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  1. chzumbrunnen
    chzumbrunnen November 3, 2015 at 05:36 | | Reply

    Thanks. I just unsubscribed. I don’t believe you have the guts to recommend such a theme. It’s as you’d recommend a multipurpose car that is sportscar, family van, truck and mobile home in one. And you tell prospects it’s simple to use and very environment-friendly. Choose your style the first time you use it – every time you use it.

  2. JM López-Silva
    JM López-Silva November 21, 2015 at 18:38 | | Reply

    For me is a sh**
    I am newby.
    I just want to make a personal blog that looks professional and a landing page with opt-in
    The monstroid is too much for me, I´ve been 3 days fighting with it. For me it´s not frendly, just to set up a fixed header with image is imposible.
    I did my blog once in a free theme in wordpress.com and was easy, i felt in control and was not frustrating at all.
    When moving to .org decided to buy a good theme, was a mistake.
    As I dont´n know how the traffic is generated, I will stick to this so called marvelous product, but is not for me, a newby.
    Spent 4 hours yesterday in the chat and could’t get a clear response. Frustrated and tired.
    JM López-Silva
    Guanajuato, Mexico

  3. raphaeloo
    raphaeloo January 25, 2016 at 03:12 | | Reply

    Hi Mark! I would love to see a quick pro and cons between Jupiter & Monstroid. I know you support both themes and advertise them but I want an honest opinion on what to go for. On a second note I’m kinda tired of Themeforest devs & would like to change the system but not sure if Templatemonster is better (haven’t worked with them since the Flash era). Thanks!

  4. raphaeloo
    raphaeloo January 25, 2016 at 08:04 | | Reply

    Hi Mark! Thanks for your reply 🙂 Will keep an eye out for the article as it’s quite stressful not to know enough about what template you’re going to commit to the next few years. Especially when TF doesn’t have a proper refund policy and you can’t just ‘try out’ any template you want.

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