7 Steps to Pick the Perfect Theme for Your eLearning Website

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Picking the right e-learning theme is about understanding your requirements and choosing a theme that supports them well. Here we discuss the 7 key aspects of selecting the perfect theme for your e-learning website!
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The eLearning space is competitive. As an educator wanting to take the online route, you’d want to stay ahead or at least be on par with your competition.

Well, out of many, two factors can make your eLearning website special:

  1. Content, and
  2. Appearance!

While you must’ve mastered the first factor – content, the second can be tackled by choosing an apt e-learning theme, that’s functional and offers contemporary styling.

Surely, you can go with a standard, multipurpose theme just as well. But a carefully selected e-learning theme can bring to light the best elements your LMS has to offer. After all, a theme is integral to the student experience on your website.

The Importance of Choosing a Suitable eLearning Theme

There are several reasons why you should stop and think, before picking a theme for your e-learning website. Ask yourself the following questions:

Question: Is my e-learning theme compatible with my LMS?

Your LMS is the foundation of your website. Naturally, you need to select every other element that blends well with it. Your theme is NOT an exception! You wouldn’t want issues due to LMS incompatibility, would you?

Question: Is the theme meant for learners?

The design or layouts offered by the e-learning theme should complement the learning process. You do not want designs and graphics that overwhelm students or distract them from learning as that would beat the purpose of your website.

Question: Is the theme optimized?

Most multipurpose themes have one major problem – they’re heavy and sluggish because a large amount of functionality is included in the theme. A lightweight theme especially tailored for e-learning can be loads better.

Along with these, there are several other factors that make picking the right e-learning theme important.

Let’s explore the definitive guide to help you pick the perfect theme for your e-learning website.

The 7 Point Guide to Picking the Perfect eLearning Theme

Picking the perfect e-learning theme is based on your specific requirements. But here are 7 points to help you get thinking.

1. LMS Compatibility

A theme might be appealing and have good layouts, however, the most important step to picking a suitable theme is to check if it is compatible with your LMS.

You can easily find out if the theme is LMS compatible, from the theme features list.

A theme that’s compatible with your LMS platform will integrate with it seamlessly.

Let’s say, for example, your LMS of choice is Moodle, then compatible themes include RemUI, Edutech, Learning Zone, and others. If you have a WordPress-based eLearning site, say with LearnDash, then theme options are eLumine, Social Learner, among others.

2. eCommerce Support

As an eLearning administrator, you’d certainly want to monetize your website. eCommerce support is a must to incorporate convenient payment options and broaden the reach of your brand.

Popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, define their own layouts. In such cases, you would want the e-learning theme to support them, or rather seamlessly integrate them into the website. A theme being e-commerce ready also means that when your e-commerce platform is updated, there are no issues with theme incompatibility.

3. Social Networking Incorporated

Social networking has gone beyond mundane activity or simply connecting with friends. It is rapidly expanding in the educational sector. And the fact is, professionals have started appreciating the potential of social tools.

Course faculties and learners have become more interested in using these tools. It improves the learning process by facilitating course material sharing and forum discussions.

Students discuss their doubts and difficulties freely on social discussion forums such as bbPress. Integrating social networking software like BuddyPress with your LMS strengthens your social existence. It enables you to build online communities, teams, and groups as required by your courseware.

Clearly, your e-learning theme needs to be all set for social networking.

4. Gamification Ready

Gamification is an integral part of the learning process. With the help of rewards, ratings, scorecards, and badges – gamification plays an important role in engaging learners, boosting interest, and creating a sense of competition. So, if you intend to use gamification options, then your e-learning theme must be gamification ready.

0%, You need to pick a theme that supports your gamification needs with templates to display leaderboards, engaging layouts for quizzes, widgets to display points/badges, and so on.

5. Theme Options

While setting up any theme, you’d surely want to fine-tune the styling such as colors to go with your branding, update your logo, and more. Moreover, you’d prefer all these settings to be available without the need to meddle with code. Let’s call this “easy and quick theme personalization”.

To pick a theme with adequate customization options is what you need. Focus on the word adequate; that’s because an abundance of options might be overwhelming and might affect the theme’s performance. 

6. Easy Navigation

Overall student experience on the website is important and the ease of navigation plays a vital role. An easy-to-locate menu with important pages easily accessible can ensure hassle-free navigation.

Breadcrumb navigation is a great plus! It simplifies navigation and enables visitors to understand their current location on your website. It’s more like a “You are Here” marker. And interestingly enough, it boosts SEO as well.

When it comes to your eLearning website, you may also want to use your sidebar to show course modules and lessons. In this case, you would want a different menu to show up for each of your courses. Themes that integrate with your LMS may be able to automatically show the proper sidebar for you, like the AccessAlly theme. It’s also a great place to show students’ progress per course in your sidebar.

Take a look at our AccessAlly review to learn all about what it has to offer.

7. Demo Content

Not every theme provides you with demo content. But then if you want to get your website up and running in less time, go for a theme that includes the option to install demo content. If you’re using LearnDash, eLumine not only gives you demo content – but also has school starter sites that can be installed with 1 click. You can get started with your eLearning website in no time at all!

Now, installing demo content might install some unwanted pages on your website. Just be sure to delete unnecessary content before you go live!


Selecting an e-learning theme should be one of the first steps towards building your website, once you’ve selected the LMS of course.

Picking the right theme is about understanding your requirements and choosing a theme that supports them well. If not anything else, it certainly ensures a headache-free website setup experience.

Think about features you’d want to include on your website, maintain a clear list and pick a theme that meets those needs. Keep a lookout for this eLumine theme as well. With NEO Layouts, this theme can prove to be a game-changer for your eLearning business.

We hope we’ve shed some light on your theme selection woes. For any questions, use the comment section below, to get the conversation started!

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha is a Content Marketer at WisdmLabs. She’s a LearnDash enthusiast and is determined to help readers navigate through the WordPress ecosystem.

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  1. Thank you very much for your valuable insights.

    Well, an “Integrated plugin facility” can imply that the theme supports the plugins made for the LMS it is being used for. It can also imply that the theme comes with all the required plugins pre-installed (like WPLMS). Can you please mention which option you were referring to?

  2. Fantastic steps you accumulated. These steps is very helpful to choose the perfect theme for a eLearning website. Beside all these 7 points can be added “Integrated Plugin facility” Thanks for the article.

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