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Automattic Going After Sites with Woo in Their Domain Name

Through a discussion in our comments section for the GPL post we recently got to know that Automattic is actively asking businesses having the word ‘woo’ in their domain name to change the domain name. This will no doubt affect GPL plugin resellers as many do have woo in their domain name. The first known site to bow to the pressure is WooGPL. The owner of that site, Billy Ablett, has in fact announced the closure of WooGPL and its reopening as GPLKit.

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Modern Tribe Acquires GigPress

Capitola, CA (March 25, 2016) – Modern Tribe, Inc., a full-stack development agency with extensive experience developing and supporting WordPress plugins, is excited to announce the acquisition of GigPress, a live performance listing plugin for WordPress, effective immediately.

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Looking for a Part-time WordPress Developer

We’re looking for a talented freelance WordPress plugin developer to work on our plugins, such as WP RSS Aggregator.

As a developer here, you’ll create kick ass products and help improve existing code. You’ll also create fanatic users by providing stellar high level support and writing easy to follow documentation.

The opportunity calls for a mixed set of skills. We need someone with expert level PHP / MYSQL skills, impeccable WordPress experience, and basic system administration experience (Apache/Nginx).

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Key Takeaways from Pressnomics 2016

This month myself and Alyona attended Pressnomics 2016 in Tempe, Arizona. Pressnomics is the number one conference dealing with the business of WordPress. What this means is that you will find all the best business people in the WordPress community; owners of the big plugins as well as top agencies.

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New Version of Recurring Payments for Easy Digital Downloads Released

For many WordPress business owners, such as plugin and theme sellers, the big news this week was the release of a new version of Recurring Payments for Easy Digital Downloads.

Most people in the WordPress community that are selling themes and plugins do so using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and specifically the excellent Software Licensing add-on.

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Attending Pressnomics 2016

Next week myself and Alyona will be at the Pressnomics conference in Phoenix. We’re really looking forward to making the most of this awesome conference.

For those of you who are hearing about it for the first time, Pressnomics is the conference for those that power the WordPress Economy. It’s organised by the Strebel family, founders of Pagely. In attendance there will be many successful WordPress entrepreneurs like Pippin Williamson, Tony Perez, Cory Miller, Carl Hancock and of course my podcast co-host James Laws.

Read more → – A New WordPress-centered Business Podcast

Last week I launched a new podcast,, with my friend James Laws from WP Ninjas. In this podcast we talk about doing business within the WordPress ecosystem. We will be having a number of guests joining us in the near future as we discuss the different facets of doing business with WordPress.

The first five episodes are out and we already have some very good feedback (thanks to everyone who has left a review so far!). I encourage you to check them out and givve us feedback. Podcasting is a new thing for both of us but we are very motivated and want to make this an important resource for all those who want to get into the WordPress product space as well as those who are already in it.

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WP Mayor is 5 Years Old!

WP Mayor is 5 years old! I started this site in November 2010 as a way of sharing what I was learning while developing WordPress websites for clients (I ran an agency in Malta at the time).

I’m very thankful of how the site has grown during the past five years, it’s a long time in internet years and while others have fallen by the wayside we have continued going strong. Thankfully this is no longer a one man job, Alyona and Mark have been doing a great job, and we also need to thank the many guest bloggers who have contributed and continue to contribute regularly.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the regular readers, as well as the many WordPress plugin/theme developers and service providers who have worked with us throughout the year as we strive to lead WordPress users to the best resources.

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My Recap of Web Summit 2015 in Dublin

As mentioned in earlier posts, this year I’ve tried to vary my conference schedule by attending more non-WordPress events in order to widen my perspectives and get a better feel of how the tech world in general is moving.

Last week I attended Web Summit in Dublin, and I have to say that it has by far been the biggest and most interesting tech conference I’ve been to. With over 40,000 participants and some amazing speakers like Michael Dell, Dan Brown and Stewart Butterfield, it’s one conference I don’t regret going to.

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Attending SmashingConf Europe – My Experience

Last week I had the pleasure of attending SmashingConf Europe, which was held in the fantastic city of Barcelona. This year, as I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am making an effort to attend conferences outside the WordPress track. I’m doing this to widen my network as well as to avoid getting too focused on the WordPress world while ignoring other technologies that are taking the web world by storm.

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