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Looking for a WordPress theme that is much suitable for your educational organization, but wondering about the quality and design? If so, Lincoln Theme might be one of the best education Material Design WordPress Themes you will ever stumble upon. This theme from LunarTheme is not only a great looking education theme for WordPress, but it also has all the powerful features you will need to successfully promote and manage your institute on-line system.
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Looking for a WordPress theme that is much suitable for your educational organization, but wondering about the quality and design? If so, Lincoln Theme might be one of the best education Material Design WordPress Themes you will ever stumble upon.

This theme from LunarTheme is not only a great looking education theme for WordPress, but it also has all the powerful features you will need to successfully promote and manage your institute on-line system.

The design and appearance of this WordPress Education Theme includes many of the latest and greatest design trends such as flat design or Google’s Material Design, which all helps to make Lincoln Theme such a good choice for anyone who wants to promote an innovative, cutting edge, or education-focused theme.

Lincoln Education WordPress Theme

Curious about what features Lincoln have? Just don’t leave too soon, we have more to show!

Strongly Focus on Education

Our Lincoln is specially designed and well-built for the needs of educational organization’s websites, yet it is also peculiarly well suited for other digital or shop business because of modern design and WooCommerce integrated.

Whatever your educational institution is: university, college, kindergarten, learning center, training center, educational institute or educational organization etc, Lincoln might just have the most powerful management system to fulfill all your site’s requirements. You can easily create courses with categories and split into the classes, get reviews, set the prices, discounts, create events, assign teacher/speaker and even post on the blog with different layouts.

Education Theme

The Use of Material Design

Lincoln is a sophisticated theme, with visually polished stylings based on Google’s own Material Design philosophy that make Lincoln an amazingly easy to use theme where users across all demographics can easily find their way around your website through the navigable, intuitive, flatly designed user interface that defines Lincoln.

Since modern education is expected to be professional at all angles, so part of being professional here means you need to have a full-fledged website with trendy look. If you or your clients are searching for a powerful management system which has both ‘cool’ material design and user-friendly experience, Lincoln will definitely be a great choice!

Material Design Theme

Responsive Design + Best UX/UI Practice

Worry about broken layout issues on different devices? Then Lincoln might just have the key to solve your problem. Not only comes with stunning responsive design which makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones), Lincoln satisfies many demanding customers with the great UX/UI experience. It is synonymous with the increase of interaction between your website and users. Is that amazing?

Lincoln Responsive Theme

A Feature-Rich WordPress Theme

Lincoln includes a wealth of powerful and convenient plugins and is compatible with a wide host of expansive third party educational plugins that greatly augment the functionalities you can offer your users, while its advanced Theme Options can readily turn Lincoln inside out to suit your visual identity needs.

Lincoln is dynamic and engaging, with powerful HTML5 technologies powering streamlined shortcodes and sophisticated CSS3 negotiating smooth animations that will grant your website a serious, professional demeanor. With total responsiveness, not a single student will be left out of your online campus.

Course Enrollment

Since Lincoln theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, you can get your students/users pay online enrollment and choose number of tickets for courses easily by using Lincoln WordPress Theme.

Lincoln Theme Course Enrollment Support

Event Ticket Selling

Event plays an important and somehow indispensable role for every education-related website. Along the line of offering event custom post type, we also feature ticket selling for single events to bring the best interaction between your website and users.

With the event feature, you can sign up and get your events on sale within 10 minutes. It’s super quick, you can manage it all yourself, and we are here to help if you need us. You can customise your event pages with your own images, colours and fonts so it represents your brand. Was that amazing?

Lincoln Theme Event Ticket Selling

WooCommerce Integrated

Lincoln is also fully integrated with the renowned WooCommerce – the largest e-Commerce platform, that means monitoring your online educational shop products would never be easier.

Woocommerce Integrated Theme

LearnDash Compatible

Lincoln has been tested extensively to ensure that it works seamlessly with LearnDash – the most popular Learning Management System (LMS). The theme incorporates custom styling for LearnDash components to give the most appealing look for website. Lincoln also provides custom sidebars, LearnDash options in Theme Options, user profile template for purchasers to help manage online courses better.

With LearnDash integrated, creating an online course would never been easier for even non-wordpress users. Using Lincoln with this powerful LMS, you can be able to create courses, add lessons, topics, and even quizzes and questions into courses with ease, let alone selling course via Paypal and WooCommerce. Check out LearnDash official main site to have more detailed information. You can also access to our demo to experience all.

LearnDash Compatible Lincoln Theme

BBPress and BuddyPress

After the success of LearnDash, Lunartheme continues to update two more powerful features for Lincoln WordPress Theme which are BBPress and BuddyPress Integrations. These two WordPress plugins have been created by some of the same individuals so we can guarantee that it works seamlessly with each other. That’s why Lunartheme decided to integrate both of them.

These two plugins are related in the sense that they can help you build a community around your website, giving you the ability to interact better with your visitors, while also letting them interact with each other. Of the two plugins, BBPress is responsible for adding discussion forums to WordPress sites, while BuddyPress has the ability to add social networking features.

If you want to make your website become a more social place, and want to use the most powerful and intuitive forum builders BBPress and BuddyPress, then Lincoln will definitely be your best choice!


WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin Integrated

This well-known WPML plugin allows you to create a multilingual WordPress website. Hence, you can create or edit posts, pages, or create categories and post tags as usual, and then define the language for each of them. The translation of a post, whether it was created in the default language or not, is optional. All translations must be done manually using Multilanguage plugin, because it does not integrate any automatic or professional translation service. And our Lincoln theme provides a fully integration of this plugin.

WPML Plugin Integration

Right-to-Left Support

Lincoln Theme is perfectly suitable for sites that are created with Right-to-left language. Its’ state of the art design keeps all your data in stacked in the most organized manner, thus giving your readers an incredible reading experience. This update has been tested out and get approved by Envato Team, all you need to do is turn it on or off in our Theme Options of the theme.

Right-to-left Support

Almost immediately after launching on, LINCOLN hits the list of trending items in 3 months continuously and receive a lot of 5-star rated comments from our clients. That we consider a success and are really thankful to people who have been support us from day 1.
See LINCOLN’s full features here. If our LINCOLN has you hooked, please purchase the awesome theme here.

Lunar Theme

Lunartheme is a team of passionate designers, marketers and developers who are specialized in creating professional website templates. Our mission is to provide high-quality Premium WordPress Themes coupled with clean design and advanced features for web users. At our end, Lunartheme guarantees that we are working hard to improve all the products at all time, of all days.

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