Introducing the GTS WordPress Translation Plugin

Multilingual websites are very common today, as site owners realise the potential advantage in supplying content in the user’s native language. Let us not forget that there are millions of people who don’t speak English, for example, so if your website is targeted at a global audience it is essential that you translate your content. Many site owners have in recent years resorted to translations based on automated tools such as Google Translate. As good as these tools may be, they are no substitute for human translation and can also lead to embarrassing translations on some occasions. Machine translated content is also of little value in terms of SEO.

Here at WPMayor we’ve had the pleasure of helping the guys at GTS Translations in testing out their new plugin, which opens up a new way of doing things when it comes to translating content. The GTS translation plugin in fact attempts to combine the speed and low-cost of machine translation with the quality of human translation. Let’s discover how this plugin works…

What is the GTS Translation Plugin?

The GTS Translation plugin provides high quality translation of WordPress websites and blogs into over 30 languages using a process of human post-editing of machine translated content. Translating your website or blog is a good way to drive more international traffic, to increase sales and to grow your readership. The problem is that human translation of content can be very expensive; and free machine translation often provides unacceptable quality. Moreover, many of the available free translation plugins (like the one from Google) provide on-the-fly translation which cannot be indexed by search engines. To solve these problems, GTS developed an automated process in which your content is initially translated by a machine translation engine and stored on a secure server; the content owner can post-edit the machine translation to provide human translation quality prior to publishing the translated content.

At the heart of the system is the translation server and a custom translation editor for post-editing the content. Using the GTS Admin panel, you can create your own translation community of editors and moderators per language. If you are multilingual, you can post-edit the content yourself. Your translation community can be used to effectively crowdsource your translations. Whenever a new post is published, it is automatically translated into the languages you selected; and email messages are automatically sent to the members of your translation community indicating that a new post is available for editing. Depending on a parameter setting, you can either have the content published immediately, or held on the server until it is post-edited and approved. Once the translated content is approved for publishing, it is downloaded to your WordPress database.  Once the translated content has been published, it will be indexed by search engines so readers can find your website on foreign language keyword searches. And your translated content can be optimized using SEO plugins and techniques.

Several hundred WordPress sites are using the GTS translation plugin and many have reported a sharp increase in traffic.

Our experience with GTS Translation plugin here at WPMayor has been a positive one. I’ve found the support team at GTS to be very responsive and willing to improve their plugin, which is a major plus. A complex plugin will never be perfect as soon as it is released, and  I can usually predict the future success of a plugin by the response of the developer to support and feature requests. We have given our own feedback to the developers of GTS regarding some areas which could be improved, and they have been quick to act on our suggestions. I feel that this plugin has a bright future, there have been more than 13,000 downloads already, so we are dealing with quite an established plugin here and you should not have any hesitations with trying it out.

If you are looking for a solution to making a WordPress multilanguage website, do check out the GTS Translation plugin, possibly along with WPML and qTranslate, two other very good plugins for multilingual WordPress sites.

Download GTS Translation plugin

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