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With the H5P plugin you can create Interactive Videos, powerpoint-like Course Presentations, Memory Games and much more all without touching a single line of code! Tens of thousands of H5P’s are created every week by universities and organizations all over the world.
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With the H5P plugin you can create Interactive Videos, powerpoint-like Course Presentations, Memory Games and much more all without touching a single line of code!

Tens of thousands of H5P’s are created every week by universities and organisations all over the world.

Here’s a demonstration of how to create a H5P Interactive Video, one of the most popular content types. It allows content creators to easily add interactions to videos:

As you can see, there really is no limit to what can be done with interactive content in WordPress.

The H5P community has created a huge variety of content types, ranging from the simple and functional Course Presentation and Memory Game, to the advanced and futuristic Speak the Words.

New content types are being developed by the H5P community all the time, check them out on the examples and downloads page on

Why use H5P to create interactive content?

H5P is Open and Free

H5P software is open and free to use, licensed primarily with MIT licenses – one of the most open and safe licenses. This means that nobody can start to suddenly charge money for you to continue using H5P or continue to have access to your content and the tools you need to maintain them.

H5P is Exportable

H5P was designed to make sharing interactive content as easy as sharing an image or a video. If you create an Interactive Video on one WordPress site, you will be able to easily export it to any other WordPress, Drupal and Moodle site as well. Many more platform integrations are on the way. In addition, H5P content types are embeddable just like a youtube video onto any website.

H5P is International

With solid multi-lingual support and dozens of active translators, H5P content types are accessible to an international audience. Almost all of the content types have been translated to both French and German and many more languages being contributed by the community every week.

Installing H5P

1. Log on to your WP-admin interface. Under Plugins in the admin menu, press Add new.

Add H5P

2. Search for H5P in the plugins search field and press Install Now under the H5P plugin.

Find the H5P plugin

3. The H5P plugin will now be installed. Once the installation is completed successfully, click on Activate Plugin.

Activate the H5P plugin

H5P should now appear in the list of installed plugins. After successful activation, all the content types are installed automatically.

You should also see a link called H5P Content in the admin menu.

You can now start creating your own interactive content. New H5P activities can be created by clicking ‘Add New’ in this menu.

Creating Your First H5P

Now your plugin is set up and you can start creating H5P Content. After you click on “Add new” The H5P Hub will load – offering you a variety of content types to pick from:Get H5P content types

Once you’ve downloaded an H5P Content Type and created your question, adding it to a post is as simple as  pressing the Add H5P button:

Add H5P to a post

Select the H5P you want to add to the post from the list that appears. A tag (e.g. [h5p id=”1″]) will be added to the text field representing the H5P content.

What’s next?

I hope this has been a straightforward introduction to adding interactive content to your WordPress blog. Feel free to create an account at and join the community discussion on the forums. There you’ll be able to talk to and learn from other WordPress users who are creating and sharing H5P content. Good luck!

Timothy Lim

Timothy Lim is a Core Developer for H5P. He’s excited about standardizing interactive content and making it accessible to everyone.

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  1. Hi Hashim, the demo content on is stored on the servers but you can install the plugin to WordPress and your content will be stored on your server.

  2. This looks pretty cool. Thanks for sharing it. I hadn’t heard of H5P before and didn’t know what it is. The article prompted me to look up H5P on Wikipedia and check out the website. Awesome stuff.

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