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Coming up with an idea for a product is one thing. Refining it and getting the word out about it is a completely different story. We know how hard it can be from our own experience building and selling WordPress plugins, so we developed a suite of services aimed at helping you every step of the way.

Your Revenue: $1,000+ per month
Increase awareness for your product with a comprehensive article that outlines its unique features and advantages.
Price: $400
Boost your brand's trustworthiness with an authentic product review, delivered by our highly-respected team of experts.
Price: $650

Product Booster

Elevate your product's profile with a combination of expertly crafted articles, each targeting key topics for maximum impact.
Starting from: $1,600
YOUR REVENUE: $5,000+ per month
Let our team guide you to you discover the missing piece in your puzzle to maximize your product's success (+ a published review).
Price: $2000
YOUR REVENUE: $20,000+ per month
Leverage our resources and expertise to expand your WordPress product's reach with a long-term strategic partnership.

Over the past years, we have refined our offering based on what we’ve learned from product owners at various stages of growth. If you’re looking for something different, get in touch to discuss your goals.

Trusted by the WordPress Community since 2010.

200+ businesses and developers around the world have entrusted WP Mayor to be part of their marketing strategy at various stages of their growth, from pre-launch to large-scale expansion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We like to work with long-term partners rather than just being a quick fix.

WP Mayor currently receives around 40000-50000 page views every month and has a growing subscriber list of ~5,000 people looking for WordPress solutions. Most website visitors spend at least a few minutes browsing our website as we provide them with more helpful information as they read, and our open-rate on emails varies from 14% to 40%+. Our social media channels have a combined 30000+ followers that we engage with daily.

The lead-time varies according to the service being provided. The Opportunity Analysis takes anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the options selected. Product reviews take between 2 to 4 weeks as we carefully prepare the content for publishing. Partnerships can being immediately but are limited in availability.

Depending on what you’re looking for and your existing relationship with WP Mayor, we may provide you with custom services that fits your needs. Get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for.

Please note that we do not offer promotional pieces of content for brand new or unproven products and services. In such cases, we require you to first work with us through an Opportunity Analysis or Product Review so that we’re sure you’ve got a product we want to put our name behind.

We will evaluate your issue and if a refund is the ideal solution, we will proceed with that. Please make sure to understand what you’re committing to before making a purchase. We’re available to answer any questions you may have before doing so – please contact us here.

No, we believe in the value provided by our services and therefore don’t offer any discounts. Each service requires a lot of time and effort on our part to ensure that your product or service gets the best result possible and that’s not something we wish to devalue in any way.

We currently accept direct orders via PayPal on our website or via bank transfers as required.

If you require an invoice before making a payment, please provide all necessary company details so that we can issue the invoice, including your Name, Company Name, Company Address, VAT Number (if within the EU), and Company Email Address.

All orders must include a valid invoice with all the necessary company information visible.

Please contact us and describe your problem. We’ll provide you with other options.

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