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How to Increase WooCommerce Sales with GhostMonitor Cart Abandonment Plugin

You already worked a lot on your WooCommerce store. You have enthusiastic customers, awesome product, and growing amount of sales. At this glorious moment something just gets behind your back and attacks you – this monster is called shopping cart abandonment. This is a step-by-step guide to tackle cart abandonment and earn a lot more with your WooCommerce store.  

You already worked a lot on your WooCommerce store. You have enthusiastic customers, awesome product, and growing amount of sales.

At this glorious moment something just gets behind your back and attacks you – this monster is called shopping cart abandonment. It is sneaky, ugly, and must be taken care of.


Because it’s stealing 74% of your customers right now.

The Cart Abandonment Problem

First, you have to understand how much trouble does the cart abandonment cause you on a daily basis. The average cart abandonment rate is 74%, which is ridiculously high.

Let’s imagine a simple, everyday situation: there is a huge fruit market. 100 people puts awesome, good smelling fruits in their basket, but on their way to the cashier 74 shoppers just drop it, leave, and probably never look back.

This would be weird if it actually happened, right? Well, in online stores it’s not that weird, in fact, it happens all the time.

Let’s do the math: Let’s assume you’re close to the average and your cart abandonment rate is 74%. It means that while 100 shoppers put something into the cart, only 26 of them complete the checkout.

No, it’s not a typo, only 26 do it.

To put cart abandonment into other perspective:

You lose $284 on every $100 revenue. 

Now I’ve got your attention, right?

Don’t worry. With GhostMonitor, you can recover from the lost money.

The reasons of cart abandonment

Of course, window-shoppers will always be there, but it’s important to look at the reasons that why someone who intends to buy things, changes his or her mind.

Let’s take a look at this chart below:

Most frequent reasons for cart abandonment
Source: Statista

These are probably the most common reasons, but there are many that you’re not even able to think of – e.g. the postman rang, and they just didn’t feel like buying anymore, etc.

I heard a lot of interesting excuses when I called my cart abandoners asking why didn’t they complete their purchase.

This also shows, that we’re facing a complex problem, and at that point you might think that complex problems can only be solved in the hard way.

Fortunately, the ultimate weapons to fight the cart abandonment monster already exists, and it is called cart recovery tools.

A cart recovery tool catches abandoners’ email addresses and sends cart recovery emails after cart abandonment.

How cart recovery emails work
How cart recovery emails work

These emails contain the abandoned cart with images and it drives back the abandoners to the checkout process. The key is: using these automated emails, like Amazon, Nike, eBay do.

This is the exact reason why you should take a closer look on the GhostMonitor plugin.

The GhostMonitor plugin

Of course there are alternative cart recovery tools out there, but why choose a pocket knife when you could use a proper rocket launcher…?

Built by e-commerce experts, the GhostMonitor plugin only costs you $10 for a month – it’s basically nothing, compared to the recovered money – our users have 7-15% growth in sales.

Setup and installation

The easiest way is to visit ghostmonitor.com, click “Get started” and create an account.

After doing so, you should see this page:

ghostmonitor setup
Just follow the steps written there, install our plugin and you’re really close to increase your incomes.

Your Cart Recovery Emails

This is the heart of the whole recovery-business, the customization of your e-mails. After entering the app, choose “Campaigns” , and under your statistics you can start modifying those helpful messages.

campaigns page

You can also leave them the way they were, but there’s a text editor and also a design view to make sure your emails look like you want them to:

Editing your pre-built emails

There is one thing, which is just as important as the content itself: timing.

According to Hubspot, 75.3 % of the top 500 e-commerce companies send their first email within one hour after the abandonment. It is also important to know, that those customers who will finish their checkout in the end, will do so within 72 hours.


Under Dashboard, you can find every useful info and stat that will help you optimize your processes even more. You can see everything in a good looking way in one place, real time. If you’re not really into analytics, this is the place for you – it is logical and easy to understand.

Stats you've never seen before
Stats you’ve never seen before – from a real user


GhostMonitor uses Intercom, which is implemented in the GhostMonitor Dashboard. Just click on the question mark situated at the bottom of the page, and you can immediately can start chatting with the support team. This is a fun, personal and fast way to get answers for all of your questions.


There is no point denying that cart abandonment is a serious problem which needs to be taken care of . The question is: how?
There are quite a few opportunities to do so, let’s run through what GhostMonitor can offer to your business:

  • Developed for WooCommerce – therefore totally compatible with it;
  • $10 for a month;
  • Under 50 seconds setup;
  • Detailed yet easy to use statistics page;
  • Set and forget: the GhostMonitor works on autopilot.

If you ever faced the monster of cart abandonment, you should consider trying GhostMonitor, to make it go away forever.

What are your experiences with this issue? Share with us in the comment section!

Soma Toth
Soma Toth
Soma Toth is co-founder of GhostMonitor, an automated cart abandonment tool for e-commerce shops. His job is to make more money for online stores on autopilot. He recovered $103,271 from abandoned carts in 2015, so he decided to build this strategy into GhostMonitor.

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