Nelio Content Automates and Assists with Content Creation and Social Marketing

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Nelio Content is a content marketing plugin for WordPress. It includes an editorial calendar, social promotion, post content analysis, and team content management features.
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Nelio Content is an editorial calendar plugin for WordPress users with powerful content creation, marketing, and scheduling features.

It’s a product from Nelio Software, a company focused on helping WordPress users reach their marketing goals through easier content management.

Nelio Content

With Nelio Content, individuals and teams using WordPress for content creation can more easily and efficiently manage the tasks around content writing and social promotion.

Successful content marketing means producing relevant and interesting content on a consistent basis—content that can attract the right audience to your site. It also means consistent and effective content promotion.

Nelio Content promises to automate or assist with many of these tasks—all from within WordPress without the need for other software or third-party apps.

Nelio Content’s Main Features

When it comes to the set of features within Nelio Content, it’s almost like having a suite of tools all wrapped up into one.

Editorial Calendar

Nelio Content’s Editorial Calendar gives you a nice overview of your posts, social media messages, and content marketing tasks. And with its drag and drop interface, you can easily schedule, reschedule, and create new content directly from the calendar.

Social Media Promotion

Nelio Content can help you promote your posts and images through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Below the WordPress post editor, Nelio Content includes a Social Media box for creating social messages. It features a timeline for creating and scheduling promotional messages to your social networks.

The plugin does away with the need to visit separate social networks or use external apps to get the word out about your site’s content. And because it’s part of the post editor, you have the ability to set up your social sharing messages as you write your posts.

Post Content Assistant

When it comes to writing and structuring properly formatted posts, Nelio Content’s post analyzer can help with the finer details.

Positioned just below the WordPress Publish box, the software automatically analyzes your post content and provides guidance on tagging, images, linking, and more. The guidance you receive here can help make your writing more readable, attractive, and search-friendly.

Works with Individuals and Teams

Whether you work alone or with a team, Nelio Content provides the tools that each user needs for scheduling, creating, and promoting both new and old content. It makes it easy to communicate about task assignments, project deadlines, and much more.

Other Advanced Features

Nelio Content offers other features to help assist with your content marketing needs, such as content task organization, team editorial comments, the ability to suggest post references (e.g., links to pages or external resources), and more.

Setting Up and Using Nelio Content

Nelio Content can be easily installed and set up through the WordPress dashboard. Here’s how to install the free version (which can later be updated to any of their paid plans):

  1. In the WordPress admin, go to Plugins… Add New.
  2. In the Search Plugins field, do a search for Nelio Content. It will be the first result returned.


  1. Click Install Now for the Nelio Content plugin, and then Activate.
  2. Click on Nelio Content in the WordPress sidebar, and then agree to their terms of use.
  3. Choose between:

Free Version or Use License Key (for one of the paid plans)

  1. If you initially go the Free Version route, you can update at any time by going to the Account Details section of the plugin.

There, you can click the Subscribe button to view their different paid plans. You can also choose Use license Key if you’ve already paid for a plan.

  1. If you’re subscribing to a paid plain, select the plan, fill out your payment information, and click the Pay button.

After subscribing to a paid plan and completing their checkout process, you’ll receive an email from Nelio Software that includes a license key for the subscription you purchased.

Note: To use Nelio Content, a WordPress user must have a user role of Administrator, Editor, Author, or Contributor.

Using the Editorial Calendar

When using Nelio Content, you’ll want to first take a look at the Editorial Calendar to get a bird’s-eye view of your content. The Editorial Calendar will give you information about:

• Published and scheduled posts (including drafts that have publication dates set)
• Social messages for promoting your posts
• Task and user information

The Editorial Calendar provides structure and organization to your content marketing plans, helping you focus on your content needs as well as schedule post ideas.

Adding Tasks, Social Messages, and Posts

To schedule a task, social message, or post using the calendar, hover over the “+” icon on the day you wish to schedule the item.

This will reveal three icons that look like this:


From left to right, the flag icon is for adding tasks, the network icon is for scheduling social messages, and the pushpin icon is for scheduling posts.

Once you schedule any of these items, they can easily be rescheduled by dragging and dropping them anywhere else on the calendar.

For example, to reschedule a post, simply drag it to another day. Any tasks and social messages that are related to the post will be automatically rescheduled as well.

To delete an element on the calendar, just drag it to the trash. To do so, start dragging an item to the side area of the calendar, and a trash icon will appear.

You can also drag an item over the Next/Previous icons to move them to another month. A simpler method would be to just click on the item and reschedule it within its dialog box.

Note: If you remove some items, their related items will be automatically removed as well. For example, if you remove a post, its related editorial tasks will also be removed.

Editorial Calendar Filters

You can use filters from dropdown menus to help sort what you see on the Editorial Calendar.


For example, you can show or hide all posts, social messages, or tasks. This allows you to focus on the tasks and content items that are most important to you.

You can also see related items for any element on the calendar by hovering over it with your mouse. For instance, by hovering over social messages within the calendar, you can see the posts they’re associated with.

Promoting Your Content In Social Media

Before you can post messages to social media with Nelio Content, you first need to connect your social profiles to the plugin. Here’s how you do that:

  1. Go to Nelio Content’s Settings page.
  2. Click on the Social Profiles tab.
  3. To connect Nelio Content to a social network, just select the icon of the social network you wish to connect to. For example, click on the Twitter icon.
  4. To connect with Twitter, you’ll see a popup window with an Authorize app button. Just click that button to authorize Nelio Content to publish content to Twitter.


Once you’re finished, you’ll see the new social media account in the Connected Profiles list, just below the social network icons. Any author on your team can now manage the connected social profile.

Creating Social Messages

After writing your content, you’ll want to promote it through social media.

Nelio Content provides two ways to create social messages. You can do so in either the Social Media box below the WordPress post editor, or by clicking on the aforementioned network icon in the Editorial Calendar.

Creating Social Messages with the Social Media Box

The Social Media box below the WordPress post editor presents a timeline that shows all of your scheduled social messages for that post.

Here’s how you can also add new social messages for the post:

  1. Go to the post editor for the WordPress post you’d like to create social messages for.
  2. Scroll down below the post editor until you see the Social Media (Scheduled Messages) area.
  3. Decide when you want the message to go out (today, tomorrow, week, month, other), and then click on an empty block where it says Add Social Message or Add Another. This will bring up the social media editor.


  1. Add your message, as well as a date and time for publication, and then click Save.

Depending on which social profiles you connected to Nelio Content, you’ll be able to send messages to any of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

You can send out social messages on the post publication date, or anytime after that.

Nelio Content provides a preview of how your social message will look. You also have the option to share messages multiple times.

When you tie your social messages to the published date of your post, if you decide to reschedule your post, the related social media messages will automatically be rescheduled to the same date and time in order to stay in sync.

Creating Social Messages with the Editorial Calendar

  1. To create a social message from the Editorial Calendar, just click on the network icon after hovering over the “+”. This will open up the social media editor box.
  2. Add your message, select a date and time, and then click the Save button.

By default, the publication date for the message is set to the calendar day you click on.

Using the Editor Calendar to create social messages allows you to share old posts as well as new posts.

Using the Post Content Assistant

Nelio Content provides a content assistant to help you build and structure your posts as you create them.

Whenever you save or update a post, Nelio Content runs through a content analysis based on your tags, categories, images, excerpt, copy length, links, and more.


And it does so automatically from within the WordPress Publish box, giving you an easy summary of any changes you might want to address.

For example, if you forget to choose a featured image for your post, or forget to tag and categorize your content, Nelio Content will let you know.

Using Team Features

Nelio Content’s Team subscription plan offers features for sites that depend on a team of content contributors. The Team plan helps to manage content responsibilities with built-in task features.

Editorial Tasks

For example, within the Editorial Calendar and post editor, you can easily assign editorial tasks such as post writing responsibilities to different members of your editorial team.

Here’s how to create a task with the New Task dialog box in the Editorial Calendar:

  1. On the Editorial Calendar, click on the flag icon (after hovering over the + symbol for the day you want to assign the task).
  2. Enter a task description, assign it to a team member, and set a due date.
  3. Click the Create button.

Like other calendar items, tasks can easily be rescheduled by dragging and dropping them to another day.

Nelio Content also provides an Editorial Task box on the right side of the WordPress post editor page. Editorial tasks that are created when editing a post relate to the post. The Editorial Task box shows completed, pending, and overdue tasks for the current post.

Editorial tasks that are created through the Editorial Calendar are more general and not directly related to specific posts.

Editorial Comments

Another team feature is Editorial Comments, a discussion area below the WordPress post editor.

Editorial Comments lets team members post comments about the current post, improving ideas and communication between Administrators, Authors, and Contributors for the content they’re working on.


Comments added with the Editorial Comments box remain accessible to any team member that can edit the post. And they always remain on the post page, so you can go back at any time to view them.

Suggested References

Nelio Content includes a Links area on the right side of the post editor page for sharing Suggested References. If a team member has a link they want to share that might be beneficial to a post, they can share it here.

Nelio Content Support & Documentation

On their website, Nelio Software offers a comprehensive guide on how to use Nelio Content. I found it to be clear, well-written, and nicely organized.

It’s organized under these sections:

First Steps
Content Assistant
Plugin Settings
Manage Account
Payments and Billing


They also provide a small FAQ section on the same page.

You can also access their Help section directly from the WordPress admin, from within their plugin menu.

Pricing for Nelio Content

Nelio Content comes at a couple of different price points, including a free version from that you can try out.

Besides the free version, they offer a Personal plan at $19 per month, as well as a Team plan at $59 per month. You have the option to change or cancel plans at any time.

Here are the basic differences between the plans:


1 user
4 social profiles (from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest)
Limited social scheduling
Editorial calendar
Post analysis
Suggested references (e.g., links)
Basic support at

$19 monthly or $179 yearly (save two months cost)

1 user
10 social profiles (from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest)
Unlimited social scheduling
Editorial calendar
Post analysis
Suggested references (e.g., links)
Basic support at
Priority mail support
Editorial tasks management

$59 monthly or $589 yearly (save two months cost)

Unlimited users
25 social profiles (from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest)
Unlimited social scheduling
Editorial calendar
Post analysis
Suggested references (e.g., links)
Basic support at
Priority mail support
Editorial task management
Editorial comments on author posts
Team management (allows you to assign feature access to team members based on their specific WordPress user role)


Conclusions & Recommendations for Nelio Content

Creating relevant and interesting content for your site, and successfully promoting that content to your target audience, is a challenge that demands a lot of time and effort.

Nelio Content, with its Editorial Calendar, social promotion features, post content analysis, and team communication functionality helps make that challenge much easier.

Through automation and assistance, Nelio Content can help WordPress content marketers with the organization, planning, scheduling, creation, and promotion of their site’s content.

It can help you plan and publish more consistently, reach a broader audience through social media, make your site more engaging, and manage a content creation team.

Currently, Nelio Content is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Korean and Catalan, with more languages to come.

If you’re looking for a solution to help organize your content strategy, save you time, and make you a better content marketer, Nelio Content is definitely worth taking a good look at. It offers a lot of value for the price, and is an easy-to-use program that can help take your content creation to another level.

If you’d like to find out more about Nelio Content, you can check out their website here.

David Coleman

David is an award-winning online marketer and brand developer with a passion for WordPress. He helps individuals and organizations live inspired lives through their unique story and brand. Twitter: @DavidBColeman

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