Introducing The WP Mayor Podcast

Hi, and welcome to The WP Mayor Podcast! I’m Gaby Galea and I’m your host for the show. I would like to introduce you to The WP Mayor podcast, what it is, who it’s for, and why we created it.

Why Did We Create The Podcast?

As a bit of a background, WP Mayor forms part of the RebelCode family. On our blog, we discuss WordPress plugins and services to help you choose the best products for your website.

While we’re doing this, our awesome team is also developing plugins such as the Spotlight Social Media Feeds plugin and the WP RSS Aggregator plugin. This puts us in a very unique position, where we’re constantly reviewing or writing about WordPress products while also developing our very own. In this way, we can really understand the needs of our audience—that’s you—while also having a very strong insight into the business side of things.

With over 10 years of experience, we’ve developed very strong connections with industry leaders, and now we want to introduce them to you.

What Will We Be Discussing?

Through The WP Mayor podcast, we will speak to WordPress professionals who provide products and services to help you build and run your website. We’ll interview them in the same way a discovery call would be, in order to get to know their products, how they work, and the team behind them.

We will occasionally also delve deeper into more business-related discussions such as the process behind maintaining a WordPress product, affiliate marketing, website management, and SEO.

Who Is The Podcast For?

This podcast is for WordPress users, website managers, business owners, designers, developers, virtually anyone in the WordPress community. You’ll find nuggets of information to help grow your own business.

We created the podcast to connect with you – our audience – and for you to get to know our WP Mayor family. Throughout the podcast, I’ll be joined by different WP Mayor team members depending on the subject at hand. Each and every one of us has got our own unique perspective. Without further ado, I can’t wait to get started and onto episode number one!

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About the Show

Join us as we introduce you to some of our friends in the WordPress community.

Learn all about their products and services and discover business techniques to help you enhance your WordPress business.

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Meet your host

Gaby Galea

Gaby is the Content Manager at WP Mayor and your new host on the WP Mayor podcast! She is passionate about learning how to start, maintain and grow a WordPress business. Follow her on Twitter @GabriellaGalea.

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