New WP RSS Aggregator Website Launched

Written by Mark Zahra
Written by Mark Zahra

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WP RSS Aggregator is a part of the RebelCode family that WP Mayor also forms part of.

This week we launched a brand new website for the WP RSS Aggregator plugins. The aim of this new design was to help the user find exactly what they need, faster. We implemented a few new tutorials and use-cases to guide the user to what they need.


It also includes new information about each add-on, each demo site, and more. This was done to ensure the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing. We also have a more comprehensive features page that links each feature to its respective documentation page.

We even set up new bundle and product comparisons to showcase the differences between the premium add-ons we offer, together with a short video about the power of WP RSS Aggregator.

Since providing stellar support is one of our main aims, we haven’t forgotten that section of our site. In fact, the contact page includes new guidelines together with a comprehensive support form. These ensure that our support staff knows exactly what’s going on when they receive a new message.

What do you think of our new WP RSS Aggregator website? We’d love to get your feedback!

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Mark Zahra
CEO at RebelCode, the team behind WP Mayor, Spotlight Instagram Feeds for WordPress, and WP RSS Aggregator. Follow me on Twitter @markzahra to get my thoughts on running a WordPress business, product design, pricing, marketing, and more.



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