7 LifterLMS Add-ons to Power Up your eLearning Website

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LifterLMS is an up and coming eLearning plugin that is fast becoming the top-choice for teachers and niche experts alike. Thanks to its customization possibilities and rich support, LifterLMS is a versatile solution for creating, managing and distributing online courses. Beyond the long list of features and options that come with LifterLMS itself, add-ons can provide the additional functionality. Let's look at 7 LifterLMS add-ons that will enable you to create a unique learning environment.
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LifterLMS is an up-and-coming eLearning plugin that is fast becoming the top choice for teachers and niche experts alike. Thanks to its customization possibilities and rich support, LifterLMS is a versatile solution for creating, managing, and distributing online courses.

Beyond the long list of features and options that come with LifterLMS itself, add-ons can provide additional functionality. Let’s look at 7 LifterLMS add-ons that will enable you to create a unique learning environment.

1. Launch Pad – Complete Design Control


Your website is an extension of your business and brand. You can control the look and feel – the colors, font, logo, header, footer, and menus –  by using a highly-customizable theme such as LaunchPad.

LaunchPad can be adapted to provide the precise visual experience you want your users to have. The options panel provides settings to change every detail, right down to course settings, the course catalog page, and even your site’s breadcrumbs!

If branding is important to you, LaunchPad is the theme you should be looking at. Check out this demo of LaunchPad theme in action.

2. WooCommerce Integration – The Key to Course Monetization


The WooCommerce add-on gives LifterLMS the functionality you need to monetize your courses. A range of options allows you to charge in a way that matches your target market, and the unparalleled number of payment gateway extensions available for WooCommerce makes it possible for you to sell your courses to any and every audience possible.

Some WooCommerce add-ons to keep an eye out for are WooCommerce Subscriptions, to easily manage recurring payments for your courses, and Customer Specific Pricing – to charge a custom price per student, group, or user role, enabling you to create different membership levels.

3. Group Registration – Enrollments Made Easy


Administrative tasks often soak up a lot of your time as an eLearning admin. A plugin that reduces the admin burden during enrollment is the Group Registration add-on for LifterLMS.

A brand new LifterLMS add-on, it makes bulk enrollment a breeze, allowing you to enroll multiple learners in a single click. Group registration integrates with the WooCommerce add-on to allow bulk purchases.

It also allows the automatic creation of groups and the assignment of a Group Leader, easing the weight of student management by delegating responsibilities to the Group Leader.

Group Registration saves you vital time when you are catering to a large number of learners.

4. Social Learning – Collaboration Platform


Some online courses lack a feeling of connection between learners. The lack of effective interfaces for socializing isolates individual learners, making the whole course feel like a ‘ghost town’, which detrimentally affects learning. The Social Learning add-on for LifterLMS overcomes this by allowing students to learn together, through social media features they are already familiar with.

With Social Learning, you get Facebook-like timelines that encourage interaction between not only students but, also, the educator. It makes the whole experience more human and improves learning outcomes.

Social Learning also allows students to proudly post their achievement badges and completion certificates to their external social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, broadcasting their endorsement of your course and business to all their contacts.

This add-on combines a real community space with invaluable social marketing, making it a big plus for you and your students.

5. Advanced Quizzes – Student Assessment Boosted


The joy of online education lies in its flexibility and convenience, accompanied by new possibilities for true education.

As an educator, you want more ways for your students to enjoy and demonstrate their growing knowledge. Advanced Quizzes allows you to insert questions in a wide range of formats, and includes the option to have your student’s results integrated into their overall course evaluation.


With Advanced Quizzes, you are empowered to vary the ways in which you ask questions, making your coaching program, internal training, or any learning context more effective.

6. Assignments – Integrated Offline Evaluation


The Assignments add-on helps you to continually evaluate your students by requiring them to complete an assignment on a specific subject before moving on to the next chapter or topic.

This add-on is still in beta and the ability to submit long answers is “Coming Soon”, along with other rich features.

7. Private Areas – Student Communication Enhanced


The traditional, offline education sector is obsessed with one-to-one interaction and personalized content, allowing the learning experience to be tailored more precisely to the individual needs of each student. The Private Areas add-on replicates the one-to-one experience, but online.

LifterLMS Private Areas allow one-to-one interaction between learners and their instructors, trainers, or academics.

With Private Areas, you can have a private discussion with your student. You can share personalized content, publish custom action plans, and personalized messages (solutions, remarks, and comments) for each student. You can even send private posts to newly enrolled students. You can also publish private posts per student, to specific member levels or to everyone on the course.

The Private Areas add-on is an example of the sort of innovation that is steadily increasing the engagement and overall value of eLearning.

Bonus Add-On – Simply Schedule Appointments

Offering courses on your site often brings a wave of unspoken side effects. One is the wave of support and students wanting a bit more from their instructor. With that said, your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t have to share it with everyone who asks. With Simply Schedule Appointments, you can give your students the added option of private tutoring lessons without the burden of being overscheduled and stretched too thin.

With the ability to sync to Google Calendar, and highly customize your booking calendars, including settings like “Per Day Limit”, “Notice Period Required”, and accepting payments before booking, you’ll be equipped to kick-start this extra stream of revenue.

With Simply Schedule Appointments, you can make setting up meeting times convenient for both you and your students.

LifterLMS is already a hit with education entrepreneurs, but add-ons are what truly open up the potential of this learning platform.

Over to you! We would love to hear if any particular add-on has caught your attention. Are you already using any of these on your eLearning site? Please don’t hesitate to comment below, even if it is just to say Hello! 🙂

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