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Have you been dying to find a WordPress theme that allows you to modify your business or portfolio website exactly the way you imagine it, but remain super fast to load? Other themes might give you some freedom, but this new Theme from Acoda, You Theme, lets you take full control like never before.
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Have you been dying to find a WordPress theme that allows you to modify your business or portfolio website exactly the way you imagine it, but remain super fast to load? Other themes might give you some freedom, but this new Theme from Acoda, You Theme, lets you take full control like never before.

This ultra-fast, super-flexible responsive multi-purpose theme is one of the must have themes for 2017.

You Theme is suitable for so many different purposes from corporate websites to photography & graphic design portfolios, online clothing shops, right down to the old-fashioned food and wine blog.

Using this theme revolutionizes the way you think about your content and how to arrange it, because you aren’t forced to keep within the usual boundaries. Best of all, it does all of this whilst maintaining an ultra-fast load speed.


Create Any Website, Easily!

The You Theme has a very powerful visual builder built in, not just for pages, but for creating new designs too. Change fonts, header settings, colors etc, all visually using the WordPress Cutomizer… no more guesswork! See this time lapse of using the You Theme to create a new design visually from an existing demo:

Over 20 Premium Demos To Choose From.

You Theme comes with over 20 premium & unique demos, each with real-world content, ready to install and customize to suit your requirements. Say goodbye to cookie-cut templates! Whether you’re looking for a photography, portfolio, blog or business WordPress theme, this theme has everything you need.

What Makes This WordPress Theme Unique?

Some of the fantastic features of the You Theme include customizing your content visually on the front end, ultra fast load speeds that have A, A Rating, 20+ Niche Demos that are easy to install and customize, and more. Below you will learn all you need to know about the Acoda You Theme before getting started with your very own lifetime licence.


Build Pages Visually.

Your once-off purchase comes bundled with Visual Composer valued at $34, including full Front-End editing support. This means that you will not have to spend all of your time going back and forth from drafts to previews to check the effect of that pesky blank space or header that you just can’t seem to position properly.

All of your changes will be made in real time, which saves you valuable hours of design work that you could use for content creation instead.


On top of this the Visual Composer gives you the capability to create and save templates of your most useful pages, for example a product feature, a press release or a blog post. This can keep your site looking wonderfully uniform, no matter how many different authors you employ to post content to your site.

Powerful Layout Options 

3d Pages – The 3d Page innovation that you will find with this package is a truly unique feature, as instead of scrolling endlessly or redirecting the reader to other pages, you can use a single-page 3d website. These sites have integrated animations between pages, as seen in the 3d Portfolio Theme Demo. This can keep your viewer interested and interacting on your page for longer, which adds to your viewership stats!

Video Backgrounds – If you have original video or music content that you want to feature on a page, it is possible to use a video background as a way to embed this in to your design. Video is supported via URL link to a site like YouTube, or alternatively, you might want to use the built in Vimeo video player that links to your Vimeo account. You can overlay the video with a solid color if you intend to downplay it slightly, and still have perfectly readable and usable content on the page.

Slider and Zoom Backgrounds Having a dynamic background makes your business site look vibrant and alive without necessarily having to shoot and upload video, and this can be done in many ways with the You Theme. The slider can be configured to change the images with a horizontal or vertical swipe effect, or with Fade, shuffle and toss effects. You may also upload as many images as you choose. Applying Parallax effects to your background images can be done with one click, and this can even be customized to turn black and white as the user scrolls on to further content lower on the page.

Unlimited Sidebars – putting in extra sidebar content is a no-fuss activity when using the You Theme, and you can add as many of these as you need to. If you want to display some of your sale items on a sidebar you can use the Pricing Tables Plugin which is included with your purchase.

FlexiShapes – to give you the most flexibility in designing your perfect website, the You Theme also includes FlexiShapes. These are an innovative way to add some style to your page without needing to design custom backgrounds that take time and effort. Add as many jagged edges, arrows, peaks and more as you like, and you also have full colour control over this content as well.

All of these aspects of the You Theme are designed to make your experience in designing your page smooth and enjoyable, so you can focus on what really matters – your artistic touch.


Comprehensive Plugin Integration

By purchasing the You Theme you not only get lifetime access to great plugins, but over $100 worth of other features such as Ultimate Pricing Tables, Slider Revolution, Clipboard and more! If you are running a business, you will be able to organize your entire front-shop with these easy to use tools:

  • bbPress,
  • Woocommerce
  • Contact Form 7

If you’re not familiar with these great plugins, bbPress is a forum tool that allows you to set up discussion forums within your WordPress site. You can use this plugin to allow clients and support staff to keep up to date about the latest questions and updates about your products. For example, if your company trains software developers and wants to allow a place for them to talk about how to use certain tools and code in the best way, a forum would be an accessible way to do this. The forum can also offer support to your customers if you need to create discussion threads around how to use your products or to detail complicated terms and conditions as a law firm might do.

WooCommerce is a wide-ranging plugin that is suited for store owners and developers who build stores for their clients. This plugin allows you to create and manage your sales directly from your site, track statistics, manage order details and customers, all of which are fantastic ways to manage your business directly from your site instead of through a third party retailer.

If you provide services rather than products, WooCommerce can log bookings that the user can place directly from your site – imagine a restaurant that provides a floor layout and the option to select a booking without making a phone-call! That’s the future of business, and You Theme is ready to get you there


Typewriter is a plugin that can be used to animate text as if it were being typed in real time, and this will play on a loop. Another variant available for use with this plugin is the rotate 3d text that transforms the copy you’ve written into a rolodex-like banner. The Typewriter technology breathes some life into your text, and it is guaranteed to impress your viewers.

If you’ve been in the website building business for any length of time you’ll know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the defining factors in making sure that your site is visible when people search for you. The SEO optimization that You Theme delivers includes Google Page Speed to make sure your site loading is enhanced in the best ways it can be.

Counters are a fun way to provide some statistics on your site, such as how many items you have sold, how many happy clients you’ve worked for, or how many cups of coffee you’ve had while writing. These counters can be arranged by date or value, and you are in control of how fast or slow they reach their final total. This is just another entertaining way to convey information to your viewership while they are looking around your site.


All The Tools For Your Business site.

Another great Google related feature is that you have access to the entire Google Font Library with powerful Typography options like adjusting the letter spacing and weighting. The You Theme is also fully Right to Left (RTL) compatible to make it a universal theme for any language.

All Google Fonts are available to use, giving you a mind-blowing range of different looks that can be used wherever and whenever you feel like it. You have the freedom to create as many custom headings as you need, or change the font size or style at will – even in the middle of a sentence.

Fully Responsive – the You Theme is completely optimized for mobile devices, and will automatically manage any needed changes in the screen size and aspects of the page itself so that your website looks great on every platform. If you take orders or bookings online it is likely that a fair percentage of your customers will access your site via mobile, so this is an important feature that properly adjusts your site without you having to lift a finger.

Call to Action – animated calls to action are easy ways to entice users to interact with the page, and the call to action capabilities of this theme make it fun and quick to create one. Placing a lead-in line on the left hand side and a pulsing button on the right is soon going to be your go-to solution to increasing the amount of clicks you get on your page.

Highly Configurable Stunning Galleries – let’s say you are trying to present your photography portfolio, and you need to lay out your top shots in a gallery. You can arrange the photos that you have taken in 1x Columns (Left Align, Right Align) or 2x Columns (Left Align, Right Align, Left & Right). Space the images with padding, give them hover animations and even link them to other content if you need to.

Social Media – 16 Social Icons with Custom URLs, including Facebook Like, Tweet + Counter, Google+ Recommend, Pin it (Pinterest). You can ask your viewers to share your content with these easy buttons, which will increase your following and spread your brand via word of mouth. You can also use custom URLs to direct your audience to specific videos on YouTube or images on Instagram, if you’re showing off something specific.

Child Theme capability – this option lets you tweak an existing theme to create a new one for another page. It is Multisite compatible too so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing extensions. If you don’t find a skin you’re comfortable with out of the selection of demos, there is a powerful Skin Creator to build your own skin with unlimited colors. You can use the color swatch to pick your colors, or alternatively you can enter in the colour code if you know exactly which shade you need.

The list of jaw dropping features goes on, but the best way to really find out about the You Theme’s intuitive and innovative design is by trying it out for yourself. At just $59 you are already getting more than your money’s worth in plugins, features and support. What is even more impressive is that this single purchase is a one-time payment for an entire lifetime of benefit. That’s right, the You Theme is yours for life right from the moment you complete the online check-out.

Getting Started Is Super Quick

Installation is as easy as pie with only four steps. You need to navigate to your Appearance tab, then choose Theme Options. From here the default selection should be Help & Demo Support, but if it is not you should select this option to see all the demos that the theme offers you. The last step is to click the preview or install buttons to apply the theme to your page, and then get started with customizing things.


Dedicated, Fast Support

Some themes might leave you in the dark and expect you to figure out how to make the best use of their capabilities all on your own. The Acoda team refuse to do this, and instead offer you documentation, screencasts with audio guidance, and dedicated support forum for all of your questions and problems. Join over 15,000 happy users today and build a dynamic, interesting website with the Acoda You Theme.



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