4 Effective Ways to Help Grow Your WordPress Blog Aside from Content

Written by Christopher Jan Benitez
Written by Christopher Jan Benitez

Last updated on 27 Dec 2016

While content is arguably the best way to grow your WordPress blog, there are other unique ways that you should do to drive more traffic and engagement to your blog. In this post are tactics to help you stand out from the rest wringing out content on their blog and meet your blogging goals.

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

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4 Effective Ways to Help Grow Your WordPress Blog Aside from Content
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Many bloggers misuse the marketing concept: “If you build it, they will come.”

Content may be the primary building block of any website or online marketing strategy. However, creating tons of premium content can only get you so far regarding reaching your online audience and meeting your online goals.

If you are running a WordPress blog, you need to implement strategies that will build up your readership, establish your authority, and boost your profits. Below are four practical strategies that can unlock the power of your WordPress blog:

1. Sell Products

Let’s face it – you probably had the intention of monetizing your blog when you created it. To accomplish this objective, you need to have a sales funnel that will turn visitors and active followers into paying customers.

Many bloggers go the route of affiliate marketing and promote the product of other vendors in exchange for a commission. Alternatively, you can turn your blog into an online store that sells your products.

When it comes to preparing your blog, all you need to do is to install an e-commerce plugin that can facilitate the online transaction. However, there are also the technical aspects of setting up an online store such as shipping and inventory management. You should also dedicate much time on product research and development.

As a blogger, you can also focus on digital infomercial products such as eBooks or online courses. Doing so will significantly cut the time it takes to develop your product and manage all the technical aspects of your online store.

2. Build an Email List

Build an Email List
Image taken from Pixabay

Broadcasting through email is one of the best ways to personally connect with your audience. It is also one of the proven ways to nurture your leads down the sales funnel – as long as you consistently provide valuable information.

To start building an email list, you need an elaborate lead capture strategy that involves several components. First, you need an opt-in form that can collect the email addresses of your readers. You can start by using an email marketing platform that includes a form builder.

Take note that signup forms for your mailing list may disrupt user experience, depending on your implementation. On the other hand, it is your job to maximize the visibility these forms if you want to generate more subscribers.

A good strategy is to utilize email popup forms that align with the reader’s behavior. More importantly, you need to use strategies that increase the value of being a subscriber. For example, you can promote the sense of urgency by stating there are limited spots available. You must also highlight the benefits of subscribing (free eBook, free access, and others) as well as use a powerful call-to-action.

3. Run Giveaways

People in general love freebies. Aside from offering incentives to new email subscribers, you can give freebies by hosting your contests whether through social media or a special promotion from other companies.

For starters, social media networks like Facebook and Pinterest have all the resources you need to run simple contests. Not only will these social events raise brand awareness, but it will also give you the opportunity to leverage user-generated content.

However, if you want to host a contest specifically for your blog audience, then you should install a contest plugin for WordPress that fits your idea. For example, you can look for sponsor companies who offer tools related to your niche and then run a raffle contest that awards a free premium subscription.

Before hosting your contest, be sure you have a target demographic in mind to come up with interesting mechanics and rewards. Aside from a raffle, you can also host skill-based contests if your audience comprises of web designers, programmers, writers, and other professionals that use creative skills. A good strategy is to use the demographics of your email subscribers who are probably the first in line to participate.

4. Build a Membership Section

Build a Membership Section
Image taken from Pixabay

Not many bloggers provide a “membership section” for their avid followers. However, it could be one of the best things you can do to grow your blog readership, generate a steady stream of income, and treat them as part of your inner circle.

Keep in mind that sustaining a monetized blog is one of the hardest things to do in online marketing. You cannot avoid “bad months” that can quickly put you behind on your bills. That is why you need premium subscribers who can provide your blog with constant funding.

One advantage of selling memberships is that you do not necessarily need a “finished product” before you start. You can start selling memberships once you have enough content to keep them occupied for a set period. From there, you can continue to produce and provide them with new content to keep them subscribed.

To build a membership section, you can only install a membership plugin for WordPress and start promoting your subscription. Make sure there is a clear distinction between free and paid content regarding quality, depth, presentation, and value. To heighten the sense of exclusivity for your paid members, you can also launch live webinars and offer them 1-on-1 support.


To get the most out of your WordPress blog, you need to treat it like a full-blown business instead of just a hobby. With the ideas above, you can spice up your blog and offer new forms of engagement to the online audience.

<span style="font-weight: 400">Written by: </span>Christopher Jan Benitez
Written by: Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez is a freelance writer who helps businesses achieve their goals through the creation of smart content. When not writing about WordPress and digital marketing, he geeks over professional wrestling, binges on burgers, and consumes copious amounts of coffee.


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  1. Hi Christopher,

    Great article and I totally agree with you that many bloggers as missing out on other monetisation methods, particularly selling their own products.

    If this done right and products are of quality and a site has enough traffic affiliate marketing can be turned on its head with affiliate promoting their own products.

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