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WP RSS Aggregator Is Looking To Partner Up With Some Great Developers

Our WP RSS Aggregator plugin is growing at a steady pace and has exceeded the 300,000 all-time downloads mark. What this means is that we’re also getting more requests for some fine tuning here and there, as well as help with certain custom setups for our premium add-ons. While our support team is doing a great job in providing useful and continuous support to our customers, these custom jobs can take up a lot of time that our small team currently doesn’t have to offer. So if you’ve worked with WP RSS Aggregator before or are simply familiar with the way it works, we’d love to hear from you and possibly feature your services on our website to have you help out these customers where needed.

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WP RSS Aggregator Reaches 300,000 Downloads!

Our WP RSS Aggregator plugin has surpassed an incredible 300,000 all-time downloads, and we’re all very excited about what the future holds for us! Starting out as a simple plugin created by Jean himself for personal use, this plugin quickly got the public’s attention and continually evolved into the core plugin and string of add-ons it is today.

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My Experience at WordCamp Europe 2015

This year the 3rd edition of WordCamp Europe was held in Seville, Spain. Like the previous editions, it was a big event with around a 1,000 attendees and overall very well run thanks to a great team of organisers and volunteers.

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Pressnomics 4 Dates Announced

The dates for Pressnomics 4 have just been announced.

The well-known conference that centers around the business of WordPress will be held on the 3rd and 4th of March 2016 in Phoenix.

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WordPress.org To Overhaul Recommended Hosting Page

Since 2005 WordPress.org has had a Recommended Hosting Page dedicated to this process of choosing the best host for you, but it hasn’t done a good job at all. In fact, many have complained about it for years and years with no changes ever being made. This is finally no longer true, as WordPress.org are putting the Recommended Hosting page through a complete overhaul.

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WP Engine Launch Automated Migration Plugin

Have you ever tried migrating a WordPress site manually? If you have, or know someone who has, you know how complicated, sometimes expensive and long a process it can be.

That’s why WP Engine have just launched a new plugin to significantly reduce the time it takes to fully migrate a site to their managed WordPress hosting platform – WP Engine Automated Migration.

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See You at WordCamp Europe 2015!

We’re off to WordCamp Europe 2015 in Seville, we’ll be there on Wednesday around noon, just in time to meet a few people and check the city out before WordCamp goes in full swing. We’re super excited to be attending this event, I’m sure it will be the biggest WordCamp Europe so far.

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Looking for a Designer / Theme Developer

We’re looking for a freelance web designer / WordPress theme developer to help us in some new ventures. We are looking for someone with specific experience in building websites for digital products.

If that sounds like you, please get in touch.

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Pro Plugin Directory Launched This Week

There are free WordPress plugins and there are WordPress plugins that you must pay for. These are often called “premium” WordPress plugins. Free plugins can be found in the official plugin directory on WordPress.org, but premium WordPress plugins are not likely to ever be listed here. So how can premium plugins be found then?

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WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Multi Importer Removed from Plugin Repo

In the past few hours one of the most popular RSS WordPress plugins was removed from the WordPress Plugin Repository. I’m referring to WP RSS Multi Importer.

Support was lacking over a few months, to say the least, but the sudden complete removal of this plugin has left many users stranded.

For those of you who still use RSS Multi Importer, we now recommended switching to WP RSS Aggregator.

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