Location Picker At Checkout for WooCommerce Review: Detect Customers’ Locations

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Need to offer WooCommerce delivery or pickup services? Location Picker at Checkout lets customers automatically detect their location on a map, plus lots more. Learn everything that it offers in our hands-on review.
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If you offer local deliveries or pickups using WooCommerce, it’s essential that you have accurate location data for each customer. For that reason, you might want a dedicated location picker for WooCommerce.

Location Picker at Checkout, or LPAC for short, makes it easy for customers to choose their locations (and for you to adjust your rates based on those locations if needed).

You can add a “Detect my location” button that uses the customer’s browser location services to automatically detect their exact location and display it on a map. Customers can then move the pin around as needed and also access other useful tools such as autocomplete address suggestions.

Beyond that, Location Picker at Checkout also includes lots of other useful features to improve your WooCommerce store, such as the ability to see a user’s location on a map in the order management dashboard.

You also get more advanced features such as the ability to adjust shipping costs based on custom-drawn map regions and/or the distance from your store.

In our hands-on Location Picker at Checkout review, we’ll share more about what the plugin does and show you exactly how it works.

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Location Picker at Checkout Review: What Does the Plugin Do?

The high-level value proposition of Location Picker at Checkout is that it makes it easier for you and your customers to set accurate delivery locations:

  • For customers, the plugin can automatically detect their location with the click of a button and then let them fine-tune as needed using a map. They can also save multiple addresses, which is helpful if they’re frequent customers.
  • For store owners, you can see the delivery location on a map in your dashboard, which makes it easier to see exactly where to deliver an item. You also get options to adjust your rates based on a shopper’s location.

Here are some more details on how the plugin makes that happen…

When customers go to check out, they’ll see a button to Detect Current Location. You can also show/hide this based on certain conditions – more on that in a second.

When the customer clicks the button, your store will automatically detect the customer’s physical location and show the result on a map. They’ll first see the standard browser prompt asking for location services.

When I tested it, the plugin was able to accurately detect my location in Vietnam.

If needed, the customer can fine-tune their location on the map by moving the pin:

Detect location

Then, the plugin can also use the Google Maps API to automatically fill in the customer’s shipping and/or billing addresses based on the location they chose on the map.

You also have the option to enable address autocomplete, which further helps customers choose the correct location by suggesting matching addresses as they start typing. More on this below.

As with the map pin location, customers are free to adjust these details.

You can also completely disable the map and just use the address autocomplete if you prefer that approach.

Here, you can see that the plugin pre-filled my address based on the map location:

Pre-fill address

Alternatively, I could also type in the street address field to take advantage of the address autocomplete functionality. You can see what that looks like with a US-based address below, where the addresses start populating as soon as I type.

You’re also able to restrict the suggestions to certain geographic areas to avoid suggesting addresses for places where you don’t deliver. You can also limit autocomplete suggestions to just the billing or shipping fields:

Autocomplete feature

If you don’t need this functionality on all orders, you can also use conditional logic to show/hide the location picker using different conditions including the following:

  • Shipping method – e.g. only show it when the customer chooses a local delivery shipping option
  • Product shipping class
  • Coupon code
  • Guest orders
  • Cart value

Once the customer completes their order, the plugin also comes with features to help both customers and store owners easily see the location.

Customers will see the map of their delivery location on the order confirmation page, as well as in their My Account areas:

Map on order confirmation page

Customers also have the option to save multiple addresses to help them save time in the future. For example, they could save both a “Home” and “Work” address.

Store admins will also see the map in the order management area, as well as a button to let them open a dedicated maps window with the exact pin location:

View location details in the order management interface

You can also include a link to the map location in admin-facing or customer-facing emails using a QR code, button, or link.

Finally, here are a few other notable features that the plugin offers:

  • Option to adjust the shipping cost based on the region or distance of a customer’s location.
  • Option to limit autocomplete address options. For example, you could only show autocomplete suggestions from your city.
  • Customizable Google Maps designs and marker icons.

Shipping Costs Based on Region or Distance

The options to calculate the shipping cost based on region or distance are pretty unique so I think they’re worth a detailed look.

With the cost by shipping regions feature, you can actually draw custom regions on the map and apply a price to all deliveries within that location. You can also give each region a name and custom color:

Draw delivery regions

With the cost by distance feature, you can set up your own calculations to automatically adjust the price based on the customer’s distance from your store’s location (which includes support for multiple store locations and letting customers choose their preferred location).

For example, you could charge $0.50 per one KM in distance:

Calculate shipping by distance

Which Sites Can Benefit from a Location Picker for WooCommerce

I think that any WooCommerce store doing local deliveries or pickups can benefit from a location picker for WooCommerce. But if you’re looking for some specific examples, here are a few of the types of stores that can benefit:

  • Restaurants or cafes that are using WooCommerce as a restaurant ordering system for food delivery.
  • Other types of food delivery services – e.g. online grocery stores.
  • Florists that are doing flower delivery.
  • Heavy items that require local delivery – e.g. furniture stores, mattresses, and so on.
  • Private car services or taxis – e.g. the customer chooses the location where they want the car service to pick them up.
  • Any type of rental service where you need to deliver the item to the customer.

Those are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing – that’s by no means the complete list.

How to Set Up Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce

Now that you know what the plugin does, let’s get into how to set it up on your store.

For the most part, it’s just a matter of installing the plugin and configuring a few settings.

However, the one added step is that you’ll need to create a Google Maps API key, which Google requires to give you access to all of the mapping and autocomplete functionality.

Here’s how it works…

1. Create Google Maps API Key in Google Cloud Console

To kick things off, you’ll start outside your WordPress dashboard in the Google Cloud Console (which you can access using your existing Google account).

There, you’ll need to create your Google Maps API key. To help you do this, the LPAC developer has detailed documentation in the form of both a video and written instructions with screenshots. You can see the video below:

It’s nothing too complicated – you basically just need to click some buttons.

I do recommend setting the budget thresholds just to avoid any surprises. Google offers $200 in free Google Maps Platform usage per month so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to actually pay money for your API usage. But setting a budget just gives you some extra peace of mind.

The developer also recommends restricting the API access to just your WooCommerce store, which will prevent any unauthorized usage.

Once you finish the process, you should have your API key, which looks something like this:

Create Google Maps API key

Keep this handy because you’ll need it to configure the location picker for WooCommerce.

2. Install Plugin and Add Google Maps API Key

Once you have your Google Maps API key, you can install the Location Picker at Checkout plugin on your store.

I’ll talk more about pricing later on, but there’s a free version at WordPress.org as well as a premium version with more features.

Once you activate the plugin, head to Woocommerce → Settings → Location Picker at Checkout. Then, paste the Google Maps API key into the box and save the settings:

Add Google Maps API key

3. Configure Other Plugin Settings

Now, you’re free to configure the plugin’s other settings.

Note that there are different tabs, which you can access below the main WooCommerce settings tabs:

  • General – configure general settings for your map behavior, as well as autocomplete suggestions and saved addresses.
  • Display – control where to display the map. You can also set your store locations and customize the map and marker icons.
  • Visibility Rules – if needed, you can create conditional logic rules to show/hide the map based on various conditions such as shipping classes, guest orders, and more.
  • Export – this tab lets you export location data from specific dates to a CSV file. There are no settings here – it’s more of a utility tool.
  • Shipping – this lets you draw shipping regions on the map and set up custom prices based on those regions. You can also set up cost by distance calculations here.
Location Picker for WooCommerce settings

4. Start Using the Plugin

That’s it for the setup!

Going forward, you’ll be able to access specific location details in the order management dashboard, as I showed you earlier:

View location details in the order management interface

You can also use the export tool to export order data to a CSV if needed:

Export location data

Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce Pricing

Location Picker at Checkout comes in both a free version at WordPress.org as well as a premium version with more features.

The free version is already pretty functional, so you might not need to pay. Here are the main features that you get if you upgrade to the premium version:

  • Option to adjust shipping cost by region or distance
  • Custom Google Maps designs and marker icons
  • Option to export order locations
  • Customers can save multiple addresses
  • More advanced conditional logic rules to show/hide the location picker, including shipping zones and cart totals
  • Option to restrict autocomplete suggestions to your geographic area.

I would say that the most notable premium features are the ability to draw shipping regions on the map and customize the price for each region, as well as the ability to set up shipping costs by distance calculations, such as $0.50 per KM.

You also might want access to the ability to let customers save multiple addresses, which can be convenient for certain types of customers.

If you’re considering going for the premium version, we have an exclusive discount just for our readers.

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Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce
Location Picker at Checkout
Get 15% off Location Picker at Checkout & Google Address AutoFill for WooCommerce. Upgrade your WooCommerce store today.
Get 15% off Location Picker at Checkout & Google Address AutoFill for WooCommerce. Upgrade your WooCommerce store today. Show Less

There are three premium plans. All of the plans are full-featured – the only difference is the number of sites upon which you can activate the plugin.

You can either pay yearly for one year of support and updates or you can purchase a lifetime license:

  • One site – $39.99 for one year of support and updates or $119.99 for lifetime.
  • Five sites – $89.99 for one year of support and updates or $269.99 for lifetime.
  • Unlimited sites – $259.99 for one year of support and updates or $779.99 for lifetime.
LPAC pricing

All of the plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in making a purchase.

Final Thoughts on Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce

Overall, if you need a location picker for WooCommerce, I think that Location Picker at Checkout is a great option.

The setup process was seamless for me and all of the features worked as promised.

The free version is already pretty flexible and might be all you need.

For more advanced use cases, the premium version gives you a lot of flexibility with the ability to adjust shipping prices based on region or distance, as well as the other premium features that I mentioned above such as the ability for customers to save multiple addresses.

If you want to try it yourself, you have a few options:

  1. Spin up a fully functioning demo site by clicking the Try Free Demo button under the pricing table. The developer uses the InstaWP service that we reviewed, which gives you a full sandbox demo site.
  2. Install the free version from WordPress.org.
  3. Purchase the premium version – there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee so there’s no risk.

You can also use the buttons below to get started:

Get Location Picker for WooCommerce

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