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  1. Dmytro
    Dmytro May 1, 2018 at 04:36 | | Reply

    OMG, are you actually serious? If you want to convey your message into other languages, stay away from machine translation as far as possible and invest in a decent translation. You clearly have no idea how bad the Russian translation you’ve provided as an example is. Machine translation may be okay for a simple blog, but if you’re planning to sell something via you website, well, this bad kind of machine translation just shows your customers that you don’t care for them. Ask yourself this question: who are you going to buy from – a company with a website that reads naturally in your language or acompany with a website with content that you can hardly make out? Please don’t mislead other people.

  2. Alexander Borealis
    Alexander Borealis June 6, 2018 at 12:30 | | Reply

    Hi Dmytro,
    Thank you for your comment. Seems like you are a man who prefers everything to be done with excellent.

    Of course, the plugin and machine translation itself cannot provide at the same level of quality as a professional translator can, here is where you made the point. What you are talking about is absolutely better for both the owner of the website and the customer. But the price for well-done website translation is extremely high and as a translator you know that this is true. Plugin allows lots of website and blog owners to engage all those people who would probably love to become their reader but have the only barrier – foreign language they don’t know. We see a great amount of those who want to go internationally and we want to help them make this possible with an easier way. With ConveyThis Translate they have this opportunity – to have a multilingual website in literally two minutes. The accuracy of translation is not on the human level and that’s why we have a great pool of our professional translators who are just a click away. Any website owner who would want to edit the translations performed by the machine, can use them.

    Moreover the technology of machine translation evolves so fast that now every other year it’s a new huge jump. The plugin provides translation with the latest technologies and when it becomes better the user gets better translations as well because they perform in real time.

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