Pofo Theme Review: 25+ Beautiful Demos For Creatives And Agencies

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Looking for a new theme for your WordPress site? Pofo is a theme that targets itself towards creative agencies, corporate websites, portfolio websites, and blogs. It's WooCommerce ready, comes with 25+ great-looking demo sites and 200+ WPBakery Page Builder templates (formerly known as Visual Composer), and it uses the native WordPress Customizer for easy, real-time edits.
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Looking for a new theme for your WordPress site? Pofo is a theme that targets itself towards creative agencies, corporate websites, portfolio websites, and blogs.

It’s WooCommerce ready, comes with 25+ great-looking demo sites and 200+ WPBakery Page Builder templates (formerly known as Visual Composer), and it uses the native WordPress Customizer for easy, real-time edits.

In my Pofo theme review, I’ll show you some of the demos, take you on a tour of the dashboard, and then run it through a little performance test to see how it loads in the real world.

Let’s jump in!

pofo theme review

Pofo Theme Review: What All Does This Theme Do?

Pofo is one of those themes that offers demos for just about any variation you can think up. In fact, Pofo offers over 200 pre-built templates for you to choose from.

These pre-built templates are spread across 25 different cohesive demo sites. So you can mix-and-match templates within the same aesthetic to customize things to your needs.

Beyond the variety of design styles available to you, Pofo offers:

  • Lots of different header styles, including both horizontal and vertical navigation
  • A variety of blog styles, including a nice masonry card layout
  • WooCommerce support
  • Bundled WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) and Slider Revolution
  • One-page ready for one-page websites
  • Unlimited custom sidebars that you can assign to a variety of areas
  • Font icons from Font Awesome, Themify, or ET-line libraries
  • Page/post-level controls to easily control how individual pieces of content look/function
  • Parallax and video background support
  • Mega menu support
  • Built-in under construction and maintenance pages (cuts out the need for a plugin)
  • Built-in social share buttons (another feature that cuts out the need for a social share plugin)
  • Compatible with WPML for a multilingual site
  • SEO optimization with Google Schema and hentry
  • Styled post templates for audio, video, gallery, slider, quote, etc.

And you also get unlimited updates, which is a nice benefit in a world where a lot of themes charge renewals after the first year.

Some Examples Of The 25+ Demos You Get With Pofo

If you want to see every single demo site, you can head here. But here are my three favorite demos that Pofo offers…

This digital agency demo site is modern and gorgeous:

pofo theme review demo

I also love the minimalist look of this template for a branding agency:

another pofo demo

And this portfolio demo also looks gorgeous. I also love the filterable portfolio that you get with it (you can kind of see this at the bottom of the screenshot below. Or click here to view the full demo, because I think the portfolio is one of the best parts of this demo):

third demo

One thing to note is that Pofo does not use CC0 images in its demo designs. That means the demos that you import will include placeholder images rather than the actual licensed image that you see on the hosted demo site. Not a big deal – but something to remember. You can always purchase the image yourself if you really love it.

Exploring The Pofo Theme Dashboard

With the exception of importing the demo content, Pofo uses the WordPress Customizer for pretty much everything else, which I’m a big fan of.

The WordPress Customizer is great because:

  • It’s easy to make tweaks without needing to know any code.
  • You can see a live preview of your site after every single tweak that you make.

But let’s start off with the demo import process.

How Pofo Imports Demo Content

Once you install the included Pofo Addons plugin, you can import either some or all of the demo content by going to Appearance → Demo Import:

modular import

If you choose Import All Demo Data, all you do is wait while Pofo imports everything for you.

But if you choose one of the specific options, you’ll get to select individual templates and options that you want to import:

import process

Pofo WordPress Customizer Controls

Pofo gives you a ton of control over your theme via the WordPress Customizer, so there’s no way that I can show you every single setting. But I will cover some of the most important areas that you’ll likely be interested in.

In the Header section, you can control a ton of different settings for the style and layout of your header on both desktop and mobile devices. You can also choose whether or not to use a sticky header, and how it functions:

customizer controls

In the General Theme Options area, you can turn on under construction mode, add new custom sidebars, use smooth scrolling, and configure some other settings. The custom sidebar option is definitely convenient:

theme options

And in the Layout and Content section, you can configure the layouts for all the various post types/templates at your site. For example, here’s what the single post layout settings options look like:

Pofo Page/Post Single Controls

Beyond the many options in the WordPress Customizer, Pofo also adds a new meta box to the WordPress editor that lets you control various settings on a post/page level. The functionality is pretty deep. You can control:

  • Sidebar options
  • Header options
  • Etc.

These are especially helpful for having more flexibility with the included WPBakery Page Builder:

Using WPBakery Page Builder To Edit Templates

To edit the 200+ individual page templates that Pofo includes, you’ll use the included WPBakery Page Builder. For example, here’s what it looks like to edit the included About Me template using the frontend WPBakery Page Builder editor:

wpbakery page builder

In case you’re not already familiar with WPBakery Page Builder, it’s basically a tool that lets you build/edit pages using drag and drop and a visual editor, rather than requiring you to know use your own HTML/CSS.

Pofo Theme Performance Test

A great-looking WordPress theme doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t perform well. Page load times are essential for your site. And while your theme isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to creating a quick-loading WordPress site, it definitely plays a big part.

So how does Pofo perform? To test it out, I ran the default demo homepage through Chrome Developer Tools and the homepage had:

  • 74 requests
  • 122 KB transferred

pofo theme performance test

A decent part of that is coming from the WPBakery Page Builder design, though. So if you removed some unnecessary elements, you could definitely get that number down. For example, when I tested a regular WordPress page, the numbers dropped down to:

  • 60 requests
  • 33.8 KB transferred

blank performance test

How Much Does The Pofo Theme Cost?

Pofo is available at ThemeForest for $59, which is pretty standard as far as ThemeForest themes go.

Given how many demos/templates you get, as well as the fact that you get lifetime updates for that price, I think the price is definitely fair.

You also get 6 months of support, as well as detailed written documentation and video tutorials.

Final Thoughts On Pofo Theme

Pofo has some beautiful demos and the detailed WordPress Customizer controls make it easy to customize things to your liking without needing to resort to custom code or CSS.

The WPBakery Page Builder templates give you more flexibility to make the site your own, which is nice (especially if you’re a fan of the WPBakery page builder).

On a performance front, Pofo isn’t the most lightweight theme that you’ll find, but it should be good enough to get you a quick-loading site, as long as you perform all the standard WordPress speed optimizations.

All in all – definitely give Pofo’s demos a look, because they really are gorgeous. If you like what you see, you’ll have plenty of options to dig in and make the demo your own without any code.

Head here to purchase Pofo and learn more

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