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WP Media Folder – Organize Your WordPress Media Files

Have you been struggling with the need to organize media files and folders in WordPress too? Well, don’t worry; you are not the only one. WordPress, with all its benefits and ease of use as a content management system, can be a little tricky to use at times. With WP Media Folder you’ll be able to manage files, images from the native WordPress media manager.

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Creating Stunning Galleries with Grid FX

WordPress does come with a default gallery shortcode. While it is a cool feature for basic needs,  it may not be enough for some users, especially if you are looking to create a media-intensive site. The customization options are limited and a lot of effort is needed to create something awesome.

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How to Remove Image Sizes in WordPress

In an earlier post about image sizes in WordPress, we had shown you a way to choose which image sizes are available for choosing when you’re inserting an image in a post or page.

Today, we are posting a more complete solution where you can actually tell WordPress which image sizes it should or should not generated, and then choose which ones are available in the media uploader/image insertion screen.

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