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Ticket Sales for WordCamp Europe Now Open

One of the events I’m most looking forward to attending this year is WordCamp Europe, and I’ve just been notified that the tickets are now on sale. WordCamp Europe will be held in Leiden (close to Amsterdam) on the 7th and 8th of October, with a contributor day held on the 9th. I’ve already booked my flights and tickets and I hope to see many of you there too.

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Live from WordCamp Seville – Dev Hack Day

Today I’m again at WordCamp Seville for the 2nd and final day. Today is dev hack day, so all talks will be developer oriented. 

If you want to take a look at my presentation slides from yesterday, you can find the link in this post.

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WPMayor Will Attend WordCamp Seville

We’re very happy to announce that we will be present at WordCamp Seville, really looking forward to meet some other WordPress developers and users, as well as touring this magnificent city.

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What the GPL Licence used by WordPress Means

As many of you surely know, WordPress is released under the GPL licence, as are many other open-source software e.g. Linux.

Although you might know that WordPress is GPL-licenced, you might not be aware of what the licence actually consists of and how it affects us as users and developers. Let’s take a look….

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The 10 Best WordPress Blogs to Follow (And Why)

As we start another year which promises to be very exciting for the WordPress community, here are the top 10 blogs to watch out for. Whether you are just starting out in WordPress or are an experience developer, these resources should be in your feed reader. We also hope you add WPMayor to your favourites!

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