Peaxl Launch New Website and Theme

Theme shop Peaxl, made up of duo Francis and Thibaut, have just launched a new version of their site and a brand new theme, Diary.

Diary uses post formats in a really nice new way. The developers have really gotten the most out of post formats and tried to make it as easy to use as with Tumblr. You can check out the video of how it works:

Thibaut and Francis launched their theme shop Peaxl last August and started with selling parent and child themes. They soon realized that customers were a bit reluctant to go with that organization. They then decided to do a new version of their website with a new offer and going simpler, selling “normal” WordPress themes.

The two met 4 years ago while doing freelance projects together. They were both WordPress experts and decided to work together. Work on Peaxl started in 2010 but it took some time to launch the project as they already had a lot of customers projects.

All their themes are responsive and simple to customize. As WordPress devs, they have a very clear idea of what devs want when they use WordPress themes for their clients. They also know that providing too many options is never a good thing for users. So they try to keep it simple, user friendly and try to provide great design to enhance content.

I really like what Peaxl have come up with, and wish them best of luck with their endeavours!

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6 Responses

  1. FxB
    FxB May 26, 2012 at 16:20 | | Reply

    Great themes, long life to this euro wordpress team, the integration of the wp-post-formats from crowdfavorite looks really good and the minimalism style looks hype today.

  2. Thibaut
    Thibaut May 27, 2012 at 09:47 | | Reply


    Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate that. Sorry to disagree, but we did *not* integrate wp-post-formats from Crowdfavorite. We only used a couple of lines from Alex for the gallery refresh (and he’s credited!), but that’s all…

    It means that we came with our very own solution and development, we didn’t integrate a previously developed one. There is a huge difference! 😉

  3. FxB
    FxB May 27, 2012 at 12:24 | | Reply

    Sorry for the mistake and misunderstanding, i was talking about the idea, the concept, not the code in itself, it doesn’t change my point of you of course: all the best to you

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