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InTrigger is the smart conversion / lead generation booster. The plugin allows you to deploy contextualized and smart scenarios at the heart of your content, with a full control on marketing pressure. Definitely a breathe of fresh air in the lead generation landscape.
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InTrigger has been designed to improve lead generation performance without using popup forms to do so. It allows WP marketers to deploy contextualized and smart scenarios that boost sign-up and lead generation. By targeting pages keywords and specific user behavior, you can set up native widgets and floating bars to appear within posts or pages.

What makes this plugin great is that you can effectively target engaged users, while having a full control over marketing pressure. After several months of testing and optimiszation, the plugin is now freely available on Let’s give you an inside look at the amazing potential of this tool.

Insert contextualized forms inside your posts

Let’s start with a use case. In the following example, we will describe how to create a basic scenario, an email form that appears inside your posts. We want the widget to appear only on pages/posts containing a specific keyword.

1. Create your scenario

intrigger plugin - scenario types

First step, choose the scenario type. In this example, we decided to choose the inline scenario, in which a widget is inserted inside some targeted posts.

2. Choose your widget

intrigger plugin - email form

Second step, design the widget that will appear inside your posts. In our example, we choose the default email form and decide that it should appear in the middle of the post. Please note that you have various settings on widget level to customize colors and texts as well as setting up your own custom HTML.

3. Define scenario settings: targeted keywords, devices, etc.

intrigger plugin - scenario rules

This part is particularly awesome. InTrigger allows you to apply your scenarios on pages & posts containing a specific keyword. Of course, you can manually select among the results which pages the scenario should apply to. You can also determine when you want to apply the scenario, (only for users having visited more than 3 pages, having spent more than 2 minutes on your website), what kind of user you want to target (returning users only?) and on what kind of device.

As you understood, creating a scenario will only take a few minutes and can be done by almost everyone.

Boost your conversion and test user centric lead generation tactics

After this quick demonstration, you now have a first idea of InTrigger’s potential. But InTrigger enables you to do much better. We tried to give content marketers all the tools they may need to test innovative lead generation approaches, measure scenarios / widgets performance, while respecting users by managing the “push pressure”.

Diversify your lead generation tactics

Users can choose among 3 different scenarios:

  • Inline: Insert a widget inside some targeted posts
  • Floating bar: Display a top or bottom floating bar after some time spent on the page / percentage of scroll
  • Continue reading: Hide part of the post content and invite the user to perform a specific action to disclose the full post

In addition to these different scenario types, other innovative services will soon be available. For example, we are considering a 2-Step Lightbox scenario, the idea is to insert automatically in some posts some specific links / call to actions that will open a popup.

Various and custom widgets

intrigger plugin - widget purpose

InTrigger users can choose among various indget. The plugin aims to boost conversion and lead generation, so obviously you can collect emails and drive traffic. Last but not least, you can also create your own indget. For advanced users, we provide some shortcodes such as [CONVERSION] in order to measure performance on custom widgets too.

More intelligence: retargeting and full control over marketing pressure

intrigger plugin - retargeting and prioritization

There are already some very nice lead generation plugins available for free on WordPress. Based on our CRM experiences, we tried to focus on the marketers’ need, to set up a lead generation strategy while being able to correctly manage the marketing pressure they expose their visitors to.

To do so, we provided retargeting features to define the maximum number of scenarios applied to each user session, define if another scenario applies after a conversion, etc. Scenarios prioritisation is also a very useful features to prioritise one scenario over another when you have a lot of active scenarios.

Advanced statistics

intrigger plugin - statistics
Of course, InTrigger enables you to monitor the efficiency of your scenarios with several metrics. By comparing your scenarios conversion rate, you can quickly improve your lead generation strategy.


intrigger plugin - integration
You can synchronize InTrigger with email providers such as MailChimp or Sendinblue with an API key. That way, the email addresses collected by InTrigger can be automatically synchronized with you email marketing lists

Full features list

  • Scenario 1 – Inline post: Insert a form or message in the middle of a selection of posts
  • Scenario 2 – Continue reading: Hide post content after x% and invite the user to subscribe or click to display full post
  • Scenario 3 – Floating bar: Display a floating bar at the top / bottom of screen after some scroll
  • 6 default indgets (forms & messages) with easy customization: background color, font-size, etc.
  • Powerful targeting rules: pages selection by URL or keywords, number of pages visited, device, etc.
  • Shortcodes to apply a scenario or display an indget on a specific template / page
  • Performance statistics (impressions, conversion rate,..) at scenario and indget level
  • Export your contacts (CSV) & synchronize them with your email marketing software (and soon other email marketing providers)
  • Advanced settings: contacts dedupe, Search Engine bots exclusion (continue scenario), etc.

Yassine Hamou Tahra

Founder of HM Digital, as a group of talented WordPress growth marketers and developers based in Paris. Founder of InTrigger. Graduated from HEC School of Management and expert in web technologies.

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