One Page Business Pro – One Page WordPress Theme Review

Researched and tested by Pooja Vangikar
Researched and tested by Pooja Vangikar
This article was researched and written by our experts using our in-depth Analysis Methodology.

One Page Business Pro is, as the name implies, is a one page WordPress theme developed by CyberChimps that is quite suitable for business that needs a clean and natty-looking website, one that also adds greatly to a positive user experience.
The One Page Business Pro theme has a very smart layout with only the essential menus and widgets for keeps, beautiful parallax scrolling used tactfully to get the desired effect, and customizable pages for more personalization.

Installing the One Page Business Pro Theme

To install the theme, you will need to purchase it from CyberChimps store. You can also check out the theme demo on the store to see how the final website will look like. Once the theme is downloaded, go to your WordPress dashboard. Click on ‘Add New’ to upload the theme file. Then activate the this one page WordPress theme.
Once the theme is activated, you should explore its various features. The One Page Business Pro offers customization on every website page and other places as well, giving you a chance to get creative and make a website that’s identifiable with your company.

Customizable Features

Home Section
Home Section - One Page Business Pro

The heading on the home page can be customized in H1 format. There is a call-to-action button that you can rename to link to any section or page on the website. This can be changed as needed, like say, if you have an offer running and want your visitors to be redirected to a specific landing page. You can always modify the function of the call-to-action button.

About Us Section
About section

This page has 3 major segments – the title, description, and image. You can change any of these three parts, adding, removing or modifying them as needed.

Services Section
Services sSection - One Page Business Pro

The services page can be displayed in a box element. Small graphics can accompany the text to make it more interactive and a quick read. The services section also has dynamic alignment like the graphics, and the boxes adjust in size and align themselves on the screen depending on their number.

Team Section
Team section - One Page Business Pro

This section also uses box elements for introducing your team to the readers. There is a picture accompanied by a brief description. You can also add social media icons at the bottom for visitors to follow your team members.

Contact Section

This theme comes with an in-built contact form that saves you the time and effort of creating one from scratch. You can add fields like name, email ID, contact number in the form, and provide your own details like the company address with an accompanying map, as well as contact information. This theme allows you to customize the appearance of the form.

Features of the One Page Business Pro – Single Page WordPress Theme

The One Page Business Pro comes with a host of customizable and amazing features. Let’s take a look!

100% Responsiveness and SEO Optimization

The One Page Business Pro is a fully-responsive theme that works seamlessly without losing its magic on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, i Phones, i Pads, etc. The theme is also SEO optimized, which helps with your website’s rankings. A big saver on SEO and responsiveness efforts!

Modifiable Sections
Modify sections

You can show or hide sections are per your requirement, like whenever you want to add a new tab/page or remove an existing one. Additionally, this theme also allows you to rename the sections. Hence, your Testimonials page can be renamed as ‘What They Say’ and your About Us page can become ‘Our Story’.

Modal Portfolio
Modal Portfolio

The portfolio section in this theme comes with a modal effect. This displays your portfolio images at the top of the current page, making it easier for your users to view the portfolio whenever they are browsing through the website. This makes the experience more impactful.

Dynamic Graphics Alignment
Dynamic Allignment

The One Page Business Pro theme has a dynamic alignment features for images. Images are automatically resized to fit the screen as per the number. Lesser images will appear larger in size, and as the number increases, image size decreases to accommodate more. This way, you can show more pictures on your site, because you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. And the one page WordPress theme lays them out very nicely.

Testimonials Slider
Testimonial slider

The Testimonials page comes with a slider so that readers can check out what your clients have to say one by one or by going to a particular review. This also takes up lesser screen space than a vertical scrolling page on the website.

Other Awesome Features

Fit-to-screen Home Page Image. The Home section has a fit-to-screen image that adjusts across the width of the page. Hence, it is ideal to select an image that is more vertical than horizontal, with greater width than height. You can add your company’s name, slogan, and logo with a nice image for the Home page.

Sticky Menu

The sticky menu shows up at the top of the page no matter which section you scroll to. Even if you go down to the Testimonials page by clicking on it from the menu, the menu bar shows up at the top of the screen. You can click on any tab and go to the next page from there.

Instant Scrolling

The One Page Business Pro theme comes with an instant page scrolling effect that scrolls/slides down to the desired page instead of loading it. This gives an appealing appearance to the website.

Customizable Typography

You can make your website prettier and more identifiable with your business by using this theme’s customizable typography and colors. You can change the colors of the skin, menus, fonts, link colors, etc. as well as the size and font of website text.

Social Media Icons

Adding social media buttons to your footer will encourage your users to follow you on various networks. You can add icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and any other channels you may be on.

Purchasing the One Page Business Pro Theme

This theme can be purchased from the CyberChimps Theme store for $27. It is also part of CyberChimps’ Club which is for $67 which consists of 57 stunning themes & plugins. You can even check out the demo and see if it fits your requirement.

The Verdict

The One Page Business Pro theme is a good choice for corporate houses, media companies, service-providing agencies, creative ventures, freelancers, and professional businesses. It is easy to use, highly-customizable, offers appealing visual effects and is 100% responsive.
The single page layout saves loading time, server space, and directs customers to relevant pages immediately. If you are looking for a one-page website with a professional yet adaptable layout, then this is the best WordPress theme for it.

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Tested and reviewed by Pooja Vangikar
Pooja loves all things WordPress and has a blast working with the CyberChimps Team. She makes sure you stay updated with what’s new in the CyberChimps world. Her team loves her too, though she suspects it is a little to do with the fact that she cooks and bakes yummy goodies for them often.

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