How To Build a Car Dealership Website with Elementor Using Just One Template

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A car dealership site is a complex ecosystem, but we're here to let you in on a great product that can help you achieve a working site in no time at all - Crocoblock, the ultimate toolkit for building websites with Elementor.
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Car dealer sites are generally some of the more difficult sites to develop. This is because there are so many aspects that you or your web developer need to keep in mind when setting up your website.

A car dealership site is a complex ecosystem, but we’re here to let you in on a great product that can help you achieve a working site in no time at all. Enter Crocoblock, the ultimate toolkit for building websites with Elementor.

Let’s get started!

The Key Features To Look Out For

Let’s start with some of the major features that make a car dealer website a successful platform people would actively use and recommend. 

  • Friendly registration and authorization process for vendors and buyers.
  • Editable user-profile.
  • Ad pages and ad listings.
  • Enabled messages/notifications for communication between vendors and buyers.
  • Smooth custom search and site navigation.
  • System of reviews and ratings.
  • Clear interface for the administrator.

Crocoblock comes with 18 JetPlugins and 150 widgets. More notable, however, are their pre-made templates. With Elementor and Crocoblock, you can now take a pre-made Crocoblock template, apply some customization, and voila! You will have a fully working Elementor Car Dealer website.

One-Stop-Shop for Your Car Dealer Website

Now that we’ve got our plugins lined up, let’s dive into the creation of our website. You will most likely have 3 main users, namely:

  1. Sellers, who should be able to submit and manage their ads.
  2. Buyers, who need a clear interface to look through offers, filter out different ads and get in touch with car owners.
  3. The site administrator, who will need the website to function without his constant input.

The Car Dealer dynamic template by Crocoblock takes all this into consideration.

Essentially, dynamic templates are pre-coded websites. This eliminates the need for any coding knowledge and is a perfect solution for all WordPress users alike.

As I mentioned previously, Crocoblock comes with its own set of JetPlugins. These are some of the most top-rated within the Elementor user community and official Trello board. Crocoblock makes use of these products by powering its pre-made templates with them.

In fact, when purchasing your pre-made template license, you will benefit from the following perks:

  • 10+ Dynamic Templates
  • 18 JetPlugins
  • 150+ JetWidgets
  • 50+ design templates

Let’s take a look at some of the main features that you will access with the Car Dealer dynamic template by Crocoblock.

Dynamic Content

The JetEngine plugin is in charge of structuring site blocks, creating post relations, and displaying content in diverse formats.

With its help, you will get access to:

  • A ready-made registration form,
  • User profiles,
  • Announcement grids with dynamic images, fields, and metadata set up.
Elementor post grid layout

When building your car dealer site, you will definitely be needing dozens of single pages devoted to different cars. This is where the JetThemeCore plugin comes in.

This plugin provides you with a library of ready-made templates for any area of your website. This eliminates the need to manually design your pages. Once you’re satisfied with the look of your page, you can apply the template to different advertising pages, saving you loads of time. 

User Authorization and Interactions

JetBlocks widgets handle the possibility of user registration and authorization. The user authorization section changes its appearance dynamically according to whether the user is registered or not. If authorization is needed, the invitation to sign in appears.

When a user wishes to place an ad, they will be presented with the expected login or registration page. Crocoblock provides you with registration forms as seen in the following video:

Sign in form for Elementor

In the case that the user already has the account, they are invited to log in. All this is pre-made and ready to go. You won’t need to create the login block from scratch.

Elementor custom login page

Furthermore, you can easily assign different roles to your website users. These include the administrator, ad owner, and visitor.


The JetSmartFilters plugin includes 9 types of Ajax-based filters. The Car Dealer website template includes only those of them that perfectly fit this business niche.

Of course, you can always add or replace filters as needed.

Filtering types include Select, Range, and Hierarchical filters as seen in the video below:

JetSmartFilters plugin for Elementor

The Hierarchical select principle is set up to combine several similar filters into one hierarchy. It helps organize the category filter and its subcategories.

Marketing and Advertising

Crocoblock also takes care of your marketing needs thanks to its dedicated pack of plugins.

JetElements and JetTricks help you make appealing announcements while the JetPopup helps you build converting popups and contact forms connected to MailChimp.

The JetCompare&Wishlist plugin then assists your users to mark favorite items and create wish lists with one click.

Moreover, the Car Dealer dynamic template by Crocoblock includes a dedicated blog page where the administrator can post news, images, and videos as seen in the following video:

JetBlog plugin – blogging package for Elementor

Advantages of using Crocoblock for Elementor

Crocoblock comes with a lot of benefits and adds value to any Elementor website.

First, by using Crocoblock’s comprehensive list of plugins, widgets, and themes, you won’t have to worry about the compatibility among various third-party plugins within one website.

Second, you will always have one point of support for the whole project. This comes in handy if something goes wrong while working with your template. It eliminates the need to go back and forth among different support teams for various products.

You will also be presented with one, consistent interface for the whole project. Working with multiple product interfaces can be confusing. This solution simplifies the process tremendously.

Finally, Crocoblock speeds up your project delivery, making it much quicker to finalize the website thanks to its ready-to-go solutions.


JetPlugins by Crocoblock complement each other creating a smooth and effective website ecosystem. Couple that with a dynamic template by Crocoblock and you will get a ready-to-go site tailored to your business niche.

Currently, dynamic templates cover booking, appointment, and deal services. You can find a template for a medical website, apartment rentals, hotel bookings, and more.

Dynamic templates for Elementor

If you’re also selling car parts through your website, be sure to check out our tutorial on using WooCommerce to sell auto parts.

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