Inbound Brew: An Easy to Use, All-in-One Marketing Plugin

Researched and tested by Lindsay Liedke
Researched and tested by Lindsay Liedke
This article was researched and written by our experts using our in-depth Analysis Methodology.

It’s not enough these days to set up a beautiful looking website and hope that people stop by. In fact, email opt-ins, customer purchases, and blog post engagement do not typically happen overnight.

It takes a lot to market your website and everything you have to offer, no matter what type of website you operate.

That’s why, in the past we have discussed multiple ways to capitalize on effective marketing techniques to drive more traffic to your website, boost user interaction, and of course, generate more conversions and sales.

For instance, we have emphasized the importance that marketing has on business growth, have shared with you the best newsletter system for WordPress, and have even made things easier on you by sharing how you can automate your website’s marketing efforts.

However, the glaring problem with all of this is that in order to maximize your marketing efforts and really reap the benefits, you have to implement multiple tools from multiple sources – all of which do something different.

This can be overwhelming to you and taxing on your website’s server resources.

That’s why today, we are going to take a look at Inbound Brew’s premium, all-in-one marketing plugin, by the same name – Inbound Brew –  and see just how marketers and small businesses can take advantage of having everything they need to market their website available in one convenient location.

Inbound Brew: A Brief Overview

Inbound Brew - Marketing Plugin for WordPress

Inbound Brew is a marketing plugin for WordPress designed to give you everything you need to create complete marketing campaigns.

It comes simple to use so that even those with no marketing or technical experience can utilize the power behind the tools, and is affordable so business owners of all sizes can implement a solid marketing strategy without breaking the bank.

Included are several marketing tools to help you drive traffic to your site, convert visitors into customers or subscribers, and close sales for a boost in annual revenue.

And to top it off, Inbound Brew has a special dashboard for managing your marketing campaigns so you can make improvements where needed.

Find out which social media networks are frequented the most, how many leads you have brewing, and what content has posted to your social media lately.

Using Inbound Brew

After purchasing Inbound Brew, you receive an email detailing your plugin purchase.

It comes with information such as your license activation key, the domain you will be using the plugin on, and a link to download the plugin.

Installation and Activation of Inbound Brew

Clicking on the download link will allow you to save the zip file of the plugin so you can install and activate it on your website.

To do this, simply navigate to Plugins > Add New from the WordPress dashboard and upload the zip file.

After installing and activating the plugin, you will be prompted with a welcome message detailing all of Inbound Brew’s features, as well as a link to begin a tour of the plugin itself.  In addition, you will notice a new menu item has been added to your WordPress dashboard, aptly named Inbound Brew.

Inbound Brew - Welcome Message

Scroll to the bottom of the welcome message and click on Start the Tour.

Take the Inbound Brew Tour

I love that Inbound Brew has really taken the time to explain what can potentially be a very overwhelming plugin.

With so many settings and features to contend with, it is great they provide a tour to guide you through the process of getting started so that you can get the most out of this plugin.


To start, configure the plugin’s settings.

It is important you do this because all of the information you add in the settings section will carry over into your marketing tools.

Inbound Brew - Settings

Here is a rundown of all the important settings:

  • General. Determine whether you want your navigation to be side, top, or WordPress native.  In addition, enable/disable any plugin modules you want to preserve server resources and keep your site performing at optimal speeds.
  • Social Settings. Add your social media platform URLs and connect to networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. Use this feature to automatically push your website’s social media posts or plan posts for future publication.
  • Social Share Widget. Allow site visitors to share your content across their social media networks. Choose which networks to allow and customize the look of your social media widget. You can even define whether to show this widget on your mobile site or not.
  • Leads. There is nothing to configure initially from this section as this is where you will later view, organize, and import/export lead information.
  • Email. Here, configure what your email campaigns to subscribers will include.  For instance, set a from email and name, choose your content type, and even choose which page on your website to redirect unsubscribers to once they click “unsubscribe.”
  • Sitemap/Routing. In this section, configure things like 301 redirects, when to notify Google and Bing of site updates, and which content to include on your sitemap.

Lastly, there is a section for adding your plugin License Key so that you are able to use all of the plugin’s marketing tools.

Inbound Brew - License Key

Inbound Brew’s Marketing Tools

Inbound Brew comes with plenty of marketing tools to meet your every need.

Let’s take a look at each so you can see just what you get with this comprehensive marketing plugin.

Call to Action Generator

Call to actions are an integral part of any website’s marketing efforts. They attract attention and tell site visitors exactly what to do next, making conversions easier than ever.

Inbound Brew - Call to Action

Inbound Brew CTAs can go anywhere on your website. In addition, they can be added directly to emails you send out to new and loyal customers.

Create a custom button, upload an image, choose from a pre-designed CTA template, add a top bar call to action, and even implement a popup CTA that automatically appears when a site visitor leaves a page.

Additionally, change the font, color, background, and border of your CTA.

And don’t forget to link the CTA so once clicked on, your site visitor is directed to the next step.

Contact Forms

No website is complete without a contact form. After all, your site visitors need to have a reliable way to get in touch with you with their questions, concerns, or hellos.

Navigate to Inbound Brew > Contact Forms and see the dashboard where all of your previously created forms are accessible.  Next, click on New Form to start building a custom contact form.

Inbound Brew - Contact Form

To add custom form fields to your contact form, click on the field you wish to add. You will immediately see a popup where you can label the field and make it required for form submission.

Inbound Brew - Contact Form - Field Addition

Once you click Okay, the field automatically adds to your form in real time so you can make sure it looks just as you want it to. Conveniently, any fields you add to your form are crossed off the list to avoid duplication.

After adding form fields, you can then choose to send an email, allow downloadable content after form submission, and even create a thank you message.

Lastly, you can redirect users to a landing page after form submission to encourage further site engagement.

Landing Pages

Another important marketing technique all business owners should capitalize on is a landing page. That way, when a potential customer clicks on your website, they are automatically instructed to hand over their email address in return for something great.

Inbound Brews starts you off right when it comes to landing page creation. For example, choose from one of six page layouts.

Inbound Brew - Landing Page

From there, you have many things to configure:

  • Landing page title
  • Keywords
  • The CTAs to include
  • The content, including images
  • Whether to send an email or not
  • If you will include downloadable content
  • What the thank you message will say
  • Which social media networks to include

One standout feature I found here was the on-page SEO optimization.

Inbound Brew - Landing Page SEO

Not only can you define the landing page keywords, Inbound Brew will tell you when your landing page has been optimized with those keywords.

In addition, you can add a landing page description that will show up in search results and on social media, boosting your SEO and garnering your more traffic.

Email and Drip Campaigns

Forget what others say, email is not dead. In fact, email remains an effective marketing strategy and can help website owners draw in new site traffic and encourage loyal customers to come back.

Inbound Brew gives you the option to create custom email campaigns or use one of their templates.

Inbound Brew - Email Campaign

In addition to rolling out email campaigns to boost traffic, conversions, and sales, Inbound Brew lets you create drip campaigns tied into emails and user behavior.

For example, create a campaign that requires a user to download an e-book. Once done, automatically push them through your sales funnel, reaping rewards as they continue.

Documentation, Support, and Pricing

Inbound Brew does an excellent job of having extensive documentation ready for users. Though the plugin is self-explanatory (as the developers intended it to be), for those times when you just aren’t sure, you can easily access a number of well written articles here.

You can also connect to their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn networks for keeping up to date on everything Inbound Brew.

Lastly, there is an updated blog packed with great marketing information and Inbound Brew plugin information that is sure to help anyone looking to boost their marketing efforts.

As for support, there are several options available – live chat, phone contact, email, and a contact form.

When it comes to price, the premium version of Inbound Brew is an affordable $35/month, which includes everything discussed above. There is also a more robust version that comes with extra features and is $75/month.

Final Recommendations

In the end, Inbound Brew definitely delivers on its claims that it is comprehensive marketing plugin that comes with everything you need to promote your website. And, making things even better, Inbound Brew is as easy as the developers hoped it would be. Even for those with no experience in marketing or technical tasks.

If you are looking for an easy way to use multiple marketing tools from one place, I highly recommend you give Inbound Brew a try. For the modest monthly price, you get the equivalent of multiple plugins in one.

Plus, with their 14-day free trial, you can check out Inbound Brew without feeling the pressure to spend money.

Get Inbound Brew Here

Have you ever used Inbound Brew for your marketing needs? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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Tested and reviewed by Lindsay Liedke
Lindsay is a freelance writer who loves all things WordPress. When she is not writing she can be found spending family time with her son and two silly nephews.

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