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Which Social Sharing Platform Are You Using?

Today I’d like to share a poll to know what kind of social sharing plugins or services everyone is using in the WordPress space.

I’ve been trying out various of these myself over the past few weeks and I haven’t yet decided which one I like best, although I have a few favorites. So let’s see what you use and like. Feel free to leave comments to explain your experience with these tools.

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What Do You Think About a WP Mayor Forum?

During the last few weeks I’ve been pondering whether to launch a forum on WP Mayor.

Instead of writing about my thoughts, I’d thought I’d do a quick poll to see what our readers think about it, and take it from there.

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WordPress.org vs Envato – Which Side Are You On?

This week we’ve had a very lively discussion brewing in the WordPress community. The whole thing revolves around this:

People selling WordPress themes on Themeforest have been prohibited from speaking at WordCamps.

As you can imagine, this has hit many designers and developers, some of which enjoy a very high standing within the community, and there is no doubt that we would be better off by hearing what they have to share at such events. On the other hand, WordPress.org (Matt Mullenweg) also seem to have a point in that Envato is not promoting the GPL spirit with its licences.

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Thesis vs Genesis – Which One do YOU Prefer?

A few days ago I wrote an article comparing Thesis and Genesis, and there were quite a few interesting comments to that.

This is a quick poll to get an idea how many of our readers prefer Thesis or Genesis. Vote away! And feel free to add comments as to why you voted in that way.

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Which WordPress Mobile Plugin Do You Use?

Today we would like you to share with us what WordPress mobile plugin you are using on your site. Many of you out there have long realised that it is essential to have some form of different display of your blog adapted to mobile devices, and you’re either using responsive themes or else a mobile plugin such as WPtouch Pro.

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