Introducing Placeling: Turn Your Blog Into an iPhone-based City Guide

People love to blog about locations.

I dare you to find a mom blog that doesn’t partly talk about places that are family friendly. Fashion bloggers love to tell you where to get their look. And let’s not forget what gets travel and food bloggers out of bed in the morning.

But there’s one incredibly frustrating fact about all this content.

Your readers are walking around with iPhones – GPS-enabled devices that tell us their exact location – but they can walk right past a place you blogged about and never know it.


Because your blog’s organized based on time, not location.

And location is hard. You’ve got to find a way to tag a post with a location and then create an iPhone app that displays these posts on a map.

At Placeling we’ve been working on this and we just released a plugin that makes your blog an iPhone-powered city guide.

Using our free app and plugin, your readers can literally see nearby posts on an iPhone:

Plus, it’s about getting your readers to your blog. Each pin on the iPhone app contains a short teaser summary of the place and a link to your blog:

If your readers don’t have an iPhone, no problem. You get a beautiful map of all your posts at Placeling:

What’s more, the process of tagging a location to your post is effortlessly easy. It’s just like adding a photo; here’s a screenshot:

After you click publish, we go to work, and send a teaser summary and link to the post to Placeling. At this point, you post is location-enabled and appears on your Placeling map.

At the bottom of each of your location-enabled blog posts we put a little footer. This lets your readers know that the post can be found via the Placeling iPhone app and helps them download it.

It’s easy to get started location-enabling your posts. You’ll need to do the following:

If you want to see your posts on your phone, you’ll also need to download our iPhone app.

If you’re a local blogger, you’re also a local expert – and your readers want your opinion as they’re exploring the physical world. Use Placeling to help them get it.

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Lindsay Watt

About Lindsay Watt

Lindsay Watt is a co-founder at Placeling, a service that makes it effortless for you to share the places you love. When not working on Placeling he spends his time blogging (four years on WordPress) and exploring the beautiful city of Vancouver.

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  1. Mohamad Latiff
    Mohamad Latiff May 13, 2012 at 15:57 | | Reply

    Will there be a Placeling for Android devices too?

  2. thislifeintrips
    thislifeintrips September 10, 2013 at 02:42 | | Reply

    I just realized placeling is no more. Anyone know of a replacement plugin that shows post locations on nice map?

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