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  1. Umair
    Umair May 8, 2017 at 07:34 | | Reply

    Thanks for the three ways to re purpose the article and get more social shares. I think it was Brian Dean who talked about how longer content tends to get shared more. He also suggested how better visuals make people perceive it higher quality and share it more.

    He talked about how we want to look good when we share something. If the content we’re sharing can make us look good then we will share it with others.

  2. Christopher Jan Benitez
    Christopher Jan Benitez May 8, 2017 at 18:55 | | Reply

    Right on point there, Umair! Yes, Brian Dean did say those things in relation to his Skyscraper Technique. You want to share the best posts you’ve written because it allows you to put your best foot forward and make a great impression to your audience.

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