How to Select Best Event Management Plugin for Your Site

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In this post, we are going to cover the different elements of WP Event Manager which others plugins lack. You will get the full information about what WP Event Manager plugin can do better than others to create your event listing website quickly. To just have a brief about the plugin- WP Event Manager is an open source, lightweight, scalable and feature-rich plugin.
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In this post, we are going to cover the different elements of WP Event Manager which others plugins lack. You will get the full information about what WP Event Manager plugin can do better than others to create your event listing website quickly. To just have a brief about the plugin- WP Event Manager is an open source, lightweight, scalable and feature-rich plugin.

WP Event Manager plugin developer friendly, compatible with all devices, offers cross-browser support and is SEO friendly as well. You get multiple options to organise your events under different categories to make you task an easy and fast one. The popular add-ons include ticket selling, registering, calendar, Google maps, attendee info, and event alerts. The add-ons are available for both personal and developer use.

WP Event Manager is an inimitable plugin in the market, which allows both side event cataloguing and management from frontend and backend with lots of highlights. The fast mechanism enables creating an event listing website in less than 30 minutes. The main core plugin is free, and you just have to pay for add-ons which are reasonable in price.

Now let’s jump to the comparison part and look at the features which makes WP Event Manager unique from other already available in the market.

Comparison based on General Features

Comparison based on Admin Features

How is WP Event Manager Better Than Other Existing Event Management Plugins?

Events Manager

Events Manager is an event registration plugin for WordPress. It is also a standard plugin for all kind of event listings on your website. It’s pro version offers the add-ons for further editing your events in a better way. The free version gives limited access to all the features.

WP Event Manager is a free and lightweight plugin as compared to Events Manager plugin. It is also quick and easy to install with sleek interface. WP Event Manager has far more multifunctional automatic tools for listing your users events.

Event Planner

It is yet another event registration plugin for WordPress websites. It is built with regular WordPress tools and is flexible and dominant in creating event listings.

As compared to WP Event Manager, it lacks Ajax based filtering and search features. And also EP uses WordPress’s standard tables for storing data which cannot be customised.

Events Made Easy

Events Made Easy is a feature-rich event and membership solution for WordPress sites. You can insert events list, calendars and narration to your blog using numerous sidebar widgets or shortcodes.

For using Events Planner, one should have some web designing knowledge. While in case of WP Event Manager, one can install and create event listing as the shortcodes are already added so that the visitors find the listings of their interest immediately.

Event Expresso Lite

Event Expresso Lite is also an event management and registration system for events. If you compare Event Expresso Lite with WP EVent Manager, then later is quite easy to install, and has fully manageable interface.

Even for an inexperienced and first-time user, event listing will not be a tough job. The premium version of Event Expresso has all the advanced features. While in case of WP Event Manager, all the advanced features are available in the free version itself, and you only need to buy add-ons as per your website’s requirement.

The Events calendar by Liquid Web

Though this plugin is great and user’s all-time favorite, but it limits the support on free version, unlike WP Event Manager and not extensible same like WP Event Manager. With WP Event Manager, only the add-ons are purchased at reasonable price and rest all functionality is available in free version.

Google Calendar Events

It is also a free plugin, but it compromises on the features offered and is also limited on calendar viewpoints. WP Event Manager offers all the primary and advanced attributes for creating an event listing site with multiple calendar view features.

Event List

It is a basic plugin offering a few options on event data. It lacks latest and supreme calendar features and is a simple event management plugin for beginners.

All-in-one Events Calendar

The plugin has all modern features like other premium plugins but gives limited access to features in its free version which WP Event Manager doesn’t compromise on.

Event Organiser

It is a free plugin and also easy to use, but like WP Event Manager it does not offer ticketing and registrations or personal calendar scheduling.

Ticket Tailor

This plugin is for those who do not need many features and only want to sell tickets online or register for some event.

The above factors clearly denote that WP Event Manager Plugin is a comprehensive tool which stands out of the crowd due to its multifunctional features. It is indeed a bet option from those premium event management plugins which are heavily priced and also low on features offered.

How to choose the right event management plugin for your website?

It might become a little difficult job for you to select the best plugin from so many available options. You must have to far-reaching outlook and approach towards selecting the right plugin.

First you have to focus on the prerequisites of your event listing website and then go for the suitable plugin. Some of the points given below will help you in taking the right decision and also will tell you how our plugin will help you in several ways:

Purpose of the website

Whether you have a personal or a profession event website, WP Event Manager will help you in solving the main purpose of event listing.

Even if you have a single objective of ticket selling or registering- the plugin will do the needful as it is free. You have to pay only for the add-ons.

Free or premium version

There are thousands of plugins available in the market. Some event management plugins are free and some are paid. If you want access to all the advanced features and functionalities, you must buy the premium version of the plugins.

Same goes with WP Event Manager plugin – only add-ons are to be purchased for either personal or professions use. Rest all the features are readily available to be used. So a free version with full access to features must be your first choice.

Mostly all event listing wordpress website need the following features.

  • SEO Friendly
  • Developer Friendly
  • Multilingual Support
  • Fully Template Override /Customization.
  • Add, Edit or Remove existing fields of the Submission forms.
  • Frontend & Backend Submission forms.
  • Lightweight.

Currently, not any of the plugin provide this all functionality in single free pack. but we can extend plugin using Pro add-ons for achieving all of above feature.

So far, I know two events plugins which has all above functionalities but require pro version for The Events Calendar and Events Manager. As per developer aspect Events Manager has more extendability. but it doesn’t have an Excellent UI support. on other hands, The Events Calendar has beautiful UI feature and good developer friendly code but not extensible as Events Manager.

WP Event Manager offer all above main features as well as beautiful UI and scalable functionality in free version and that way it called all in one event management solution.

Customer support

If you get full customer support even with the free version, then you must opt for that event plugin only. A few free plugins like WP Event Manager offer the best support to its users.

Try Out WP Event Manager for Free

After knowing all that which our WP Event Manager plugin can do, you will surely go for it without having a single thought. The pervasive comparison with other plugins has made it clear that this plugin offers lot more than other existing options in the market.

WP Event Manager core plugin is free to download from

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6 Responses

  1. HI thanks for this detailed article..Any particular wordpress free theme that you would recommend to complement WP Event Manager in order to build an event listing website?

  2. Thank you for the comparison. I was about to start with Event Expresso but after reading your review I will try WP Event Manager first.

  3. Hi Jiya – interesting post 🙂

    The feature comparison table includes “Singleton Javascript” … that sounds like something that is less of a feature and more a description of how the code is written. Can you explain what this means and why it’s included?

    I was also surprised to see that of all those plugins only WP Event Manager offers a preview of events before listing … yet I know that both The Events Calendar and AI1EC have a functioning preview just like that offered by WordPress for regular posts. Is that an oversight, perhaps?

    1. Dear Tam,

      You are welcome 🙂

      Singleton Javascript, it all about code pattern and memory optimization and it helps for the speed of the site.

      Mostly event listing plugins do not offer frontend side preview functionality and we can achieve with WP Event Manager. Of course, wordpress offer preview at backend side for regular posts. Here i was talking about frontend side form.

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