Maximizing Agency Efficiency with BionicWP’s Managed Hosting

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Efficiency is key when running a digital agency in today's world. That's why BionicWP has built a managed hosting solution specifically to help agencies maximize their efficiency.
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The Quest for Efficiency in Agency Operations

If you run a WordPress agency, then you’ll have different hosting requirements compared to those who host a single WordPress site.

You’ll essentially be acting as the host for all of your client sites, so things like performance, security, and reliability, are even more important.

The Importance of Efficiency in Digital Agencies

Without an efficient host, you’ll be left with a handful of slow client websites. When speed impacts everything from search engine rankings to user experience, you want a host that makes you look good.

Beyond speed, you also want to make sure that your host is easy to scale and can handle fluctuations in traffic. This is especially important during the holiday buying season.

The Role of Web Hosting in Agency Operations

A lot of the success of your agency depends on building trust with your clients. You can think of your web host as the foundation for that trust.

Imagine the alternate reality of using a low-quality host for all the clients you manage.

There are slow-loading client sites. The potential for hacks that put their assets and information at risk. Plus, you have to constantly put out fires and deal with technical issues, instead of growing your business.

Hosting might not seem like a lot, but it’s a foundational decision that’ll impact every other aspect of you and your client’s experience.

On the other hand, stellar hosting leads to high-performing client sites, safe personal and business data, happy clients, and fewer headaches for you.

Understanding Managed WordPress Hosting

Before we dive deep into what BionicWP, our recommendation for agency hosting, can offer your business, let’s start at the beginning.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

When it comes to hosting you have three main categories of hosting:

  1. Business hosting. Also called shared hosting.
  2. VPS hosting. This includes self-managed, fully-managed, and managed WordPress hosting.
  3. Dedicated server hosting. You get your very own private server.

Shared hosting is like renting a house with roommates.

Sure everyone gets their own room, but you share the common spaces and split costs. With shared hosting, you share server resources, but there are policies in place so every site gets its fair share of server resources (at least, until it reaches its limit).

VPS hosting is similar to an apartment building.

You’re sharing the same physical structure with other tenets, but you have your own space that you can customize however you like. With VPS hosting you can optimize your server to meet your unique site needs and improve your performance and security.

Within VPS you have managed WordPress hosting. Here, your server is optimized to run the unique requirements of WordPress, so this setup will help you get the best performance, speed, and security possible.

Dedicated server hosting is like owning your own house.

You have complete control over your property and can build it however you’d like. With this style of hosting you get complete control over your server environment, but you’re also responsible for server setup, security, and maintenance.

Now, that you understand WordPress hosting a bit better, let’s get into how this style of hosting can benefit your agency.

The Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting for Agencies

At the core, using managed WordPress hosting helps you offer a better service to your clients.

When you can exceed their expectations and deliver a seamless and high-performing website, it makes you look good.

Here are some of the main benefits of using managed WordPress hosting (over other forms):

  • Easy to deploy new WordPress sites with a couple of clicks
  • Automated core, theme, and plugin updates to free up your time
  • Regular automated security scans to keep your sites safe
  • Bundled SSL certificates and CDN to improve performance and security
  • Technical WordPress support available 24/7 when you need it
  • Flexible billing, making it easy to scale your client’s site
  • White-label support to offer an all-in-one hosting experience

An Introduction to BionicWP

Now that you have a better understanding of the unique advantages of managed WordPress hosting, let’s see what makes our recommendation of BionicWP well-suited to your agency hosting needs.

BionicWP maanged WordPress hosting

The Genesis of BionicWP

BionicWP is unique in that it was founded by a former agency owner who was frustrated by the existing managed WordPress hosting options. The founder, Michael Borgelt, researched over 46 different hosting companies, hoping one of these would meet the needs of his clients’ websites.

The two main concerns were: fast loading speeds and helpful customer support.

Throughout this search, the common responses were that there were issues with the site (coding-related), or kept getting referred back to the developer when any issue would arise.

Hence the birth of BionicWP.

A host dedicated to providing super-fast loading speeds and a customer support team that always has your back.

Some hosts may say they’re well suited for WordPress agencies, but were they built from the ground up to help agencies thrive?

Here are a few things that make BionicWP stand out:

  • BionicWP uses two different security solutions to keep your site and server safe. Plus, if your site is hacked they’ll fix it for free with little downtime.
  • Since server resources are always on demand, they’ll be scaled automatically if a change in site traffic is detected.
  • Website backups are automated and occur daily. If you need to restore a client’s site, you’ll always have a version to restore from.
  • Your website is checked for speed three times a week. If your speed falls below the guarantee, then they’ll fix the issue until it’s fast again.
  • For a monthly fee you can add unlimited edits, which their team of WordPress experts will make changes and edit requests to your site.

BionicWP’s Managed WordPress Hosting: A Deep Dive

We briefly touched on their stand-out features above as well as in our BionicWP review, now let’s go deep into these key features and what they mean for your clients’ sites and success.

Key Features of BionicWP’s Managed WordPress Hosting

High-Speed Performance

BionicWP’s hosting stack is optimized for high performance. There’s a bundled CDN, server caching, and a page score guarantee to make sure you’re always getting the best site speeds possible.

Most of these features are enabled as soon as you deploy a new site. Others, like caching, can be enabled by clicking a button in your agency’s hosting dashboard.

Enable edge cache feature

Unmatched Security

Two high-performing security tools regularly scan your site and server for viruses, malware, trojan horses, and other online threats. Plus, there’s an included Web-Application Firewall (WAF) to keep your server safe from SQL injections and cross-site scripting.

These plugins will be configured for you automatically, however, if you want more granular control, you can optimize these settings within your website dashboard too.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

BionicWP views support as an add-on member to your team.

Not only is support available 24/7, but their team is very fast and helpful too. Their team is also staffed by WordPress engineers, so you know you’re getting support from actual experts.

You can access customer support within your hosting dashboard or by clicking the pop-up live chat icon.

BionicWP customer support

There are additional add-on services that can take your support service to the next level too.

First, there’s a feature called unlimited site edits. Here, there team will update blog posts, install plugins, change images, and more.

The second is White Label Inbox Management. For this, their support team will manage all incoming website support requests from your custom domain name. That way, it appears as if these responses are coming from your team.

How BionicWP Enhances Agency Efficiency

When you’re running an agency you have a lot of tasks on your plate. With the right WordPress managed host, you can take everything related to hosting and site management off your plate.

Time-Saving Features of BionicWP

One of the goals of BionicWP’s managed WordPress hosting is to help your agency look good, while saving you time.

Here are a few ways it achieves this:

  • Automated WordPress plugin, core, and theme updates
  • Regular security scans and security fixes
  • Ongoing site speed and uptime monitoring

Plus, with the edits and inbox management add-ons, you can fully outsource every aspect of managing your client’s sites.

BionicWP’s Role in Streamlining Agency Operations

When it comes to running your agency, onboarding new clients, and ensuring your existing clients are happy and taken care of, there’s a lot you need to get done.

Luckily, BionicWP has a user-friendly dashboard that makes managing clients sites easy.

For example, if you’re deploying a brand new WordPress site all it takes is a couple of clicks inside the hosting dashboard.

  1. Go to My Sites in your hosting dashboard.
  2. Click Add New Site.
  3. Choose the hosting plan from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter your site URL and select your data center location.
  5. Click Launch.
BionicWP launch new site

If you’re migrating an existing WordPress site, then the process will be similar.

  1. Go to My Sites in your hosting dashboard.
  2. Click Add New Site.
  3. Click Migrate My Sites.
  4. Fill out the information about the site you want to migrate.
  5. Select the hosting plan.
  6. Click Submit.

After that, their team will get to work and migrate the site on your behalf within 24 to 48 hours. All for free.

Migrate site to BionicWP

Site Management

The hosting dashboard is quite simple, but this is actually an advantage since it only takes a glance to see how your sites are doing.

When you log in to your dashboard you’ll get an overview of how your client sites are performing, resource use, if any updates are needed, and more.

BionicWP hosting dashboard

By clicking on the Sites tab you’ll see a list of every single site you manage. Clicking on each individual site brings you to the Site Details screen, where you can individually manage each site.

You’ll be able to do things like:

  • Restore or download client website backups
  • Clear the website cache
  • View how much server resources the site is using
  • Clone an existing site
  • Create a staging area to test site changes

The Impact of BionicWP on Website Performance

You’ll soon learn about some of the real-life speed impacts BionicWP has had on agency owners and their clients.

Speed and Performance: The BionicWP Advantage

BionicWP uses servers that are powered by the WP Cloud Network. These are the same servers used by the founders of WordPress.

Beyond this foundation, every plan gets access to the built-in CDN and Edge Cache features. These take your website speed and performance up another notch.

Finally, BionicWP has ongoing speed monitoring, along with a page speed guarantee. If any of your sites drop below an 85 speed rating on desktop (80 on mobile), then their team will diagnose and fix the issue until your site speeds are back.

Now, you can save time worrying about page speed and having to tweak optimization plugins yourself.

Case Studies: Real-World Performance Improvements with BionicWP

You’ll find pages and pages of real-life success stories from website owners who’ve switched over to BionicWP. Simply by migrating hosts, dozens of site owners have been able to go from tragically slow PageSpeed and YSlow scores to getting ‘A’ grades for the same speed tests.

In one example, an agency’s website had a very slow loading time of 26.2 seconds. After switching to BionicWP the new page load speed was 0.9 seconds. Plus, the PageSpeed Score went from a D to an A, with a perfect score.

Plus, with automatic server scaling, you can ensure high performance for your clients’ sites, even with surges in traffic.

Security Measures in BionicWP’s Managed WordPress Hosting

With over 13,000 WordPress sites hacked daily, security is something you want to take seriously. Let’s look at a few of BionicWP’s security features designed to keep your websites safe.

An Overview of BionicWP’s Security Features

BionicWP offers a variety of security features designed to keep the websites you manage completely secure. Instead of reacting to security issues after they occur, they take a proactive approach to do everything they can to prevent a hack from occurring in the first place.

For starters, every site on every plan gets a free SSL certificate. This not only tells Google your site is safe and secure, but it creates and encrypted connection between your server and user’s browser.

On the mid to higher-tier plans, you get access to daily automated malware and virus scans that are powered by two of the top WordPress security tools, MalCare and Wordfence.

Wordfence operates primarily on your server, while MalCare does a lot with WordPress hardening and protecting your site from malware. Both these together are like a one-two punch to knocking out online threats.

How BionicWP Protects Your Agency’s Digital Assets

With BionicWP you never have to think twice about the security of your clients’ websites.

With every plan, BionicWP includes a free security fix guarantee. If you’re not a security expert, then this is like having a team of security pros behind every site you manage.

If there’s a site you’re hosting and there’s a security breach, then their team will fix the issue with the least amount of downtime possible, completely for free.

Plus, you have full access to your website backups. Backups are done automatically and stored in an off server location for 30 days.

The Economic Impact of Using BionicWP

Now, let’s take a quick look at how much BionicWP is going to cost your agency.

There are three different plans they currently offer. However, for most agency owners you’ll most likely want to opt for the mid or high-tier plans since these include managed plugins, theme, and core updates. Plus, daily virus scans. You also get the PageScore guarantee on the highest-level plan.

Here’s how much these plans cost:

BionicWP pricing tiers

Keep in mind these costs are for each site you host.

Next, you have the two addon services; Unlimited Edits and White Label Inbox. These services cost $39 per month and $150 per 300 sites, respectively.

Let’s say you opt for the highest-level hosting plan, along with both add-ons. Your total cost per month is $64.92, plus the inbox management fee which is $150 for all the sites you manage (assuming it’s less than 300).

Say you’re currently managing 30 sites, that’s a total of just under $70 per month for every client.

That might seem expensive, but it’s still cheaper or on par with most other managed WordPress hosts. Plus, you’re getting full site management for your client sites, along with the ability for their team to make edits and changes to your client sites.

The question is: how much could you charge for an add-on service that covers ongoing maintenance, optimization, and site changes? I’m guessing you could charge your clients a lot more than $70 per month.

Testimonials and Case Studies: Agencies Benefiting from BionicWP

Brian Dote, a digital agency owner, focuses on helping local business owners pivot online or refresh their existing sites. He came to BionicWP for the focus on customer support but stayed because of how easy it is for them to manage all of their client sites.

With built-in speed optimization, automated backups, support for multiple environments, and white-label edits, they found exactly what they were looking for to host their 17 client sites.

Another agency owner, Greg Headley, recently launched a new customer site using BionicWP. He simply showed him his site speeds on the current host, which were 12 on mobile and 40 on desktop. Then, showed him the site speeds using BionicWP, which were 92 on mobile and 100 on desktop. If you could guess, getting the client to migrate their site over wasn’t too difficult.

You can find these reviews and more on BionicWP’s Product Hunt page.

If we can take anything away from agency owners, it’s that BionicWP truly helps takes the hassle out of managing client sites, while providing top page loading speeds.

The Future of Agency Efficiency with Managed WordPress Hosting

Overall, BionicWP is a great choice if you’re an agency owner who’s looking for a fast, secure, and easy-to-use managed WordPress host.

Plus, if you opt for the highest-tier plan for your clients, you can guarantee fast loading speeds without any additional work on your end. You also have the option to purchase add-ons that you can pass on as additional services to your clients as well.

With automated website scans, backups, and their hack-fix guarantee, managing website security is another task you can pass on to the BionicWP team too.

Now, there is no money-back guarantee, but considering you only have to pay for a month at a time, it might be worthwhile testing a client’s website to see if you can deliver them a massive speed boost.


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