Manage your Domain Portfolio with My Domain List Pro

We’ve recently come across an interesting niche plugin that helps you sell your domains. The author, Luciana Bruscino, will today be telling us a bit more about her plugin, My Domain List Pro.

Luciana is kindly offering two free licences to our readers, all you have to do to enter the chance of winning is to tweet about this post and post the link in the comments section below.

Do you have an interesting plugin you’d like to share with us? Then get in touch, we’re always happy to help promote new WordPress-based initiatives.

Let’s hear what Luciana has to say about her plugin: 

Are you looking for a WordPress plugin to help you manage your domain portfolio? My Domain List Pro Premium plugin is a great solution for promoting and selling a list of domains on your site. The list of features the plugin offers is pretty extensive, but the main features are: Domain list Batch Import, Automated Whois data, Category/taxonomy filtering, Pagination, Manage Offers and Buy Options, etc.

Domain Import

In the Admin panel, the plugin makes it easy for importing the domain names individually or via a CSV Batch file. If you own a large list of domain names, the batch import is ideal as you can also automatically import domain specific data such as price, URL, description, etc

Automated Whois data
During the importing process, the plugin provides a great advantage. It automatically calls the Whois database to collect domain data from your registrar. This is a very convenient way to keep your domain data such as registrar, owner, and creation, change and expired dates up-to-date.

Manage Domain List
Once the domain list is imported, it is easy to manage the data on a table-like setting at your WordPress Admin Page

In each of the domain upload, it is easy to update/enter other domain data such as price, URL and Buy Button code. You can also associate a category for each domain, which allow you the flexibility to filter data displayed on the site.

Show Me the Domain List
Your domain list is easily displayed on a post or a page by using a WordPress short code.
[my-domain-list-pro /]
The short code allows for attribute setting, so you can customize the looks of the domain portfolio table. You can set the size of the table, customize table headers and filter domain list by category from the short code
[my-domain-list-pro size=”small” show=’registrar,expires,price,offer’ category=”service”]

Manage Offer
Offers can be made on your domains once displayed on a post/page. Once the offers are made they are shown on your the WordPress Dashboard. You can easily manage your offers and contact the future buyer. How cool is that?

Now, what are you waiting for to start selling your domains on your site? The plugin is available for sale @ This site also has detailed information on all the features of the plugin.

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