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Ever had one of those moments when you'd rather pay someone than try to debug a piece of your code on your own? Or had to change a small portion of your website but didn't know how? Or had a template that needed modifications but you needed to focus on your business instead? These kind of problems are now over, because you can get help at Codeable!
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Ever had one of those moments when you’d rather pay someone than try to debug a piece of your code on your own? Or had to change a small portion of your website but didn’t know how? Or had a template that needed modifications but you needed to focus on your business instead? These kind of problems are now over, because you can get help at Codeable!

Codeable is an online outsourcing service for WordPress which differs from competition in several key areas:

  1. WordPress only
  2. No bidding
  3. Every contractor undergoes a thorough, manual review

WordPress only

Yes, Codeable is all about your favourite CMS, WordPress. We’re usually asked if that decision doesn’t narrow are potential market too much, and our first response is always the famous Yoast infographic which clearly outlines the market size back in March 2012. Two years later, all the numbers went up significantly, as you might imagine. So no, our market isn’t narrow, by any means.

Focusing on WordPress only has plenty of benefits too! We get to be a part of an awesome, vibrant community, present pretty much on all corners of the world. We get to offer paid support to a huge number of companies that don’t have the capacities to support their clients with custom requirements. And we get to be featured on WPMayor 🙂

No bidding

When you post your task on Codeable, our contractors read through your description and make estimates to us, and we calculate the most appropriate one which you’re then presented with (this process is actually automated, so expect your estimate to arrive in minutes). The no biddidng policy also has a very positive side effect: Contractors can’t compete in under-pricing one another (more on that later), which means it’s all about the communication with the client. Win-Win.

Since there’s no bidding, our contractors focus on what’s really important: your tasks. And boy are they fast! It rarely takes more than 10 minutes to receive an estimate, and all tasks usually get done within two to three days, depending on the complexity and scope, of course.

Manual reviews

Each and every contractor that works through Codeable satisfies a number of criteria we check before we let them in; Two most important ones are their WordPress (of course!) and communication skills. Throughout our first year in business we learned that clients value proper communication and responsiveness as much as expertise, which is understandable since work needs to be discussed prior it can begin.

Apart from the manual reviews, we closely monitor the ratio between active contractors and new tasks coming in, which is why we have a waiting line, before approved contractors can actually begin with work. This allows all contractors to have just the right amount available to them at any time, and don’t have to revert to sketchy practices to win tasks – something we experienced when analysing competition.

Once a contractor is accepted, he’s being closely monitored for 2-4 weeks, because their portfolio can only show us so much. During this period, we evaluate their expertise, communications, reviews, responsiveness, everything. This approach may sound a bit harsh, but we believe it’s the only way to be come the online outsourcing platform for WordPress. Oh yes, and if this fails too (meaning you’re not satisfied with our service), you get your money back. 0 risk. Awesome, right?

Because of this rigorous review process, 99% of all tasks, posted in 2013 (more than 4000 of them) were rated 5/5 stars. Impressed yet? Give us a try!

PS: We’re always hiring!

Yep, we’re always on the lookout for talented WordPress developers freelancers who’d join our ranks. Are you one of them? Send an email to and let us know!

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Alyona Galea

Alyona is a WordPress enthusiast, focused on sharing interesting things she comes across during her work with this great CMS. She loves exploring new destinations and maintains a travel blog at

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  1. Thank Tomaz for great post.
    We are a customization WordPress team. We will build a good services ad they do.


  2. Awesome. I think its worth mentioning another such service, as an alternative as they are more for budget-strapped users. They do a splendid job.

  3. @MMarclellis: Codeable is about anything around WordPress. If you look at it this way … even non-WordPress part has WordPress in it. The integration of APIs & WordPress works. I’m one of the contractors at Codeable and not just tweaks but complete full blown projects have been handled by Contractors like myself. I would suggest, try it once & you won’t look back.

  4. Sounds interesting. We have a project but I am not sure if it applies for Codeable. Basically our current sites run on WP Multisites and we have API feeds we need integrated with the sites but also we need a portion to be build (probably non- wordpress) for the managment of products. Is this something which fits into the Codeable target as it seems like a 75% WP job and 25% not.

  5. Sounds like a pretty good resource. Thanks for letting us know about it. I’ll have to keep it in mind next time I need some work on one of my sites or themes.

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