jose Vega July 3, 2017 at 19:06 | | Reply

      Hi Hashim. Yes. The coupon works starting from July´s 4th…

  2. Ray Lance
    Ray Lance July 30, 2018 at 08:02 | | Reply

    The copy, paste from spreadsheet is almost what I need — but it needs a column to match on, as the spreadsheet could have more or fewer rows than are in the media database.

    Can you suggest a strategy for coding the match? The image name would be the best information to match.

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