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5 Image Optimization Tips to Improve Load Time of Your WordPress Site

Nowadays, marketers have one goal in their mind – Optimize for Speed! The reason is obvious, mobile traffic has surpassed than that of desktop and Google has started to count the loading time of a website as one of the ranking factors. This means you can directly improve your site’s SEO by improving your website speed.

Owing to the fact that billions of websites run on WordPress, it makes sense to improve the load time of your WordPress site in order to improve ROI and raise conversions. I will share the top 5 image optimization tips for boosting the speed of your site.

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WP Media Folder - Gallery Example - Masonry

WP Media Folder: A Better Way to Organize, Sync, and Display Your WordPress Media

Wading through your native WordPress Media Library can be challenging if you have a ton of media on your WordPress website. And, if that’s the case, and you do have a lot of media, it is likely you have tried to find a way to streamline the process of organizing, managing, and finding your site’s media.

That’s why today, we are going to explore the WP Media Folder plugin, and discuss an easier way to manage your website’s media.

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Best PDF Plugins for WordPress

15 Best PDF Plugins to Enhance Your WordPress Site & Engage Viewers

PDF plugins provide wonderful ways for you to engage viewers on your WordPress site or eCommerce store. There are a number of different scenarios in which offering a PDF file for users to view or download would enhance the user experience on your site, such as by giving viewers opportunities to download posts as PDFs so they can access the information from their devices later on.

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image optimization largest piece puzzle for ecommerce websites

How Image Optimization Boosts the SEO Score for WooCommerce Websites

You have professionals working for you, cracking Google’s search algorithms; you have the best in the market SEO optimizer and you are also spending bucks on content marketing, always choosing the right keywords for your WooCommerce website but still you are not able to increase your Google ranking. The thing you are missing is optimizing your images. Image optimization can be a boon for your website, if your WooCommerce development company has enough knowledge to implement at the first time.

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Where to Find Stock Icons for Your Blog Post Featured Images

A popular trend nowadays is to have a nice banner at the top of every post published on a blog. This helps set the tone and create an emotional response with the reader. In previous years it was more common to use photography for these banners or featured images, and it is indeed still a very good idea to use photography. However in more design or tech oriented blogs icons are all the rage at the moment. Here are the best stock icon sites I use on a regular basis.

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How to Add a Beautiful Animated Slider with Smart Slider 3

Sliders are a great way to present various types of content to your website’s visitors while also ensuring that your site is aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the visitors’ eye. Many WordPress themes come bundled with sliders, however it’s a good idea to look at and work with a slider plugin that you choose. Here we take a look at one of the best plugins currently on the market – Smart Slider 3.

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Top Free Lightbox Plugins To Use In Your Themes

As theme authors we always want to use the best plugins in combination with our themes so that our clients can have the best experience with their new site. At our company we build themes that are packed with key features for the particular niche and stay light and fast at the same time. So obviously we want to recommend the best plugins to work alongside our themes.

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WP Video Robot: Add Videos To Your Site, Automatically

Of late, videos have grown in popularity, and more and more websites are now offering video content to their users. You can credit it to the fact that we all have better internet speeds nowadays, or that videos in general are much easier to understand as compared to text content, but the fact remains the same: be it social media or publishing websites, videos have become a popular factor everywhere.

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