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The beauty of WordPress lies in the fact that it can be used to create and deploy websites of any nature, not just blogs. You can build corporate sites, portfolio sites, magazine sites and a lot more using WordPress.
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The beauty of WordPress lies in the fact that it can be used to create and deploy websites of any nature, not just blogs. You can build corporate sites, portfolio sites, magazine sites and a lot more using WordPress.

Similarly, you can even set up an education website with the help of WordPress. Let us say, you wish to run an online education center using WordPress. How about a site with online tutorials and learning courses that people can subscribe to and benefit from?

Yes, all of that is possible. In this post, I will be introducing you to a WordPress theme that lets you set up an education center website using WordPress – the Masterstudy Education Center WordPress Theme.

Major Features

Developed by Stylemix Themes, Masterstudy is the theme that you should opt for if you wish to run your education center business online with the help of WordPress. It lets you create and sell courses with ease, and you can have both free and premium courses on the same site. Speaking of premium courses, the theme comes with native integration for WooCommerce as well as PayPal.

Beyond all of that, Masterstudy comes with all the regular bells and whistles that you would expect from a premium theme: it is fully responsive, localization ready, and supports custom sidebars and widgets. Since Masterstudy uses Google Fonts and relies on the Redux Framework for back-end customization, its interface is pretty simple and straightforward.

Based on Bootstrap, Masterstudy offers MailChimp integration as well as audio and video embeds. Also, it comes bundled with Revolution Slider and Visual Composer page builder plugins.

Mode of Operation

As you as you are done installing the plugin, you will notice a lot many new sections in your WordPress admin panel. This was expected, since the theme is heavily loaded and comes bundled with multiple plugins and also offers custom post types.

First up, the custom post types are nothing out of the blue. Since most tutorial and education board sites rely on teachers and specialized courses, you have custom post types dedicated for the same. You can set up premium and free courses, and even create teacher profiles accordingly. Plus, you also have a separate post type for events, to inform your learners about upcoming events that you might be organizing, and so on.


Moving on, the theme installs and activates the bundled plugins as well, which includes Revolution Slider, and Visual Composer. I would not delve into the details of these plugins, but you can learn more about Revolution Slider here and Visual Composer here.

Now, on to the Masterstudy theme itself. The Theme Options section is well populated, and there are a lot of options for you tweak and customize. However, most of it deals with the appearance aspects, such as the logo:


And the top bar:


The theme offers multiple color schemes, such as Red-Green, Blue-Green, Solid Red, and so on.


In fact, the theme also offers two different types of headers, of which one is transparent and the other is solid in color.


One thing I really liked was the manner in which Google Fonts have been integrated. Of course, had it been the Theme Customizer, you would get to see Live Preview of each change that you make. Yet, the feature that stands out is the eye for detail that has gone into it: for example, you can even specify alignment and subset properties for each type of text, be it body, headings or menus.


Lastly, the integration for PayPal and MailChimp too happens from right within the Theme Options panel. However, I feel that any website worth its salt would probably use a separate plugin to manage payment gateways as well as email subscriptions, but for what it’s worth, this is how it looks:


Support and Documentation

Stylemix Themes offer personalized one on one support to their customers, so if you run into any trouble, help is just one email away. The theme also has its own detailed documentation and guides to help you set things up, and demo content can also be imported via one click.

Also, forum support is an option as well. That said, I did not come across many video tutorials, so maybe that is one area that needs work.


The Regular License of the theme costs $59, and it gets you a year of free upgrades and premium support.

The catch about running a niche site such as an education courses center is that you need specialized tools for the specialized job. Of course, you can spend hours customizing a general purpose theme to suit your purpose, but you can also save time by opting for a theme that does the job by itself, out of the box.

Masterstudy is one such theme, and it does its job really well. I feel the Regular License pricing to be perfect, since $59 is absolute value for money for a feature heavy theme. The Extended License, however, costs $2950, and allows you to use the theme in “a single end product” — this is obviously slightly on the steeper side.

What do you think of Masterstudy WordPress theme? Share your views in the comments below!

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Sufyan bin Uzayr

Sufyan bin Uzayr is a contributor to a variety of websites and blogs about technology, open source, web design, content management systems and web development. He is a published author, coffee lover and you can learn more about his works on this page.

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks Sufyan.

    I was actually searching here looking for ideas and inspiration for a theme for my new extreme sports blog about skydiving, skiing and scuba diving and although the Masterstudy theme doesn’t quite fit with what I wanted for this blog it may fit for another idea I have. it is a really nice feature rich theme and a great LMS. I have researched the price of the ‘Extended License’ costs that you stated of $2950 but can’t find what this is for exactly. The evanto site states that you can extend the support service for a few dollars per year but no reference to this $2950? Can you clarify where this $2950 comes from?

  2. Reasonaby priced at $59 but the price for an extended license, well above the budget of most starting bloggers.

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