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  1. Grant Griffiths
    Grant Griffiths September 9, 2013 at 19:34 | | Reply

    Hey Jean, thanks for the review. Just to clarify. With Headway Base, you can use that license on as many sites as you want which you own. You are not limited to just one.

  2. RJ Webb
    RJ Webb September 9, 2013 at 20:52 | | Reply

    Having used Headway on a production site, have to give them a vote of confidence for the ease and quickness which you can turn out a custom theme. It doesn’t beat the fine granularity you can achieve with your own “ground-up” theme, but for a quick job, definitely a strong candidate.

    My biggest gripe with it though was working with CSS sprites – could never seem to get them to display correctly, so instead, I went ahead and cut the images out of the sprites and went that route.

    Sad to say that as I’ve got a bit more time lately for that project, I’m going to wind up moving away from Headway. Still going to hold onto my license in case I get one of those “rush jobs” that needs something turned out quickly.

  3. leokoo
    leokoo September 9, 2013 at 21:25 | | Reply

    Thanks Jean! How about does it compare to Ultimatum (reviewed recently by Chris Lema) and Catalyst (no longer sold) and also Thesis? =)

    1. Joe
      Joe September 27, 2013 at 07:58 | | Reply

      I recently reviewed Ultimatum for WP Lift and thought that it had a steeper learning curve than Headway. This was mainly thanks to the blank canvas approach and a less intuitive interface for creating the page layouts and elements.

      Personally I’d go with Headway over Ultimatum, mainly for for ease of use. However I think Ultimatum might have hidden depths I didn’t fully uncover, so if you’ve got the time, its probably worth a look.

  4. ivica72
    ivica72 September 10, 2013 at 00:05 | | Reply

    I’ve been using Headway for a while now. I must say that the more I use it I’m more impressed, with each new version, especially when I bought the additional blocks from Extend thus increasing Headway functionalities (considerably).

    I had a few issues while using it (it is normal to experience some issues when you use a lot any software) but with ultra-fast reaction from Headway Themes Team (at Forum plus through e-mail) all issues were solved pretty quickly – you can relay on these guys as well as Headway community.
    As I’m using Headway also for International projects where I use WPML (if not the best then one of the best multilingual WP plugins). They are nicely working together, but there is still room for some improvements – I contributed as much as I could through testings.

    Although Headway is pretty powerful framework “out of the box” (especially in combination with the additional blocks, as mentioned earlier), I really missed some of the functionalities that I wanted to use on some sites. However, I manged to overcome this by using third party plugins, such as fantastic Ubermenu for building some powerful and beautiful menus. Ubermenu and Headway doesn’t love each other “at the first sight”, but after some tweakings (detailed instructions are on Ubermenu site), they “fall in love” with each other and work flawlessly!

    It is true that you need to have certain additional background / knowledge for design, but except buying already built Headway skins, you can also hire some talented designers / artist who will help you out in overcoming your possible lack of designers knowledge / experience.

    All in all – I would give Headway overall grade of 9 out of 10 (to solve some compatibility issues with other popular plugins, e.g. Jigoshop web shop plugin) and for support I would give them 100, they are all trying to give the best possible support… 🙂

  5. James Mowery (@JMowery)
    James Mowery (@JMowery) September 10, 2013 at 03:48 | | Reply

    I’m definitely going to check this out. 🙂

  6. Tom Brown
    Tom Brown December 2, 2013 at 00:55 | | Reply

    I’ve been a web developer in Dreamweaver since 2003. And subbornly refused to use WordPress due to limitation of theme customization. That is until I tried Headway 3.6. OMG. It’s a web developers tool sent from heaven. I doubt I’ll ever use Dreamweaver again. And certainly removing my Ultimatum/Genesis/Dynamik Website builder themes. They’re mediocre compared to Headway. And I frankly don’t even see need for hyped up OptimizePress 2, when you can design a OP2 page in Headway in 10 minutes. By far, Headway is officially the best tools I’ve seen.

    And trust me, I’m one of those “know it all”, who has to use every framework under the sun, until I come to the final conclusion. With Headway, you can practically design every theme you’ve ever seen on the web, and a lot easier then with any other framework, including Dreamweaver (which is supposed to be the ultimate in WYSIWYG tools, but it’s obviously not any longer).

  7. Ruth Zive
    Ruth Zive February 4, 2014 at 16:27 | | Reply

    Seems to me that the appeal of drag and drop functionality within a WordPress environment is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s only a matter of time before WordPress is completely widgetized and you no longer have to rely on code whatsoever. In fact, that’s what we’re offering at MarketingWise.

  8. Davis Brown
    Davis Brown March 8, 2016 at 00:09 | | Reply

    What’s your take on Headway alternative “TemplateToaster”

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