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Keywords are essential for search engines to provide relevant content to users. A good keyword can boost content visibility dramatically. Your site visibility can zoom to reach millions of people just within minutes. Even for the experts in search marketing field, Keyword research remains one the most important activity to get more customers. Getting onto the first page of search engine results for the right keywords is essential for survival of your website and business.
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Keywords are essential for search engines to provide relevant content to users. A good keyword can boost content visibility dramatically. Your site visibility can zoom to reach millions of people just within minutes.

Even for the experts in search marketing field, Keyword research remains one the most important activity to get more customers. Getting onto the first page of search engine results for the right keywords is essential for survival of your website and business.

But the key question is which terms and phrases to target? It’s not only important to attract traffic via search phrases, but also to get insights of customer search behaviour.

It is easy to find popular keywords, which generates 6000+ searches per day! But considering the competition and complexity of search engine behaviour, ranking for such keywords would be daunting, unless one has a fortune to spend on search engine advertisements (CPC).

Search analysis shows that popular keyword searches are only 30% of total searches done on the web! So what about the rest? The rest (70% searches) are for long phrases, also known as Long Tail Keywords.

Why are Long Tail Keywords important?

No matter what content or purpose of your articles, it is identified and indexed by search engines against relevant keywords. Search engines parses the content, groups popular phrases and categorizes the pages based on keywords that users search for.

To understand the importance of keywords, first one needs to understand the buyer intent. There is always a pattern of search by users. First there will be search for general information, like “Android Phones”. After searching for generic terms, when a buyer has got the information, the buyer decides to search for specific price.

For example, if the buyer wants a good android phone for $100, then search might be “android phones for $100”. Here the search is more specific with longer search phrase. It is imperative, as an online marketer, you understand customer behaviour and place right keywords in your content to attract them.

The quality of the traffic is also extremely important. Someone who is searching “best price on Air Jordan size 12” is ready to buy! The customer searching for this already has his wallet out and ready to pay. Getting traffic for such keywords are much more valuable.

As a blogger or online marketer, you must understand that people should be interested in whatever you publish online. Without public interest, your content is of no use. So should you use such researched long keywords or repeat keywords in you writing. Use of keywords does not hamper the quality of writing, if you space them out properly.

In fact, people prefer reading popular words and phrases in blogs or articles. Such popular words eventually become keywords. After all, which reader would not want the exact words in the write-up which he or she just searched on search engines?

A challenge that bloggers, marketers and online businesses often face is about finding keywords. Identifying suitable long tail keywords has always been a difficult task for all of us. Nevertheless, there are good keyword search tools that offer you a bunch of keywords for your content.

Now, you might be thinking, which are these tools? Are they really helpful? Believe me, it’s  worth trying. Not only do you get all the information about keywords that you might be unaware of, it also saves you a lot of time using tools to do the research for you.

KeywordXP – Tool to find you the right keywords and topics for your blog

KeywordXP is a tool that helps to understand the keywords and customer behaviour during search. It will help you to recognize good and effective keywords for your content. It analyzes the web and identifies the most suitable keywords. It also uses mechanisms such as keyword competition to give an idea of preferable keywords.

How does it work?


Keyword Suggestions: Now, take a look at the above image. When you want to use a keyword ‘e commerce’ for your article, just search for it through the search window made available on the top.  You will get most used keywords related to ‘e commerce’ on your screen. The trend graph in front of each word will help you to understand the pattern of its usage. You can see more results by double-clicking on any of the keyword from results.


KeywordXP will help you to sort the keywords as per your use. You can find insights of keywords not only on Google or Bing, but also on e-commerce websites such as Amazon or eBay. If your content is related to videos, you can get thorough insights of YouTube search as well.


Detailed Insights with Pro: Searching the seed word in Pro tab will give you detailed information about how these keywords are used. As a blogger, it will be very helpful for you to understand that a particular keyword is used how many times and its behavior in last few months. You can see its uses in numbers and bar graph in the above image to understand the detailed insight.


Semrush: You can also tag into Semrush with KeywordXP. All you need to do is to
– Go to Settings
– Enter the Semrush API key and save it.


Integration of semrush in KeywordXP will create an additional tab in the same window. You can easily search your seed keyword there and get results from semrush.


Blog Title Generator:  KeywordXP will give you more in-detail knowledge about the keywords that you are searching for. It showcases the pattern of keyword search and how actually people search on the web. You can see in the above image that your selected keyword ‘e commerce’ is used in many patterns.

You can understand how people ask questions that contain your keyword. You can get a methodical list of questions asked by the users. Clicking on any question from the results will give you the list of possible blog titles for your keyword. you can even edit the sentence and use more appropriate and popular words in it.


Inbuilt Domain Checker: Till now, you got the idea of questions and related searches for your targeted keyword. Here you can go a bit further and check the domain names for your desired keyword using the tool. All you need to do is to search the keyword in domain check tab. This will give you the number of keyphrases and domain names.


Discover Long tails and Backlink Opportunities: Searching in “Discover” tab will give you a bunch of website urls with titles and their alexa rankings which contains the information related to your seed word. Also here you can dig out the  long tail keywords and discover the backlink opportunities.


KeywordXP also provides an option to save the important keywords. Once you’ve found some desired keywords, you can shortlist them and export the whole set to a CSV file to work with them in Excel.

By using KeywordXP, you will get the best possible combination of keywords that will help you to climb on search engines and social network searches.

What more does it offer?

KeywordXP is not only about searching the right keywords for your content. It also helps you in finding the right domain name suitable to your content and keywords.

If you are not looking to buy a domain and want to join the trending blogs, KeywordXP will not disappoint you on this front too. It helps you to find current best blogs, their behaviour patterns that are related to your keyword.

These blogs are categorized according to the localities, traffic, and age group of visitors, recent trends and user response. It also helps you earn some money from it because KeywordXP puts detail information of the blog, its affiliation with ad sense and its revenue from the advertisements. Now that’s an amazing experience for a blogger, isn’t it?

KeywordXP simply explained

All the above mentioned steps help you to find useful keywords for your blogs or articles. To explain it in general terms, KeywordXP introduces you to a huge database of keywords and helps you to find out most appropriate keywords for your use. It helps you to get impactful keywords with the help of your source keywords.

As you see how you can filter the keyword ‘eСommerce’ according to your use. It is exactly implied on every keyword search. It uses extensive filter techniques to introduce you with the most appropriate keywords for your blog. These keywords are searched with the help of periodical (such as months/ years) use of keywords and the volume of keywords.

KeywordXP also helps you to understand the local and global web market. How it is used for local issue related blogs/articles or shopping. It helps you to identify your need. If you are talking about a global scenario and want to reach the global audience, then KeywordXP makes it possible by providing you suitable keywords.

In local used keywords, such as street food or food joint reviews, local market product’s information and its reviews, you can find most appropriate keywords used for exact locality. It is derived from keyword searches most people do in particular area.

So analyzing the competition, results, trends of searches and using it to discover keywords is made available on just a few clicks by KeywordXP. Ranking of websites and blogs related to your keywords and its usage is also included in KeywordXP.

Who can use KeywordXP?

A blogger, online retailer, SEO writer, website developer, anybody can use this tool to better their performance on search engines. Basically, it is for the people who want their online presence to be felt in the web world.

To give you more insights on it, let me explain you the smart use of KeywordXP with real time example. Suppose, you are a sports blogger focused mainly on the football matches happening around the world. Although you write about football happening all around the world, still your blogs reach is restricted to UK.

Now as you are based in UK, your blog audience is only from UK and restricted to social media. You use keywords that are suitable for football search still you are not able to reach the bigger audience base. Here, KeywordXP can help you to resolve your problem.

You find keywords related to your blog that are searched by football fanatics from the countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, France etc. who could become your potential audience. KeywordXP will help you to locate such keywords, questions, queries searched by these football followers.

It is similar to the local or global online marketers and shoppers. They can find product or service related keywords on KeywordXP according to their market need.

While summing it up!

If you really want to get heavy traffic keywords, then this tool is made for you. It will not show its downside to you in finding keywords. If you are a blogger and want to earn some money from it then the tool will help you. It will understand the domain market and will help you to attract traffic on the blog.

Now, about drawbacks of this tool, remember, it gives you tailor-made keywords and you can change them according to the trends and patterns. Now, you may get confused between two keywords having similar traffic, behavior pattern and equal relevance to your subject. In such scenarios, tool might not help you to get 100% best results.

But it will surely help you to better your past performance and you will feel your online presence rising up in no time!

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