How to Aggregate all Affiliate Data in One Place

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Are you doing any kind of affiliate marketing on your website or blog? In this post, we'll see how you can use one platform to gather all your affiliate performance results from all the different affiliate platforms you're signed up to!
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Aggregate Affiliate Data

If you’re doing any kind of affiliate marketing on the web, you know that one of the biggest headaches you have is that of gathering all your affiliate performance results from the different affiliate platforms you’re signed up with as a publisher.

It is not uncommon to be signed up to 200-plus affiliate programs and systems. What’s more, you want to know how those performed at least on a monthly basis. Ideally, you want to be checking the results every single day and adjusting your marketing efforts accordingly.

After so many years doing this manually, I finally found a couple of solutions.

Affluent – One unified affiliate dashboard

Affluent - One unified affiliate dashboard

Affluent is a platform that aggregates all your affiliate data and makes it conveniently available in one place. Several of my top affiliate friends are also using it and everyone says that it has saved them a ton of time and worry.

Affluent reviews by affiliates
Affluent reviews

I think it’s a no-brainer if you’re an affiliate marketer. I look forward to seeing more integrations, although it already has a ton of them such as AffiliateWP, ShareASale, and Impact, to name a few.

Affluent also enables you to create custom reports, tables, and visualizations. After trying out their 14-day free trial, I can confirm that their support was very prompt and helpful.


Affluent aggregates data from all of the affiliate platforms you work with into one unified dashboard so you can save time and focus on growing your business.

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Affluent comes with 4 pricing tiers starting from $0/month and going up to $100/month. Start off by analyzing how much money you currently make in affiliate conversions as well as the number of affiliate platforms you work with. Knowing this information will make it easier to choose your ideal tier:

Affluent pricing tiers

Afflytics – Aggregate affiliate data in one dashboard

Afflytics - Affiliate analytics dashboard

Afflytics is another platform that enables you to keep track of all your affiliate networks. Like Affluent, it connects to numerous affiliate networks such as CommissionJunction (CJ), AffiliateWP, and Rakuten LinkShare, and is continuously adding more.

Their interface is very straightforward to use. They also provide a free live demo for you to experiment with before making a purchase.

Aggregate affiliate data in one place

Sales reports can also be delivered daily and weekly. This makes keeping track of your sales easy, eliminating the need to even log in to your Afflytics account.

I must say, support is top-notch. You can reach Afflytics through their online chat and they are very happy to help you with any of your questions. Although this is a relatively new platform, Afflytics is working directly with their customers to build a product that can easily integrate within their workflow.


Avoid the hassle of logging into multiple affiliate networks. Afflytics tracks and analyzes your affiliate sales by connecting all your affiliate networks in one place.

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They promise to add newly requested features quickly. In fact, they have even added a live feature suggestion area where you can comment and upvote on feature requests.

When asked about an invoicing feature, they were quick to certify that this is one of the most sought-after features. In fact, it is a feature that will be added very soon.

Packages start from $0/month and go up to $129/month. You can sign up for a 2-week trial period with no credit card details required to browse the interface at your leisure.

Afflytics pricing tiers


While Affluent is certainly the more established out of the two, Afflytics is definitely a platform to keep an eye on. Affluent currently provides more features than Afflytics and is supported by a larger team. However, Afflytics promises new features (as requested by its users), and you’re probably going to experience a much more personal type of support.

Finally, when comparing pricing tiers, Affluent currently allows for more monthly sales and affiliate program connections.

While there are other platforms that provide affiliate tracking, most are not geared towards smaller entrepreneurs or bloggers, but rather towards affiliates with huge volumes of income.

In contrast, Affluent and Afflytics were designed with both average and super affiliates in mind.

What’s your solution for aggregating affiliate data? Let us know in the comments section below.

Jean Galea

Jean Galea is an investor, entrepreneur, and blogger. He is the founder of WP Mayor, the plugins WP RSS Aggregator and Spotlight, as well as the podcast. His personal blog can be found at

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