How to Ensure Your WordPress Product Stands Out in a Saturated Market

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Given that WordPress products market is oversaturated, the one thing standing between a good product and its audience is good marketing. Make the right moves to get your product the attention it needs.
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There are 50,000+ WordPress plugins in the official repository and new plugins get added each day. Themeforest lists around 11,000 themes and CodeCanyon adds 6000+ plugins to the list. That’s a huge number. And a gigantic problem for those searching for that one particular product to suit their needs.

It becomes difficult to choose one out of hunderds of good products available for a particular functionality. And for product owners, it can be nearly impossible to make your product stand out among the options. There isn’t much room for error in terms of getting the presentation right.

The good part is that marketing the product can be your differentiator – to put across the product’s USPs (Unique Selling Points) in the most convincing manner possible.

How can you do this? Here are a few tips.

#1 Improve the content on your product website

Your product website serves as the first point of impression of your product. It is, therefore, a crucial element in convincing potential buyers about the ability of your product to generate value in their businesses or projects.

Create relatable and easy content for your product’s website. The content should be able to bring out the key edge your product has over its competitors. Work on creating a content flow that sticks throughout the website and engages visitors.

According to a study by Aberdeen Group, companies that implement content marketing achieve six times the conversion rates than the companies that don’t invest in content. Another study by Content Marketing Institute shows that content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, giving three times the leads!

Start with a rough framework of your long-term content strategy and then break it down into short-term goals.

Some quick tips:

  • Use a combination of content delivery methods. You can attract leads by creating a free Infographic or an eBook. The leads can be nurtured through effective email communication.
  • A dedicated blog section can cover a range of topics that can help the readers in their respective buying journeys.
  • Highlighting the testimonials of your clients can generate trust in your visitors.
  • Finally, the product page can convince a lead about the value your product can generate. You can even try A/B testing for experimenting with different combinations of content.
  • Optimize your web content according to best SEO practices so that your product pages show up in search results for your chosen niche with in-depth keyword research and creation of relevant content around it.

#2 Value your clients and nurture them

email marketing

Paying attention to Customer Life-cycle Management can be one of the best things you do for your business. You should have definite plans for the customers in the various stages of the cycle.

A study by Bain & Company shows that increasing retention rates by 5% leads to an increase in profit by anywhere from 25% to 90%!

Your existing customers hold great value. You can keep providing them with engaging content through newsletters until they purchase again or have them recommend your product to a friend. Notifying them of an ongoing sale period can also be value-adding. As their product license approaches the expiry date, you can push for renewal.

The objective should be to lead your existing customers into becoming loyalists, and later on advocates of your brand.

#3 Tap into the power of social media

There are two parts to Social Media Marketing. One is where you do unpaid promotions. This includes posting regularly, sparking conversation in relevant social media groups, responding to messages you receive on your Social Media handles and other activities that don’t require a budget.

The other is promoting your plugin or theme through paid social-media advertisements. Facebook and Twitter provide extensive tools for targeting the right audience through creative advertisements and for tracking the results and impact.

Social Media platforms make an effective advertising ground. You can nudge potential customers by showing them an advertisement of your product while they are browsing through their feeds. The content, of course, needs to be attention-seeking and un-spammy at the same time!

A predictive analysis by Social Media Today says that 90% of businesses are expected to use social media for customer service by 2020. Leveraging social media channels has become a mainstream way to connect and interact with your clients and potential buyers.

Having said that, getting the marketing right is surely not a walk in the park. You can, however, target the audience using:

  • the email list of your existing clients and subscribers
  • your website traffic as the target audience on social media using Pixel (a tracking script)
  • popular interests as a targeting parameter, for example, ‘WordPress’ or ‘WooCommerce’
  • demographics (age, gender, education, work, education, location, etc)
  • the followers’ list of popular Social Media accounts in your niche like that of major influencers

The Challenges in Marketing Your Product Effectively

The effectiveness of a marketing channel like social media can be confirmed with facts supporting widespread use and universal adoption. However, to get the desired ROI is always a challenge with your marketing activities.

According to Hubspot Academy, 86% of the highly effective organisations have someone to drive their content strategy. In your case though, you may have limited resources for content creation. Or you may not be getting the desired quality of content.

This is a problem faced by a lot of WordPress product owners. Just creating content isn’t enough, it should be impactful, and engaging, to stand out in the search results and to generate quality leads.

WordPress product owners struggle with:

  • finding time to develop the product and market it
  • capturing the attention of buyers on social media
  • created targeted copies and creatives
  • marketing on a budget
  • constantly competing for attention

Achieving effective marketing is a resource-consuming job given that you have to concentrate on the development of your product as well to keep up with the competition. In this scenario, what you need is…

A way to think out of the box

Given the limited marketing resources you can afford, making a mark with your product seems a difficult task. In the absence of an efficient marketing and content team, the job requires you to be multitasking, multi-talented, relentless, and creative!

So, what is the solution here? You can:

  1. Handle all marketing-related activities yourself and end up losing focus
  2. Hire a professional marketing agency to handle your marketing activities, if you are ready to shell out that kind of money
  3. Join a marketing partner platform that takes away the headache of promoting your product, so you can focus on its technical development in peace – enter Epitrove

Epitrove is your very own marketing facilitator that follows an innovative approach to solving the marketing problems of product creators that need a marketing boost for their products.


It is an efficient source of achieving additional sales, apart from the sales from your own website. You can leverage the marketing innovation Epitrove provides without doing any groundwork and without spending anything.

Here are 6 creative ways in which Epitrove assists your product.

Easy discoverability for the buyers

Epitrove makes all the information about the products accessible in a friendly, intuitive manner. The product pages are designed with a polished UI/UX helping buyers to explore the different products without stressing out.

Collaborative marketing with other product owners

Epitrove is the platform that brings all the product owners together with collaborative marketing. Let’s say two plugins (from different creators) make a good duo for a particular solution that people are looking for, then upon purchase of one plugin among the two, Epitrove facilitates the discovery of the second plugin as well.

Focus on quality rather than quantity

Epitrove handpicks only the products that are authentic and offer genuine value to customers. There is a laser-sharp focus on curating only quality products to give buyers the easiest of shopping experiences. If you’re a driven and committed product creator, you can rest assured that your product is in good company and that your “best product” gets the eyeballs it deserves.

Transparency for empowerment

Epitrove aims towards presenting products and related information in a way that shoppers are able to make good decisions, quickly. One of the ways in achieving this objective is by making genuine ratings & reviews available to the buyers.

The present condition of shopping WordPress products through marketplaces witness ratings and reviews, that don’t really end up helping the users. That’s because a lot of products seem to have very high ratings, and thus no differentiation is left. It’s almost similar to not having ratings and reviews.

Epitrove busts the stale reviewing methodology by presenting all the feedback as is on the product pages. This makes sure your potential buyers understand exactly how you are genuinely creating value for their websites.

Aggregation + Curation = Recipe for an exclusive WordPress community

A seller on Epitrove enjoys the power of cumulative traffic on the platform wherein they can target a potential buyer who lands on a product that wasn’t even present in their buying journey earlier.

Epitrove aims to create long-lasting relationships with the buyers through personalised messaging and non-spammy informational outreach. The trust and satisfying shopping experience that the customers feel on Epitrove will make them stick to the platform to find WordPress products. That means more sales for you!

An added advantage for the early adopters

As the platform is just starting out, Epitrove is offering some cool benefits for the first 100 products that make it to Epitrove’s product line-up.

The product creators are assisted with a number of things like getting the right content and media uploaded on the product’s shopping page. Another advantage is the endorsement Epitrove will give to the products in the press releases.

And there’s a lot more! Explore Epitrove to find out how it can help you sell and market your WordPress product better.


Standing out in a saturated WordPress market is becoming harder than ever. Not all of us can become the next WooCommerce or Gravity Forms or Divi. Or can we?

Effective marketing is rapidly emerging as the most viable solution to creating your unique brand in the WordPress market. However, since handling both product development and marketing campaigns can be a tad (read: exhaustingly) difficult, it is time to adopt a marketing platform like Epitrove.

Epitrove brings a fresh wave of stress-free shopping to the WordPress market, adding more trust and credibility to the shopping process. Intuitive user experience and adequate, optimised information helps buyers to reach the product they desire quickly, which in turn makes selling a breeze for product owners!

Product creators can benefit by leveraging the power of innovative marketing techniques, and create much more impact with their products, without putting in any effort themselves.

So, what do you say? Ready to see some marketing ninja moves? Epitrove is the way forward!

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