PageLines 2.3 Released, What’s New?

Have you heard of Pagelines yet? 

PageLines is a software development company founded to help people become successful online. Built on top of the open source WordPress platform; PageLines’ Framework is designed to help people build fully-featured websites that are also easy to set up and manage.

PageLines Framework 2.3

PageLines Framework is the company’s flagship product, and they have just released version 2.3, the latest and best entry in the WordPress frameworks sphere. The new 2.3 version introduces several finely tuned enhancements. The Framework is now 100% {LESS} – faster & more organized than ever before. It features several aesthetic improvements to popular plugins like Gravity Forms, as well as the native gallery,
comments and pagination sections.

The icons are now polished with retina display loving, and the latest changes from Twitter’s Bootstrap (2.1) have also been integrated. Moreover syntax highlighting to all code editing areas within the WordPress admin is now available. PageLines 2.3 delivers everything you’ve come to love in a sleeker, more refined package.

Here’s an image preview of all the new features in PageLines Framework 2.3:

Framework 2.3 is retina ready with refreshed icons and images that are responsive to your resolution, no matter how close together your pixels are. PageLines went to FontAwesome when looking for a way to help you customize your design even more. Paired with Bootstrap, FontAwesome creates a unique experience in designing with icons. You can color them, add shadows, and resize without quality degradation. Place them anywhere you want – on a button, in a list, within your navigation bar or if you’re feeling particularly awesome, in a post or page.

PageLines have re-engineered the flexibility of your media library. Next to every single image upload option is an “Add image from library” button, which completely removes any problems with duplicate images. Upload your image once, and be done with it.

Gone are the days of sorting through code that all looks the same, as Framework 2.3 has built in syntax highlighting for all code editors within the WordPress admin. This makes it even easier for you to keep track of and update your customizations. The PageLines Store has been an ever expanding library of wonderful extensions.

The user experience has improved since 2.2, with integrated search and better organization of Free, Premium and Featured themes, sections and plugins. PageLines Plus, a monthly subscription service, is also expanding. Exciting things are in store for Plus subscribers; not just within the PageLines software itself, but beyond and into the WordPress community. Expect announcements regarding exclusive deals that only Plus subscribers will be able to take advantage of.

New Features in PageLines Framework 2.3

So let’s have a recap on all the new features in PageLines Framework 2.3, shall we?

  • 100% {LESS}
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • FontAwesome Integration
  • Retina Icons
  • Twitter Bootstrap 2.1 Integration
  • Progress Bars
  • Third Tier Dropdowns
  • Ability to override core LESS files in Child Themes
  • “Add Image from Library” button
  • Bug Fixes & Small Enhancements
  • Supersize BG better mobile support
  • Cleaned up duplicated CSS
  • Disable inadvertent user select in admin
  • Upgraded Scripts (Supersize, Bootstrap)
  • Enhanced use of CSS3; removed legacy CSS techniques

Have you laid your hands on PageLines Framework yet? What do you think about it?

Download PageLines Framework 2.3

Here’s a video showing all the latest goodies in Framework 2.3:

Download PageLines Framework 2.3

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