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The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a WordPress VPS – Part 3

We’re back for the third instalment of the VPS setup guide for WordPress. Just to refresh your memories, we are setting up a VPS using the service, optimised for faster serving of your WordPress sites. In Part 1 we discussed the technologies used, and in Part 2, we set up Ubuntu, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin. It is important that you follow step-by-step, so if you haven’t completed the previous parts, head back to those posts before starting Part 3.

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The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a WordPress VPS – Part 1

If you’ve read our article about WordPress performance optimisation and our WordPress SEO guide , you know that it’s important to have a fast-loading website, both for SEO purposes and more importantly, for your users’ convenience. In the first part of our WordPress VPS guide, we talk about the difference between shared hosting and a VPS, and get you started in setting up your very own VPS.

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