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We’ve built dozens of tools and plugins, modeled best practices from other form creation and conversion rate optimization companies, and focused on making enterprise tools available for everyone. We’ve spent a great deal of time to develop and regularly update 10 WordPress plugins that have cumulatively been downloaded over 100k times since launching last year.

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Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to effectively engage website visitors and increase their customer base.


We’ve built dozens of tools and plugins, modeled best practices from other form creation and conversion rate optimization companies, and focused on making enterprise tools available for everyone.

We’ve spent a great deal of time to develop and regularly update 10 WordPress plugins that have cumulatively been downloaded over 100k times since launching last year.

Our decision to focus many of our development resources on WordPress was primarily because we love WordPress – we use it to run our company website and blog, and everyone on our team expressed a desire to support this important open-source community.

Due to our desire to support WordPress and open source (free) tools, we also have a forever-free plan for our app that provides many of our awesome features. Some of our more advanced tools like A/B testing, Smart Triggers (page load, exit intent, hyperlink), Live Chat interfaces and additional lead management tools are available in our premium plans, but we charge a fraction of what our competitors charge for the same types of enterprise tools.

In short, our goal was to level the playing field and make enterprise tools available for everyone. We’ve just started on this long-term vision, but we’re really proud and excited for what the future has in store for and our community of users.

In this blog post, we’re going to outline some of our features, but we encourage you to head over to our website and signup for a free account and try out for yourself!

Contact Forms, Newsletter Forms, Donation Forms, Appointment Forms, and Live Chat

custom-form-editor was built to empower website administrators with the tools to more effectively engage their website visitors. We’ve built a centralized interface where you can build and optimize five types of forms, and we have 10 WordPress plugins that give you the power to do lots of customization directly within your WordPress admin panel.

Free Features Built for Forms

  • We’ve got a Custom Form Builder with a drag and drop interface that makes it easy to customize a form so it matches your site branding.
  • We sync with 21 popular 3rd party email and database applications so it’s easy to have all of your forms sync data with the lists of your choice.
  • We’ve got internal analytics built into every form so you can see which pages your leads viewed on your website, how they found your website (source), and their location. We also easily integrate with Google Analytics and other analytics tools, and have “after-form-submit” event code so you can use external event and pixel conversion tracking.
  • We’ve made it easy to send new leads to custom landing pages, and send them auto-response emails. If you’re building splash pages and want unique thank you pages for every variation of a form, it takes just a few minutes to set that up.
  • Our forms are mobile optimized and if your website isn’t, we’ve made it possible to auto-load a mobile optimized form on page load for all mobile visitors.
  • You can install a Facebook form in three clicks from our web app. This makes it easy to ensure that Facebook visitors are being prompted to join your email list or reach out with sales questions.

Premium Features. Increase and Optimize Your Conversion Rate

  • A/B testing forms and callout tabs has never been easier, and as soon as you have a winning variation, you can push that version live to your website directly from our web app.
  • Our Smart Triggers can activate a form on page load (or at a set time interval) and can also activate a form on exit intent (when someone breaks the plane of your website to close or go back on their browser). One of our clients recently increased their opt-in rate by 1800% by using a combination of A/B testing and our smart triggers, so we’re pretty excited about how this feature is working.
  • Our Hyperlink Triggers can activate a pop-up JavaScript form (an overlay, not a pop-up blocked by some browsers) by wrapping any text or images in simple <a href=””> code.  The possibilities with this technology are endless, and 3rd party data has shown that these types of hyperlink two-step forms increase conversions by 30-50% compared to traditional in-line forms.

Our Five Types of Flexible Forms:

Note:  Our Contact, Newsletter and Donation forms are available for free users. Our Live Chat and Appointment forms are only available for premium users.

  • Contact Forms  – We’ve made it easy to create a simple contact form and get it published on any website. There are over 70 different features that can be customized, and we’ve got beautiful mobile-optimized templates to help you get started. Get more details about our Contact Forms.
  • Newsletter Forms – Opt-ins are the lifeblood of many websites, so we focused a lot of attention on getting our newsletter opt-in forms right. We’ve got dozens of templates, easy a/b testing, data sync with 21 popular 3rd party email and database applications, and our smart triggers (page load and exit intent) are built for increasing opt-ins. Get more details about our Newsletter Forms.
  • Donation and Payment Forms (via PayPal) – We’ve “chipped-in” to plenty of WordPress developers who have PayPal links on their websites, and we’ve seen tons of small businesses that ask for pre-payments via their website. We wanted to make it easy to not only collect contact information from people before they make a payment, but also re-direct them to a PayPal payment page. Get more details about our Donation and Payment form.
  • Online Appointment Form – If you’ve ever tried to schedule meetings or webinars with website visitors, you know that it can be a huge time suck with emails going back and forth to settle on a time. We’ve streamline that entire process by creating a signup form that syncs to Google Calendar so that your website visitors can schedule themselves. It’s easy to setup, you can block off time when you want to accept meetings, and we’ve found all kinds of great uses for it, like including a link to the online appointment form in a vacation auto-responder. Get more details about our Online Appointment Form.
  • Live Chat Forms – More and more websites have started to implement live chat forms so that it’s easy for website visitors to ask questions and get live support. We’ve made it easy to launch a live chat form on your website so you can login to our web interface during your “office hours” and reactively or proactively initiate a chat with website visitors.  If you aren’t online, visitors will have the ability to just send a message to you via a traditional contact form that you receive in your email. Get more details about our Live Chat Form.

Add Contact Forms, Newsletter Opt-ins, and PayPal Forms with Ease


We’ve built and continue to regularly update 10 popular WordPress Plugins that make it easy for WordPress users to create contact forms, newsletter opt-in forms, and PayPal donation/payment forms. We even built plugins specifically for several of the most popular 3rd party email platforms, so in just a few clicks, all of the signups from a WordPress form will sync with your email lists.

Our current WordPress Plugins:

  • Contact FormDownloaded over 50k times, this plugin is easy, fast and flexible. Get the Plugin Here.
  • MailChimp FormDownloaded over 20k times, loved by humans and monkeys alike. Get the Plugin Here.
  • Contact Form 7 IntegrationsDownloaded over 15k times, and optimized for CF7 enthusiasts. Get the Plugin Here.
  • Constant Contact FormDownloaded over 7k times, Constant Contact just got our floating tab upgrade. Get the Plugin Here.
  • Vertical Response FormVertical Response + = Happy Customers & More Leads. Get the Plugin Here.
  • Aweber FormOptimize Aweber opt-ins with our awesome WordPreess plugin. Get the Plugin Here.
  • Active Campaign FormIncrease opt-ins with our new newsletter plugin for AC users. Get the Plugin Here.
  • Donation & Payment FormSince we love WordPress, we made it easy to get payments via PayPal. Get the Plugin Here.
  • Woo Commerce Newsletter SignupFor all the Woo Ninjas out there, we made it easy to get newsletter subscribers from your online store. Get the Plugin Here.
  • Newsletter Form by ContactUsWe know opt-ins make the world go round, so we made it easy to increase newsletter Get the Plugin Here.

Contact Management Integrated with Web Forms

We use our own contact management tool to engage sales leads, monitor our clients, and track our website engagement. We know it works because we use it. Our clients can also feel good about investing their time to use our Contact Management tool because we continue to update and add features to this central part of our free software.

Many members of our staff have used SalesForce, Sugar CRM and more complicated lead management tools. For some companies, that’s a good solution, but for most of us, it’s overkill and overcomplicates the lead management process. We know from personal experience that if a Contact Management tool is too complicated to setup, or requires too large of a learning curve, people just won’t use it.

Our Contact Management tool is ready as soon as you create your free account and your forms will automatically sync data to the interface. In a few seconds you can add notes to new contacts, change their disposition status, and use our advanced search to create lists. It’s simple, and it’s built for regular people who just want to improve their contact management process.

We’ve also added some really cool visual tools into our Contact Management tool that aren’t even available in “advanced” tools like SalesForce. With our Lead Timeline, you can easily see how a visitor found your website, what pages they visited on your website, and when they decided to contact you.

The image below doesn’t do the Lead Timeline justice because you can scroll around within it, but if you create a free account on and navigate to the “Contacts” section, you’ll see just how cool this is.


Increase Conversions, Optimize Your Forms, and Test New Variations

Conversion Rate Optimization is the hottest trend for website administrators and marketers, and we’ve worked hard to simplify the process so everyone can start testing in order to increase website leads. With our tool, it takes just a few minutes to setup multiple variations, your test can immediately go live on any page with one of our forms, and it’s easy to determine the winner of a test and make that version the default for all your website visitors.


A/B testing by is used to test and optimize your callout tabs and forms in order to maximize your website conversions. For tabs, you can vary and test for the best combination of tab position, callout text and colors. For forms, you can test the effectiveness of various form designs.

For everyone who may not be as familiar with the benefits of A/B testing and form optimization, we put together a couple of 3rd party resources from influential thought leaders in the industry.

  • Neil Patel: What Spending $252,000 on Conversion Rate Optimization Taught Me
  • CrazyEgg: 13 Experts on the Single Best Piece of Advice for improving Conversion
  • WordStream: The Importance of A/B Testing: 24 Marketing Experts on Their Most Surprising A/B Test

To get more information about our A/B testing, click here. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to create and then test multiple forms and tabs for testing using our simple visual interface.


Returning Lead Alerts Create Time-Aware Sales Opportunities with a Simple Tracking Cookie

For websites using, “Returning Leads” alerts are a great way to get back in touch with website visitors who have come back to your site after previously submitting a form.

We all know that sales cycles can be long, and that your customers shop around to different stores or vendors. A customer prospect might initially end up contacting you, even end up talking to one of your salespeople, but they may still be evaluating and researching other competitors.

returning-lead-alerts’s Returning Lead Alerts help you to re-engage with previous leads generated from your website when they are again “shopping” on your website. If your previously submitted lead comes back to your website within 30 days of the first submission,’s Returning Lead Alerts cookie will provide a subtle reminder through an automated email alert informing you that your previous lead came back to your website.

To make it even easier, the alert email shares with you some of the info captured when the prospect first contacted you, plus the browsing history of the user on your website. After that, it’s up to you to place a gentle follow-up email or phone call to see if you can answer any further questions.

Get more details on our website about Retargeting Lead Alerts and see how it could improve your sales process.

We Sync Data with 21 Popular 3rd Party Email and Database Applications offers integration with popular CRM and email marketing software services through our 3rd-Party Integrations. With our Integrations, you can connect your contact or newsletter form to your software service, using settings provided by the lead management system.


We’ve focused on making this syncing process easy to setup so that you can “set it and forget it”.

We currently sync with:

  • SendGrid
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho
  • Aweber
  • iContact
  • Constant Contact
  • Zendesk
  • MailChimp
  • Emma
  • Verticalresponse
  • GetResponse
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Highrise
  • Hubspot
  • Capsule
  • Tactile CRM
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Docs
  • Sugar CRM
  • Sendy
  • Insightly

Get more details on our 3rd Party Integrations here.

We Prioritize Multiple Support Channels

Everyone on our team has been in the situation where they are trying a new tool, run into a problem, but don’t know who to turn to for help. Being in that situation is terrible, and we wanted to make sure that our users never felt that way.

We built and continue to update a support portal so that users can search through our help articles, watch tutorial videos, and read detailed instructions about how to implement our features.

We have multiple team members helping to monitor and respond to questions on our support email

We also have our new live chat feature that can be activated using the call-out tab available on all of our webpages. We’ve had a great response from this feature and believe that real-time support will be a cornerstone of our continued support efforts.

Conclusion is built to get enterprise tools into the hands of small businesses and website administrators.

We’ve worked hard to make sure we’re building sophisticated tools that empower our users to increase website leads and more effectively engage with their contacts.

We have a forever free plan to ensure that we can support even the smallest website, and premium plans that make enterprise tools available to the average small business or website administrator.

To get more details about, visit our homepage, or our new Product Tour Page.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our co-founder Howard Yeh at

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