How to Boost Your Rates in One Afternoon with Toolset’s Custom Types Training Course

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to boost your freelance rates? Then Toolset's Custom Types Training Course is for you! Find out how you could be earning more than ever after just one day of learning.

The million-dollar question for WordPress web freelancers is how they can increase their rates without losing customers.

Increasing your rates usually means one of two things. You are in such demand that you can afford to raise them. Or you are able to perform additional services which increase your value.

For the latter, there is now a quick and easy solution. That solution is Toolset’s Custom Types Training Course.

Toolset's Custom Types Training Course

Learn to build more advanced websites with Toolset’s Custom Types Training Course

Toolset’s Custom Types Training Course is one of the quickest ways to learn to build some of the most important features that complex websites such as real estate, directory or e-commerce websites require.

Usually, if you wanted to build the likes of a custom search or custom post types, you would need to learn to code PHP. Not only will it take a long time to learn but it will also take a long time to build these features even when you become a PHP expert.

Instead, a far easier method is by using a plugin. Toolset is the best option for this because you can use it to create many of the features that you will need to build professional websites. And the best part is they can be built quickly and without coding.

Toolset’s Custom Post Type Training Course is split into 16 bitesize videos which together last less than an hour. A far quicker prospect than spending weeks on end practicing PHP!

What you will learn with the Custom Types Training Course

The Custom Types Training Course will take you through the basics of using Toolset up to creating some of the most important features you will need for advanced websites.

The training course uses the example of a recipe website to show you how to build a website’s features.

Each video in the course contains a small introduction, a glossary, and a summary.

The features you will learn to create include:

  • Custom post types – To create different sections for your website. Such as a recipes section.

Example of a custom post type

  • Custom fields – To add pieces of information to each of your posts. For example, details about a house you might want to buy.

Examples of custom fields

  • Custom taxonomies – Separate your posts based on features such as a wine’s vintage.

Examples of custom taxonomies

  • Post relationships – Connect your different posts to make it easier to manage your website. For example, connecting your estate agents with the houses they are in charge of.

Toolset post relationships

  • Custom search – Create a search with multiple filters so users can find the content they want.

WordPress custom search

Start building advanced websites and earning more today

You could start earning more money than ever as soon as by the end of today.

All you need to do is start the Custom Types Training Course and you will soon be building professional, complex websites just like an experienced web developer. If you already have a Toolset account then you can access it for free from your account page.

Joe Lobo
Joe Lobo
Joe is a content creator at OnTheGoSystems. Joe is an explorer of WordPress plugins, such as WPML and Toolset, and of countries. He can be found on Twitter.

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2 Responses

  1. I have a question for Joe.

    I watched your course. It is great and I have to say that without it, I will not have fully appreciated the power of Toolset. However, in your bid to be brief, you have sacrificed some steps that would have aided understanding.

    For example, in the course of designing an archive page, or in fact before that, in your video on designing a single post, you did not really show how to add the toolset fields to the template. You only showed how to add the image. For the archive video, you showed nothing. You did not even mention what URL to use to view the archive page created in the frontend. I had to google for several minutes before finding out how to do this.

    After watching the Archive video, I designed the page as best I could BUT in the front end, while I can see post images, post title, etc, nothing is clickable. How do I ensure that the images and the post titles are clickable?

    Also, please make more detailed videos that show every step. Too many assumptions.

    Final question, instead of designing my own custom archive page, can I use the plugin Posts Table Pro instead? Please let me know.

    Again, without your course, I would never have known how to use Toolset but it skips over some essential steps. Please make an extended version. Thanks.

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