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The parallax effect serves as a wonderful way to grab visitor attention and push them to check out your content. The interesting part is that you generally can't get a parallax effect without spending money, or the feature doesn't work all that well when selecting a free WordPress theme.
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The parallax effect serves as a wonderful way to grab visitor attention and push them to check out your content. The interesting part is that you generally can’t get a parallax effect without spending money, or the feature doesn’t work all that well when selecting a free WordPress theme.

Fortunately, we’ve landed upon a free solution call Parallax One, from the folks at ThemeIsle, and it packs a nice punch for those who are stretched thin with their budget. But keep in mind that you don’t need to sacrifice on quality. The Parallax One theme has various design components that make it ideal for creatives and businesses alike, since you receive a clean interface and a stunning header (parallax) for showing off your most recent works or accomplishments.


What’s more is that the Parallax One WordPress theme works as a one page theme, bringing your websites into the digital era, so that users can find most of your content on a single page, instead of navigating to dozens of other pages.

All that said, keep reading to learn about the benefits and features from the Parallax One theme, and check out the download link or demo to see if it’s right for you.

What Stands Out About the Parallax One Theme?

As we stated before, the parallax effect is the primary element that makes Parallax One an intriguing choice. The parallax feature takes up the majority of the screen, prompting people to take action or to see how creative you are. Upload your logo to that same parallax header, and include overlaying text for a call to action.

Buttons are also available if you need to link to another post or to a sales landing page. Once a visitor scrolls down the homepage, they are met with several modules which are fully customizable on your end. The parallax effect doesn’t end there, since it pops up further down the page for some added creativity and fun. Change out the background image that shows up for the parallax effect, and include different text and buttons on each parallax module.


Another strong reason to go with the Parallax One theme for your business or personal needs is because it works well on just about any interface. The code is clean for full compatibility with WordPress and plugins, and the theme options panel is powerful for implementing everything from social buttons to color modifications.

The browser compatibility is flawless and any user can bring up the theme on a tablet or phone to see that the page modules snap nicely into place for the ideal viewing experience. Not to mention, the localization tools ensure that you can change what language your site is in so that certain people from different countries can understand what you’re saying.

The Parallax One Primary Features

Along with the parallax effect and compatibility, Parallax One packs in several features reminiscent of a premium theme. For example, the unlimited color options allow you to customize colors for buttons, text and background components. This works wonders for those who need to brand their sites, and for those who simply want to stand out from other websites.

What other features are included with the Parallax One WordPress theme?

A Latest News and Events Module


Part of running a successful website is the part where you have to keep your customers informed on a consistent basis. For example, if you let your websites go stagnant for a few months, you may find that the search engines stop paying attention to you and so do your users.

This is not a good thing, so it’s essential to keep users happy with valuable information. The Parallax One theme provides a handy solution that fits right on your one page layout. It feeds in events, news and other information for you to make your customers feel like they matter and to let the search engines know that you’re alive.

A Testimonials Area


Testimonials are one of the main reasons consumers buy from companies in general, so the Parallax One theme offers a module for sharing quotes and images from your past customers. Make your most valuable customers feel special, since you use their words, and give your company some credibility with kind words from other people.

A Stunning Contact Page with Google Maps Integration


A Contact page is only effective when your customers actually use it to find where you’re located. With the Parallax One theme you receive a stunning Google Maps integration, which takes up most of the screen for people to search where your brick and mortar shops are located. Here‘s a great collection of best contact form plugins.

You can also include a quick link to your phone number, email address and address, which works wonders when people are on their phones and they want to click once to call or email your business.

A Spot to Show off the Members of Your Team


If you employ or work with a group of people, a nice way to connect with your customers is to show off the faces of the people who work in your office. People enjoy buying from people, so it’s essential to give your company a personality, instead of simply acting like the company is run by itself.

The Parallax One team member area gives you that functionality for free. Post nicely formatted pictures of your team, and incorporate descriptions, links and titles.

A Full Blog


Along with the recent news area, a blog serves as a great way to keep your customers updated and to ensure that search engines are pushing more traffic to your site. The Parallax One theme integrates perfectly with WordPress for you to create your own posts and reveal tutorials, documentation, videos and anything else that may catch the attention of your visitors.

The blog area even provides some nice sidebars for you to collect emails and to drop various other widgets for things like recent posts, products and recent tweets. The featured images show up quite well, and a short description of each blog post is revealed to convince users that they should click to read more.

The Ability to Sell Products and Services


Do you have any products to sell your users? If that’s the case, the Parallax One theme has a beautiful eCommerce layout for integrating with plugins like WooCommerce. Hook up to a payment processor and start accepting payments through your very own website.

People can place items in their shopping cart and check out without even leaving your website. This is the functionality that you can generally only find in a premium WordPress theme, so it’s certainly worth checking out if you have any intention of selling physical or digital products.

Clean Social Media Integration

When you install the Parallax One theme you’ll notice that there’s no need for you to go out and install a third-party social media plugin, since the theme provides clean, branded social media buttons to send people to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Move these social media buttons anywhere you want on your site, and play around with the different options like LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

Parallax One Pricing

Everyone loves free stuff, but anyone who’s worked with free WordPress themes knows it’s completely hit or miss. You may run into a conflict with one of your plugins, or the functionality and design might not quite be there. With the Parallax One theme you have absolutely nothing to worry about, and it’s completely free.

Use it on any of the sites you have, or implement the theme on a bunch of your client sites, considering the code is solid, it works like a premium theme and it includes useful and unique features like the parallax effect. The download even lands you one full year of updates and support, similar to that of a premium theme.

What’s the Support Like Over at ThemeIsle?


ThemeIsle provides support for all customers, even those who decide to download a free theme like Parallax One. The support is always 100% free, and you receive a response from the team within 24 hours. Feel free to contact the support team through email, or check out the support forum to chat with other people who may be having the same problems as you. You can even view the FAQs page, which may cut down on your research time if someone else has addressed your situation in the past.

Over to You…

Now that you’ve had a chance to understand exactly what the Parallax One theme has to offer, consider downloading it here or viewing the demo for a quick look into how the theme works on a computer or mobile device.

From parallax effects to custom one page modules, the Parallax One theme has just about everything you could ask for in terms of a premium (yet free) and creative WordPress theme. Have you had a chance to try out the Parallax One WordPress theme for your own site or your client sites? If so, let us know in the comments area what you think about it, and consider talking about your favorite feature.

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