How to Batch Insert Links/Media into WordPress Posts

Have you uploaded a bunch of photos or documents, and want to insert them as a batch into your post or page editor? Strangely enough, WordPress doesn’t have this functionality yet. You need to insert links one by one in what is a very drab affair.

Worry not however, as usual some well-developed plugins come to our rescue, enter:

Faster Image Insert

Not only for images but for all types of media, this plugin can be a real time saver.

Faster Image Insert aims to do one thing right:

Moves built-in Media Manager down in a meta-box, right next to main editing panel, so you have full control of the manager: opens it, makes it collapse or hidden from the interface completely.

Best of all, is now you can insert image(s) much faster, and precisely where you want them to be.

  • No thickbox, using metabox with zero interface blocking, quite similar to the uploader in WordPress 1.5
  • No hacking, default upload interface is not affected, only enhanced.
  • Insert multiple images in gallery & library mode, without using shortcode; can also insert images in reversed order, and even control spacing between images.
  • Mass info editing, change title/captions in one-shot.
  • Smart switches: set default uploader, disable captions.

This plugin is designed for:

  • Screenshot lover – movie, game or anime review etc.
  • Howto guru – cooking guide, hardware DIY guide etc.
  • Photo logger – author can comment below each photo.
  • Blogger that has been shouting “run, thickbox, RUN!” to the loading screens.

Get Faster Image Insert

File Gallery

“File Gallery” extends WordPress’ media (attachments) capabilities by adding a new gallery shortcode handler with templating support, a new interface for attachment handling when editing posts, and much more… Here’s the full list of features:


  1. multiple galleries per post with custom attachment order
  2. a flexible templating system (PHP, CSS, JS) – choose a different template for each gallery, even within the same post (4 templates included with plugin)
  3. simple, easy to use UI with drag and drop sorting shows attachment thumbnails beneath text editor: everything attachments-related is on the same screen you’re editing your post on
  4. fully integrated with the visual editor (tinyMCE) – click on the

    placeholder image and change any option in the File Gallery metabox – changes will be applied instantly

  5. settings page extends the default media settings page
  6. attach copies of items from media library to current post (copies data only, not the file)
  7. copy all attachments from another post
  8. unattach (detach) items from current post
  9. media tags = tag your attachments and then use those tags to choose which attachments you want to display in your gallery or to filter your media library items.
  10. custom fields for attachments
  11. gallery pagination
  12. different background colors for items in media library depending on their status = completely unattached (white), attached to other posts (red), or attached to current post (yellow)
  13. compatible with “WordPress Mobile Edition”, “Media Tags” and “WPML Multilingual CMS” plugins
  14. basic caching of gallery output and frequent queries (transients)
  15. please see the help file for complete list of features

Get File Gallery

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Jean Galea is a WordPress developer, entrepreneur and padel player. He is the founder of WP Mayor, the plugins WP RSS Aggregator and EDD Bookings, as well as the podcast. His personal blog can be found at

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