Modern Tribe Acquires GigPress

Written by Jen Jamar
Written by Jen Jamar

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Capitola, CA (March 25, 2016) – Modern Tribe, Inc., a full-stack development agency with extensive experience developing and supporting WordPress plugins, is excited to announce the acquisition of GigPress, a live performance listing plugin for WordPress, effective immediately.

GigPress has a long history of being the go-to plugin to manage live performance listings on WordPress websites. Designed to meet the unique needs of musicians and other performers, Derek Hogue has built and maintained GigPress for the past nine years as a passion project separate from his day-to-day work as a developer with Amphibian Design. “This has been [Derek’s] hobby – his passion and his love for it really shows,” says Zach Tirrell, Director of Products at Modern Tribe.

The transition of GigPress to Modern Tribe enhances their existing portfolio of WordPress plugins, including The Events Calendar and their related events management plugins. As a result of this acquisition, GigPress will continue to be maintained as a free open-source plugin in the repository, with support provided by the existing Modern Tribe products team.

Shane Pearlman, a partner at Modern Tribe, shares, “We want all 20,000+ current GigPress users to know that we understand their unique event management needs. Adding GigPress to the Modern Tribe family ensures the plugin has a home with people who respect the community and value the long-term potential of its development.”

Hogue echoes the same sentiment. He explains, “I knew that [GigPress] would be going to a home where it would be further developed and always be moving forward. Seeing all of the work that has gone into The Events Calendar really convinced me of that.”

“Adding in the fact that it’s going to an organization that has more than one person – a large group of people with a variety of skill sets that can all work on one product together – is important because that’s what’s needed to take a plugin like this beyond where it’s been hovering for a long time. Having backing from the team at Modern Tribe will be hugely beneficial to everyone who uses GigPress on a daily basis.”

Existing GigPress users will experience minimal impact due to the plugin ownership change. Notices have been posted to the GigPress page and related social media properties to alert users of the acquisition and point them to the updated process for support requests.

At this time, no significant changes to the GigPress codebase or website are planned. The long-term roadmap for the plugin includes expanded documentation for customization and additional feature implementations over the next year.

About Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe is a digital design and development agency specializing in User Experience, Content Strategy, Publishing, and Product Development. In addition to the services side of their business, they are committed to open source and maintain a portfolio of popular WordPress plugins downloaded by millions of users across the globe.

About Amphibian Design

Amphibian Design is a web design and development agency in Winnipeg, MB, Canada that focuses on work for publishers, artists, musicians, and non-profits. In addition to building custom websites, Amphibian Design also creates original add-ons for the ExpressionEngine content management system.

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Jen Jamar
Jen Jamar is a freelance digital marketing specialist with a passion for all things WordPress. In addition to her work with Modern Tribe and other clients, Jen speaks frequently on the topics of content strategy, analytics, and social media. Connect with her on Twitter: @JenJamar.



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