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My Intranet is a WordPress Intranet plugin. It is available for companies looking to manage an Intranet over WordPress. It includes multiple intranet features such as leave management, internal directory, employee profile and expense reports. As WordPress is, My Intranet is very easy to setup and use on a daily basis. It has been adopted by a lot of companies around the world. Thousands of people are using it every day.
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My Intranet is a WordPress plugin used by companies to build a full intranet over WordPress. It includes a lot of features that are essential for company daily operations.

My Intranet solution development started 10 years ago. It was one of the first WordPress plugins to leverage the power of WordPress to implement mission critical processes for companies. Now in 2017, it is used by thousands of people around the world on a daily basis.

Running an Intranet over a WordPress website

While building an Intranet website, a lot of requirements have to be taken into consideration:

  • it needs to remain simple: you don’t want to have an unmanageable solution that will take months to setup and cost a lot of money to maintain and evolve.
  • it must be secure: an intranet contains critical information so access needs to be restricted and different kind of roles have to be available to allow the right people to do the right tasks for them (not less, not more).
  • it should be user friendly: having people adopting a new solution is greatly tied to the effort required to understand how it works. You don’t want to engage into a project to build something that nobody will use.

So My Intranet has been designed around these 3 pillars. Companies have their own priorities and they don’t want to invest a lot of time and money to build something proprietary that will be hard to maintain on the long term.

As a result of that, using WordPress is the best choice. It just takes few minutes to install and maintain. Then, WordPress is very secure. It is also user friendly. The admin dashboard has been shaped along the years to make it easy for people to perform what they need to without any headache.

My Intranet is just a WordPress extension. There is no technical complexity or specific technical requirement to install it. Still, the companies have two options to run their intranet:

  • Keep the control on operations and operate My Intranet in house on their own server.
  • completely outsource the technical part and have My Intranet staff to install, configure and maintain the solution in the cloud (SaaS mode).

With the Software as a Service mode, the customers don’t have to worry about the technical aspects. Everything is managed for them from server maintenance to S/W updates.

Another great benefit of using WordPress is the access to thousands of incredible plugins that will add even more features to the intranet.

Key features of a WordPress Intranet

WordPress has, by default, very important features for an Intranet:

  • Content portal: possibility to share information and news with employees on the WordPress blog
  • Rights management: capability to manage multiple kind of user profiles

My Intranet brings multiple additional intranet features:

  • Leave management system module
  • employee directory module
  • travel and expense accounts management module
  • personnel file management module

Leave management system

My Intranet includes a powerful leave management module. It allows employees to submit paid leave requests and overtime recovery requests. Then managers can view the team planning and approve requests. HR staff has access to detailed reports with all the requests and leave entitlement counters.

Leave request
Leave request

Employee directory

Another key feature of every intranet is an employee directory. Here, you’ll be able to find multiple details about every employee in your organization: contact details, job position, hierarchical structure, etc.

Employee directory
Employee directory

Expense report software

Employees are regularly traveling. Every company needs to have a streamlined way to report, approve and control travel and expenses. This is the best way to manage costs and keep a consistent approach in travel management and expenses.

Personnel file module

HR needs to have access in a centralized and secured area to all details related to all the employees. This is what you can achieve with the personnel file module. It allows human resources team to keep track of all the details linked to every employee: personal address, emergency contact, contract history, diplomas, certifications, etc.

Why My Intranet is the best Intranet plugin for WordPress?

It has been in the market for 10 years. So it is pretty stable. Then, a lot of features have been added since day 1, especially to handle all the aspects of leave management we can find in the different countries.

My Intranet is currently fully translated in English and French. New languages can easily be added. It is therefore pretty simple to build a multilingual intranet.

My Intranet includes a powerful and simple rights management system. You can control the modules that can be used by each employee and also what they can do inside this module.

Mid-size companies that don’t have an IT department to install and maintain an intranet will opt for the SaaS mode. The SaaS mode subscription includes solution installation, configuration, hosting and support. You don’t need to worry anymore about the technical layer. It is being taken care of for you.

My Intranet is another example of the unlimited possibilities offered by WordPress as a content management system.

My Intranet

My Intranet is a popular WordPress plugin. It adds the features of a company Intranet to WordPress. It is easy to setup and user friendly. Thousands of people are using it every day around the world.

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  1. The number of things you can do with WordPress today is simply crazy. This plugin seems to perfectly fit my company needs.

    I have been waiting for a way to manage our employee leaves and planning on our intranet for a long time…

    Thanks for sharing!

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