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MicroConf Europe Recap, and Why WordPress Product Sellers Should Attend

A short while ago I had announced that I’d be attending MicroConf Europe here in Barcelona.

MicroConf is a conference for self-funded startups. When I heard that description the first time I heard of MicroConf, I immediately thought of the WordPress community. Why? Well, if there’s one ecosystem that is chock full of self-funded bootstrapping entrepreneurs it has to be the WordPress one. I did meet a number of WordPress product owners at MicroConf Europe, and all agreed that it was a great experience and they’d be returning next year. Read on to learn why I think you should attend the next MicroConf.

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WP RSS Aggregator Is Looking To Partner Up With Some Great Developers

Our WP RSS Aggregator plugin is growing at a steady pace and has exceeded the 300,000 all-time downloads mark. What this means is that we’re also getting more requests for some fine tuning here and there, as well as help with certain custom setups for our premium add-ons. While our support team is doing a great job in providing useful and continuous support to our customers, these custom jobs can take up a lot of time that our small team currently doesn’t have to offer. So if you’ve worked with WP RSS Aggregator before or are simply familiar with the way it works, we’d love to hear from you and possibly feature your services on our website to have you help out these customers where needed.

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WP RSS Aggregator Reaches 300,000 Downloads!

Our WP RSS Aggregator plugin has surpassed an incredible 300,000 all-time downloads, and we’re all very excited about what the future holds for us! Starting out as a simple plugin created by Jean himself for personal use, this plugin quickly got the public’s attention and continually evolved into the core plugin and string of add-ons it is today.

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Pressnomics 4 Dates Announced

The dates for Pressnomics 4 have just been announced.

The well-known conference that centers around the business of WordPress will be held on the 3rd and 4th of March 2016 in Phoenix.

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Looking for a Designer / Theme Developer

We’re looking for a freelance web designer / WordPress theme developer to help us in some new ventures. We are looking for someone with specific experience in building websites for digital products.

If that sounds like you, please get in touch.

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WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Multi Importer Removed from Plugin Repo

In the past few hours one of the most popular RSS WordPress plugins was removed from the WordPress Plugin Repository. I’m referring to WP RSS Multi Importer.

Support was lacking over a few months, to say the least, but the sudden complete removal of this plugin has left many users stranded.

For those of you who still use RSS Multi Importer, we now recommended switching to WP RSS Aggregator.

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Jean Galea on the Podcast

This week I was a guest on the podcast with Douglas Yuen. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Doug about WP Mayor, WP RSS Aggregator, and the WordPress community. I also took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about getting started with podcasting, as we plan to start our own podcast here on WP Mayor.

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WP RSS Aggregator is Looking for Translators

The WP RSS Aggregator project is looking for translators to translate the core plugin and add-ons into several languages.

If you’re interested in doing a translation, a copy of all premium add-ons is on offer per language translated.

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WP Mayor is 4 Years Old!

A bit over four years ago, I launched WP Mayor as a way of recording what I’d been learning and also listing some of my favourite WordPress products.

I’m very thankful of how the site has grown during the past four years, we continue to experience growth year after year and the site is now run by three people rather than just myself. During the past months, you’ve been seeing a lot of content from Alyona and Mark, so I’m glad to officially introduce them here and thank them for all the work they’ve been doing.

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WordAi add-on for WP RSS Aggregator Released

WP RSS Aggregator, the leading RSS feed import plugin for WordPress, continues to go from strength to strength with the release of the WordAi add-on this week. The new add-on provides integration with the WordAi content spinning service and came about in response to demand by a good chunk of the user base.

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