11 One Page WordPress Themes for Portfolio Sites

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Do you consider yourself a creative mind, artist, or photographer? Well, why does your website still not bring any results? Chances are you’ve taken the wrong route and your website is still a work in progress with no end in sight. Let me give you a few good reasons to check out these one-page WordPress themes for your portfolio.
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Do you consider yourself a creative mind, artist, or photographer? Well, why does your website still not bring any results? Chances are you’ve taken the wrong route and your website is still a work in progress with no end in sight. Let me give you a few good reasons to check out these one-page WordPress themes for your portfolio.

  • All of them can help you build a mobile-friendly online home that you own and control.
  • Coded in line with the latest website design guidelines, you get a website that gives you instant credibility.
  • They are highly functional so your website interacts with your prospective clients in a way that provides a great experience.
  • The photography industry is competitive, so an SEO-friendly one-page WordPress theme will give you a leg up on the competition.
  • Your website will pay for itself a hundred times over if you pick a one-page WordPress theme that makes you money.

And the list goes on… You’d better take a look for yourself. If you know how to tell stories with your work, let your beautiful portfolio website help to win over your audience’s heart overnight. All in all, isn’t that what your business strives for?

1. Astra

Astra One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes

If you’re looking to quickly build a highly customizable portfolio site, give Astra a look. Used by over a million WordPress users around the world, Astra comes with over 150 premade templates built with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and Gutenberg. Many of these templates are designed specifically for portfolios. So, they showcase your work and make it look awesome!

You can display your work in a variety of ways, all of which use a minimal but modern design to highlight your images. There’s also a space to showcase your services, add contact and about pages, and write blog posts about your professional progress.

Astra also comes with a ton of customization options. In fact, they are nearly endless. You can customize headers and footers, colors, fonts, layouts, blog excerpts, and virtually any other aspect of your site. Support for WooCommerce is really strong, too, which means you can easily sell your products. It also integrates really well with social media, which is important for sharing your work! Perhaps most importantly, Astra is less than 50KB, which means your site will load really quickly!

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2. Alice Burton

Alice Burton One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


Want to challenge yourself as a professional lifestyle blogger? Great, then Alice Burton could be your new home. Based on Elementor, it’s a smart solution for those who are afraid of tricky coding issues. Elementor is one of the most advanced and popular drag-n-drop live page builders for WordPress, so the customization of your website is no longer a concern. No matter how skilled you are, adding new layouts to your website is kid’s play. On top of that, bundled with a rich variety of Jet plugins, your website gets the functionality needed to build a fully-fledged resource without calling in the expensive pros.

Even though English is one of the most used languages in the world, it might not necessarily be the best one for your audience. So, if you’ve done the research and found that your lifestyle blog has a lot of demand in Germany for example, the multilingual approach might be your smartest bet. Pre-packaged with the WPML plugin, you get no limitations in functionality and support. As a result, your fully multilingual website can win the hearts of a new market.

Forget about just showcasing your awesome works on your portfolio site. Instead, prove your authority on topics you care about. At the end of the day, your lifestyle blog has a chance to become a go-to resource for your readers. Awesome stories that engage and convert traffic, secret tips & tricks that solve problems, personal experience – these are the things your readers care about.

Search engine friendly, modern and powerful, your website can help grow your business. Empower your website with Alice Burton to become the top service provider in your niche.

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3. Pinky Winky

Pinky Winky One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


Are you going to build a website to appeal to a female audience? Do it right with Pinky Winky. Designed with a feminine touch in mind, this fully responsive and highly functional Elementor-based template is nothing but surprising. Pinky colors, lavish styling, and glossy touches are sure to give your pages that schmaltzy appearance it needs. Easy-to-use and edit, Pinky Winky is second to none for those with a skill gap. Spruce up your woman’s blog like a pro and don’t write a single line of code. Over 500 pre-styled modules will come to your aid.

No matter what you’d like to share on your site – ideas, female interests, fashion news, or mummy topics, keep thinking about your target reader. Better yet, go beyond just publishing interesting content on your site’s pages. If there’s any single way to increase your earning opportunities, take advantage of it. Monetize your website with WooCommerce. Adding an online store that sells your works or services is always great. First, it makes your products become accessible to the entire world. Second, it’s a surefire way to increase your revenue. Are there any key benefits of your products or services you’d like to highlight? Let WooCommerce Product Table help you achieve your goal. Need to create beautiful product pages? No problem, add multiple payment gateways and bring more value to your business.

Bundled with a set of Jet plugins, Pinky Winky can help liven up your women’s blog & add some level of interactivity. On top of that, you can select from a variety of headers & footers or create your own in minutes. Thanks to the modular structure it’s all up to you how many new pages to build. Also, add social media venues to your site to increase your exposure and website traffic. Build hype around your women’s blog!

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4. Melissa

Melissa One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


Without a doubt, photography is competitive, so if that puts you off, you’re in the wrong game. Melissa is a one-page WordPress theme that can help your photography portfolio get publicity via search engines. SEO-optimized, responsive, and modern, Melissa is sure to get you ahead of that competition. As a result, your portfolio site can make it onto the first page of the search engine results to help people find it. No matter what WordPress SEO tools are making waves, do it right to climb to the top of the search engine results.

A website built with Melissa can showcase your creative works professionally. Designed in a stylish and elegant manner, you get a leg up on the competition. Don’t waste time on tricky coding issues, Elementor has made things easier for you. Simply drag and drop design elements to where you need them most and let your creativity flourish. No more techy bits that make your brain hurt. Go and customize almost every design element to your taste. All in all, nothing worthwhile comes without effort. If you plan to corner the photography market, it’s your chance to show off.

Every serious business owner starts a blog to achieve a level of recognition so needed to win the market. What is the best way to keep your readers informed and inspired? Indeed, to start an interesting & engaging blog rich in articles and photo stories that speak directly to your readers. On top of that, the functionality of the JetBlog plugin will add a bit of extra vibe to your blog and make readers go wow. It provides a responsive and retina-ready photography website that creates demand even for mobile users. Want to earn money from photography? The Ecwid plugin can do the trick. It allows you to add a shopping cart to your site and monetize your online resource. If you want to try your hand at it, check its live demo first.

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5. Shapely

Shapely One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


When on the lookout for the best one-page WordPress themes, don’t miss out on Shapely. This versatile, pixel-perfect, and feature-rich solution can revamp your online image. In fact, Shapely is a free solution that offers unmatched customization options. It could be right at home for all kinds of business websites. Whether you need to create a landing page, eCommerce store, or an online magazine, you can’t go wrong with Shapely. Even though it’s not a premium solution, it can deliver top SEO results due to its well-optimized structure.

Its WooCommerce integration allows you to build your online store for less. Apart from that, it’s compatible with Jetpack, Yoast SEO, and Google Analytics plugins to make your content as convenient for as many site visitors as possible. This way you can shape and direct your creative work, improving your content for the future. Of course, its responsive layout adjusts to all modern mobile screen sizes, even the smallest ones.

Using the power of the WP Customizer, Shapely is easy to edit and manage. You can edit footer copyright information, change element color or add a new hero image. A  full-screen hero image can help you get as many eyes on your content as possible. On top of that, Shapely supports the WPML plugin, so your multilingual website can easily tap into the heart of a new market. If you are not ready to invest in a premium one-page WordPress theme, Shapely could be your best bet.

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6. Societic

Societic One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


Are you ready to move mountains for your blogging business? If you need to revamp your online image and create a good-looking website, then give Societic a try. Lifetime blogging speaks about a more unique blend of interests, so whatever topic you bring up, all of them are gathered together by one author – you. These could be your personal & travel experiences, daily activities, or family stories. If you want to present your content in a more stylish way, the time is now.

Because visitors to your site will start forming an opinion on what they think about you within the first seconds, the appearance of your site needs to be spot on. You can play around with its built-in options and make any changes you want to bring more attention to your pages. The best thing is that the bundle of Jet plugins would be your greatest ally right from the start. Want to create your own footers, headers or organize your content into accordion blocks? No problem, there is at least one Jet plugin that will do the trick.

Don’t forget to update your portfolio regularly. An inactive portfolio is a big no-no and gives the wrong impression. Since Societic is a fully responsive and retina-ready WordPress template, your website will correctly scale to all screen sizes of all modern devices. On top of that, it’s designed in line with the best SEO practices.

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7. Simple Folio

Simple Folio One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


Simple Folio is a clean and minimalist solution with almost endless possibilities. It will certainly make your website look stunning and it’s easy to see why. The thing Simple Folio is rich in is tons of built-in options that any creative mind would love. Developed for online magazines, Simple Folio fits personal, travel, or beauty blogs. Fresh and modern, it’s perfect for artists, freelancers, and creative folks who want to introduce themselves in a clever way. Try to give your business a boost with Simple Folio and you’ll be impressed by the way it serves you. On top of that, the responsive slider on the homepage is your best advertising tool, so make the best of it.

Afraid of fewer coding skills? No need to worry, Simple Folio is very easy to set up and customize. Control the appearance of your portfolio site like a pro. Change color palettes, tweak theme options or make any other changes you need to stand out. Don’t worry if this sounds overwhelming, I promise it’s super simple. It comes with a mobile-friendly design that resizes to fit any device so your site can look great on a phone, tablet, or desktop. It’s not news to anyone that your target audience is finding your website through a search engine like Google. For that reason, Simple Folio is SEO-optimized to help people find you.

In addition, its clean and minimalist layout helps you keep your homepage uncluttered and simple. This in turn will help your portfolio site to appeal to more people and makes it more user-friendly. Don’t forget that your blog page is your go-to tool that can result in a dramatic boost in promotion. Find your target market’s pain points and post your answers to them on your website.

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8. Monstroid2

Monstroid2 One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


With so many great things said about Monstroid2, it’s still hard not to mention it. There are tons of one-page WordPress themes out there but it’s hard to find any that does its job better than Monstroid2. It’s not just another WP template that adds to already existing stuff. Rather, it’s something you’d love at first sight. Having won the hearts of over ten thousand (that’s 10,000) users, Monstroid2 is still making waves. The Elementor page builder is one of its perks, allowing you to minify as many coding issues as possible. Say goodbye to those pesky barriers on your way to creating a modern & powerful website.

Monstroid2 is a universal solution that includes 20 eye-catching high-end skins that each stand out in their own way. The collection of skins will continue to grow ensuring Monstroid2 is always up-to-date. Want to change your niche? No worries, switch the skin in the Monstroid2 dashboard and grow from there. It’s great because it offers all the help you need when you’re just starting out. On top of that, it’s super light and has an extra fast speed loading time.

Perfect for all kinds of business websites, Monstroid2 is no exception for eCommerce projects. Launch your online store and sell items online with the WooCommerce package. You can go as far as you like with this theme, and it even comes with a family of Jet plugins to make your website the front porch of your business. Need to spruce up your portfolio site with spectacular mega menus, visual effects, or headers & footers? Get creative, Monstroid2 knows no boundaries!

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9. OnePage

OnePage One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


OnePage is a great choice for building a website with a minimalist style. It’s second to none for an online magazine, personal or travel blog, and digital studio agency. Clean, attractive, and modern, it can help promote almost any type of project or online content. Of course, like other one-page WordPress themes in this list, OnePage is fully responsive. It automatically adjusts to fit any mobile device making it easy for your users to enjoy browsing it. No matter who your target audience is, they will have no trouble accessing your website. In fact, its squeaky clean layout can make your site a visual treat for all site visitors.

Having the power of the scroll motion slider, OnePage is perfect for promoting your best-selling items or top-rated services. The same goes for sharing reviews you’ve received from a client. Why hide it if it’s going to land you a ton of new leads? Well, if your agency boasts the most caring team in the metro area, no one knows it until you prove it. You can easily add interest and attention to your site pages by making any changes you need. Whether to change the color palette, custom background image or upload a new logo, there’s nothing to stop you from doing that. You can also add social profile links, update footer copyright details, and much more.

Coded in line with the best SEO practices, OnePage can increase your chances of getting ranked higher in search results. Of course, the more unique & valuable your content is, the better is your chance to stay at the top. With OnePage, your stunning portfolio site is minutes away f. If you need to build a website that provides a great distraction-free experience, you’ better go with OnePage.

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10. Stylight

Stylight One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


A successful portfolio website goes beyond just showcasing images. If done right, it shows off your personality, markets your work, builds your brand, and sells both your works and services. With the right WordPress theme, you can go a long way. If you want to build a modern portfolio website that is visited by lots of people, give Stylight a try. The best thing is that a website built with Stylight can break down the barriers that stand between you and the masses.

Eye-catching, clean and minimalist, Stylight can help catch every visitor’s eye. In fact, it comes with a Parallax effect to make your portfolio site look more vivid and unique. Stylight is a WPML ready solution so your portfolio site is open to foreign markets too. Forget all the coding issues that make your head spin. That’s where the power of the Elementor page builder comes into play once again. You’ll find creating new layouts on your own rather fun and enjoyable. It goes without saying that Stylight comes with a responsive & retina-ready layout from the ground up. As a result, it grows your chances of getting noticed by a larger audience.

What is the best way to help your business grow? Monetize your portfolio website. It’s an opportunity you can’t miss out on, that’s why the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin would be a huge help. A buffet of eCommerce options will give you all the help you need to make your creative works accessible to the entire world. Once you get your fingers wet, expect your profits to maximize. Apart from that, get creative with different headers, footers, and blog layouts to make sure your website is a cut above the rest. Make your portfolio site the center of your marketing strategy to grow your brand!

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11. OnePress

OnePress One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


What is the best thing you noticed about OnePress? I’ll tell you, it’s a free one-page WordPress theme. And that’s a great option if you’re just starting out and are not ready to invest a ton of money. Clean, flexible, and attractive, it fits developing businesses, agencies, product showcases, and freelance websites. It’s a smart solution for anyone in the creative industry. OnePress comes with several pre-designed sections such as About Us, Services, Team, and the like. Need to edit or remove any of them? No problem, it’s all up to your business needs.

Responsive from the ground up, OnePress adapts to all modern devices and screen sizes hassle-free. Its large hero image is your go-to tool to convey the right message about your brand and the service you provide. You can easily customize its background, CTA buttons, and text to prove your expertise in a clever way – a way that will catch your target audience’s eyes and bring in a larger audience for your web projects. In fact, it’s another specimen of one-page WordPress themes web design that includes a Parallax effect feature. It adds a bit of extra vibe to your portfolio site and makes the browsing experience more enjoyable.

Even though OnePress is free, it allows you to maximize your profits. Jam-packed with WooCommerce functionality, it can turn your website into an online selling tool that grows your brand and revenue. On top of that, OnePress has an excellent page load speed which results in a larger number of engaged prospects. So you reduce the risk of losing a big chunk of prospects because of the never-ending loading process. The same goes for your site rankings. Chances are that your portfolio site will appear up top in search engines due to its SEO-optimized code and your valuable content. To save you a ton of time, it also makes sense to take advantage of a set of custom widgets that are jam-packed into OnePress.

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Final Words

Who said that building a website should make your brain hurt? The process of creating a successful portfolio site should be painless with the right solution. Just as you like creating beautiful art, the site-building process should feel the same way. Think of your portfolio website as your next big thing, and you need to make it shine by all means necessary. That’s where this list of one-page WordPress themes comes into the frame. Test the waters until you find the one that really lights your fire!

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